Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 54 - The Great Calamity (Part 1)

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Chapter 54 - The Great Calamity

His heart felt ticklish from the Emperor’s little gesture, so Su Yu threw the seasoning into the pot, slightly tilted his head sideways, and quickly kissed that bright and clean forehead.

His Majesty, who was rubbing vigorously, immediately froze. His Highness King Zhao, who finally climbed onto his elder brother’s shoulder froze too.

He hurriedly covered his eyes with his paws, but he forgot that he was a cat now, and the consequence of his two paws rising into the air was that his chubby body fell straight backwards.

An Hongche caught his stupid younger brother who rolled off his shoulder, and with red ears, released the arms holding Su Yu.

Wretched thing, doing this in front of his younger brother’s face...Truly, truly indecent.

After kissing the beauty, the dishes were also cooked. Su Yu gleefully picked up a shrimp from the pot, pinched it with two fingers, and held it to the Emperor’s mouth.

“Have a taste.”

The freshly cooked shrimp that just came out of the pot was bright and steaming. It looked delicious, but eating in the kitchen was obviously not in line with royal etiquette. An Hongche frowned and hesitated a little.

Su Yu thought he felt it was too hot, so he blew it.

Hmm, since the stupid slave is so attentive, Zhen can’t refuse to his face. Just eat one, ba.

His Majesty didn’t reach out either, he opened his mouth and bit at Su Yu’s hand, then pasted himself to Su Yu’s back, chewing on the shrimp with red ears.

Seeing that the Emperor had no opinion on the taste of the dish, Su Yu took the pot and loaded the plate, then started to fire up the next dish.

The Emperor’s hand continued to circle around Su Yu’s waist, and His Highness King Zhao, who was clutched in his brother’s hands, was forced to appear in front of Su Yu’s body.

Looking at the smoky oil pan and the delicious food in the pan, he felt his belly rumbling with hunger and also scared witless.

After dinner, the Emperor reclined idle on a soft couch, took his younger brother, and wiped the sweat from the meal on his head, then he hooked his finger at Su Yu.

“Stupid Slave, come here and rub medicine on Zhen.”

“Are you injured again?” Su Yu put down the <Fish Killing Heart Law> in his hand and sat down beside the Emperor.

“Show me.”

His Majesty was neatly dressed and let Su Yu rub the medicine, but he didn’t have the slightest intention to take off his own clothes.

The black changfu was complicated and gorgeous. Su Yu put his hand on the delicate waistband, glanced at the Emperor who was looking at him with a clear gaze, and swallowed his saliva.

The Emperor’s clothes were peeled off layer by layer, revealing the bright yellow middle coat, it felt like he was opening up a delicately packaged toy.

Su Yu’s fingertips trembled with excitement, and he disassembled the clothes sash and pulled it slowly, revealing a graceful collarbone, a broad and strong chest, and a narrow and powerful slender waist.

Su Yu felt hot again, so he took a deep breath. Could it be that the effect of the drug at noon has not expired?

After shaking his head, he forced himself to focus on the wounds, he found that the old bruises on the Emperor’s body were almost healed. Yesterday it was still blue and purple, which was quite scary, but today it was just a little red.

He carefully smeared the medicine on several new bruises and saw the Emperor squinting comfortably, resembling a cat being scratched, he was so soft and docile.

Su Yu smiled and simply began to massage him. The muscles need to be relaxed after exercise, but the flesh on the Emperor’s body was so tense and tight that he would be sore all over when he woke up tomorrow.

“Hmm…” Warm and strong hands were pressed against his body, well expelling the dull soreness.

An Hongche gave a light hum and opened his eyes slightly, he looked at Su Yu who looked serious and closed his eyes again. He hooked his lips and said. “Continue.”

His Highness King Zhao, who was scratching the tassel at the side, saw Su Yu beating and pounding his elder brother's royal body. He immediately became interested and stumbled over, jumped onto His Majesty’s chest and he followed Su Yu’s kneading hands, stepping on him with his two front paws.

