Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 54: A Wealthy Team

Yin Fuchuan was very fast with his saber. He slashed the approaching tongue, and the blood-eyed toad was in pain. It knew that this opponent was too strong to be trifled with. After the attack failed, it turned around and jumped several meters away.

Yin Fuchuan stepped forward and struck down again. The escaping toad seemed aware of the danger and turned around abruptly. It stood upright and used two claws to grab the incoming saber, while the two claws on its sides grabbed Yin Fuchuan's abdomen very quickly.

Having had the experience of dealing with a level 10 blood-eyed toad with dozens of lives, Xun Yi knew very well that these data monsters were very difficult to deal with. Even though this one was not as big as a level 10 toad, its reaction speed and attack power were almost five times as strong as a poltergeist, while its defense was better.

Xun Yi had personally verified the blood-eyed toad's defensive power. He wouldn’t let his guard down even against a small toad.

With his action faster than his thoughts, Xun Yi had already drawn his saber and rushed forward. He was afraid that the toad would spray poisonous slurry. However, before he could take action, Yin Fuchuan roughly pulled back his saber and cut off the toad’s claws.

The blood-eyed toad screamed in pain, and the bulge on its back swelled, about to spray poisonous slurry. Yin Fuchuan was faster, and split the toad’s head apart, preventing the spray from happening at all.

Something suddenly fell out of the cracked triangular head, a bead the size of a marble. Even covered with the green blood from the toad, the gorgeous fiery red color could still be seen clearly.

Their eyes were attracted to the thing on the ground and didn’t pay much attention to a ray of pale blue light that appeared above the corpse and formed a plant.

The leaves of the plant seemed to be shining with starlight and looked very beautiful.

Since Xun Yi had become a potion master unknowingly, he took the plant that appeared before Yin Fuchuan spoke.

The plants that Xun Yi had obtained before were all stored in the wood spirit space. He found that the plants grew better in the space, with thick branches and broad leaves.

Xun Yi thought that this wood spirit energy might be good for plants, so he planted all the herbs in the soil. When he received these herbs, they were whole plants with roots intact. If he could plant them, they should be able to grow.

So far, they had adapted well to the new environment and were growing well.

The new plant he received was called Galaxy Grass, but its purpose was unknown and there was no introduction. Xun Yi planted it in the space.

Yin Fuchuan confirmed that the green blood was not corrosive and picked up the bead.

[Level 1 beast crystal.]

Beast crystal? It was obviously different from magic crystals, both in shape and color.

At this point, the purpose of the beast crystal was unknown, so Yin Fuchuan simply put it away. Since it appeared, there must be a use for it.

Xun Yi didn't dare to be distracted anymore. If it weren't for Yin Fuchuan, he would have been killed by the toad already.

After the level 10 blood-eyed toad exploded yesterday, it turned into many small blood-eyed toads. They preyed on this area and strengthened themselves by feeding. Fortunately, these small toads would not turn into more toads after being killed, or the entire Qing City would no longer have a place for humans.

They took a small alley to the Poltergeist Cave to avoid possible ambush. They met several more blood-eyed toads along the way, some of which were already two meters tall, not much different from the toad yesterday and the attack power was to be expected. Xun Yi and Yin Fuchuan did not fight head-on with these toads but took a detour. On the way, they encountered two slightly smaller ones, which Xun Yi and Yin Fuchuan killed.

Knowing that the toads had beast crystals in their heads, they would harvest the crystals every time they killed one.

They approached the Poltergeist Cave quietly. From a distance, they saw that many people were indeed gathered there. They must be here to hunt for treasure after receiving the news about the opening of Poltergeist Cave yesterday. Since they were all gathered outside, it meant that they didn’t have a team banner and couldn’t enter the Poltergeist Cave.

They didn't get too close. Chu Hongyi had an archer lurking in the dark on his side. If they approached rashly, they would probably suffer a sneak attack. The safest way was to get rid of the archer first.

Xun Yi thought for a while and said, “A few of us will go over there to attract the attention of the archer, while President Yin will take the opportunity to deal with the archer before joining us. What do you think?”

Xun Yi’s plan was the best. Although risky, it was very reasonable.

The elusive archer only lurked in the dark to sneak attack without daring to show his face, clearly bad at close-range combat. As long as someone could get close to him, victory was certain.

Xun Yi owned the Magic Cube Domain and was good at resisting sneak attacks. It was best for him to take a few people as bait.

The suggestion was very good, and Yin Fuchuan had no reason not to agree, but...

“It's already doomsday. How can there be a president? Change the address.”

Xun Yi was startled. They were talking about official business. How did the topic change to his address?

“W-What should I call you then?”

Yin Fuchuan smiled casually. “Whatever. You can call me by my name, or mister, or brother.”