“Little Fatty is really close to you.” Su Yu looked jealously at the little furball with its butt in the air stomping and stepping with pleasure.

“Nn.” An Hongche answered with a muffled voice, ignoring his younger brother who dared to climb on top of him. He was about to say something when he suddenly frowned and grunted in pain. “Ah…”

“Your Majesty!” Su Yu was startled and looked down quickly. He was pressing on the Emperor’s chest, the skin was smooth and clean, and there was no redness, swelling, or bruising.

“Does it hurt here?”

An Hongche held onto Su Yu’s hand on his chest and waited for a while before he breathed a sigh of relief and loosen his frown.

“It’s no big deal, just suffered some internal injuries.”

Internal injury? Su Yu’s eyes widened.

He thought that the State Teacher pulled his punches today, and he didn’t get any more blue or purple bruises, but it turned out he raised things to a higher level, he actually inflicted internal injuries!

“You are the Emperor, not an imperial guard. Why do you train as if your life depends on it every day?”

That’s right! The little furball squatting on the Emperor’s chest nodded along. As an underage Qinwang, he should be well cared for, how can he train every day in a horrible place like the Anguo Tower?

An Hongche stretched out his hand and flicked the round furry head.

“The great calamity is right around the corner, Zhen can’t slack off.”

Great calamity… Coming soon…Su Yu's heart skipped a beat. The matter of “Foreign Star” which he had forgotten for a long time came up again. He wanted to inquire a little more, but Wang Gonggong's voice suddenly rang from the outside.

“Your Majesty, it’s time to flip nameplates.” Wang Gonggong was in a difficult position. He knew that Xian Fei is Beiji Palace, but the rules of turning over the nameplates could not be abolished.

Turn over the nameplate? Su Yu was dumbfounded and then remembered that most of the imperial concubines that the Emperor favored every day were decided by flipping over the nameplate.

Looking at the ebony tray in the palace maid’s hands, Su Yu turned to the Emperor. Seeing the Emperor’s face of taking it for granted, Su Yu quietly clenched his fists.

His Majesty raised his hand and flipped one casually, then taking advantage of the opportunity he put his younger brother on the ebony tray.

“Withdraw, ba. Take this away too.”

Wang Gonggong and His Highness King Zhao on the tray stared at each other with wide eyes in speechless dismay, and then silently led everyone back out.

Eh? Su Yu stared at the gradually closing door. Wasn’t it flipped? Now what? After flipping the nameplate, it’s over?

When he came back to his senses, the Emperor, who no longer had a younger brother at his side, had curled up and moved his head to Su Yu’s lap.

“Your Majesty, that…the nameplate…”Su Yu has seen it for the first time. Is it really okay for the Emperor to turn over the nameplates like this?

“What?” The Emperor took his hand and pressed it to his head, motioning him to rub it.

“It’s nothing.” The corner of Su Yu’s lips twitched and he decided not to ask.

In order to prevent the Emperor from spending the night on the couch again, Su Yu wisely coaxed him to the dragon bed before the Emperor fell asleep. He then took out the <Fish Killing Heart Law> and prepared to burn the midnight oil.

“You are not allowed to get out. Come over and serve in bed.” His Majesty was very dissatisfied with Su Yu holding that book all day.

“The State Teacher wants Chen to memorize this book.” Su Yu grimaced.

There was only one day left, and in the afternoon he was busy playing with the cat and forgot to do his homework. If he didn’t work hard now, how could he report back to the State Teacher tomorrow.

His Majesty’s thin lips pursed into a line and coldly glared at Su Yu for a long time.

“Go and fetch the memorials. Zhen will allow you to recite it in bed for a while.”

Today, such a big thing happened in the inner palace, it was a good opportunity to tidy up the Lu family. His Majesty didn’t want to get up again, and he can’t be absent from tomorrow’s morning court. So these unimportant memorials still need to be read.

The two leaned against the headboard and were reading books together, the atmosphere was actually a rare tranquility.


burn the midnight oil -> to work into the night

changfu -> a type of robe

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