Xun Yi suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Calling him ‘mister’ reminded him of another meaning. Calling him brother seemed too intimate and he couldn't say it out loud.

“Let’s call him Chuan-ge to sound more personable!” Nosy Xun Ye interrupted.

(TN: ‘Brother’ sounds weird, but putting ‘Ge’ in the narrative out of the blue doesn’t fit either. Mister or ‘xiansheng’ can sometimes be referred to as husband.)

Yin Fuchuan looked at Xun Yi with a smile, waiting for him to call him brother.

Xun Yi felt his face burning and he hesitated for a long time. Finally, he didn't have the nerve to call him brother, so he called out in a low voice, “Mr. Yin.”

Yin Fuchuan felt quite disappointed, but his smile was still good-looking, and he reminded, “Be careful, don't be afraid of wasting magic crystals. If you finish using them, we can get more in the Poltergeist Cave. Safety is the most important.”

Xun Yi nodded in response and led the others in the direction of Poltergeist Cave.

He moved at an average speed to ensure that Xun Ye, Lu Di, and Yin Weijiang were by his side so that he could protect them at any time.

As expected, Chu Hongyi was already waiting there. Fewer people were standing around him, less than ten now. It seemed that after they entered the Poltergeist Cave yesterday, Chu Hongyi lost more people for some reason. They had been waiting for Xun Yi and Yin Fuchuan to turn up.

Chu Hongyi believed that since the Poltergeist Cave would be open for three days, Yin Fuchuan wouldn’t leave after only one day. He’d definitely show up again. As long as he did, Chu Hongyi would not let them go.

Xun Yi was keeping an eye on his surroundings, ready to activate the Magic Cube Domain at any time.

He led two adults and one child to the crowd slowly but surely. Although they were few in number, everyone held a weapon in hand, not crappy weapons like watermelon knives, fire axes, or mountaineering picks, but real weapons drawn from weapon crystal cards. These weapons could be distinguished by their appearance and materials at a glance.

As soon as they arrived, all attention was on them. Apart from their numbers and equipment, the strangest thing was that there was actually a child in such a small team.

More importantly, the child held a short sword in his hand, clearly a crystal card weapon from the exquisite scabbard.

After a few days of doomsday, very few people obtained weapon crystal cards, and even fewer crystal card weapons with halos. A halo represented good quality, and different colors represented different qualities.

The long black saber in Xun Yi's hand was dark, and the quality couldn’t be distinguished. The short sword in Xun Ye's hand glowed blue, allowing an experienced contender to recognize it as a superior weapon at a glance.

In addition, Lu Di and Yin Weijiang owned common weapons. Other than their exquisite appearance and fine workmanship, the weapons had no halo. Even so, they were very eye-catching, all crystal card weapons.

To Xun Yi and the others, such weapons were not uncommon, but for those who could only fight with ordinary zombies, getting one was as difficult as flying to the sky. Even if they killed a zombie with levels at the risk of their lives, it also depended on their luck whether they could get one.

In the eyes of others, Xun Yi and the others were extremely wealthy.

“You’re really bold to come here again today. Where is Yin Fuchuan? Isn't he with you?” Chu Hongyi stepped forward with a smile plastered to his face, but he kept his distance and spoke with gritted teeth.

Chu Hongyi didn’t see the two people from yesterday around Xun Yi. Only two of the four people who followed Yin Fuchuan into the Poltergeist Cave and came out alive yesterday were in front of him. Chu Hongyi was very wary of them and did not dare to show any contempt. He witnessed everything yesterday. The child killed the monster with one shot. In other words, he got all the EXP from the monster before he entered Poltergeist Cave. Even if he didn’t play a part, just lying around and gaining EXP could greatly increase his strength.

When he thought that someone had stolen that monster under his nose, Chu Hongyi's face twisted with hatred. He had made so many preparations for the monster but ended up giving it to others. At this moment, he wanted to tear the father and son alive. However, he had not yet achieved his goal, so he couldn’t do anything for the time being.

“Don’t you have a team banner yet?” Xun Yi hit the mark instantly. If not for this reason, Chu Hongyi would have rushed over and killed him instead of wasting his breath with him.

Chu Hongyi's face twitched, and he gestured to the people behind him. “None of us have one, so I think I really need to see Yin Fuchuan.”

“If I were you, I wouldn't wait here. Three days will pass by in a flash. I think your chances are greater if you search for it.” Xun Yi looked at him with pity.

Chu Hongyi grinned. “We did look for it, but we couldn't find one.”

“Your luck must be really bad.”

Chu Hongyi sneered. “No, those with worse luck than me are the people who entered the Poltergeist Cave with a team banner but failed to come out alive. From yesterday until now, three teams have entered. So far, you’re the only ones who returned alive. So, do you want to share with us the situation inside?”

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