Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 53: The Final Chosen Ones

“It's okay. If you don't get the driver's badge, we'll stay and walk with you,” Hua Cheng said.

Qi Ningjie would definitely disagree if Hua Cheng chose to stay.

If the military zone was really turned into a shelter, Hua Cheng's father would definitely take one of the top positions there. If they went there with Hua Cheng and his mother, the treatment they would receive would be different from others, so they had to follow Hua Cheng no matter what.

“Why did you say that? I have a driver’s badge, and driving a big or small vehicle makes no difference to me. As long as a seat is available, anyone can hitch a ride. Let’s go together. We’ll definitely send you safely to the military zone,” Qi Ningjie said with a smile.

“Since you don’t have enough spots, can you tell us how you got the team banner? We can try to find one,” Qi Ningjie added.

“You can get it by killing a giant zombie,” Xun Ye said smugly. They could kill one if they had the ability.

“W-What? A giant zombie?” Qi Ningjie probably had never seen the horror of giant zombies, so he had no idea.

“You don't necessarily have to kill giant zombies to get one. Try to target special zombies or data monsters. Ordinary zombies are useless.”

That was the experience Yin Fuchuan gathered so far. He told them without hesitation, but it would be up to them whether they dared to do it or not.

Li Rui, who had been overlooked by others, said, “Hua-ge, let's go out and look for one with Qi-ge and the others.”

Li Rui had long realized that hiding all the time was not an option. The gap in strength between him and others would only grow bigger. He wanted to fight and improve his strength as soon as possible.

Xun Yi looked at Hua Cheng for a while but couldn't invite him. The team banner belonged to Yin Fuchuan, who would bring whoever he wanted. In this situation, he couldn’t invite Hua Cheng, because Li Rui would tag along with him. If all of them left, what would Aunt Yu Xiao do? This bunch of people from the Qi family was very annoying too.

Yin Fuchuan was waiting for Xun Yi's decision. Xun Yi didn't speak for a long time, and finally looked up at him, obviously asking him to make a decision.

Yin Fuchuan's gaze swept over everyone's faces and finally landed on the four survivors in the corner.

“Yin Weijiang, are you a contender or a commoner?”

Everyone thought this question was ridiculous. If he was a contender, would he be reduced to this state? At first glance, he looked like a commoner, okay?

Yin Weijiang had a square face and looked like an honest person at first glance. When he heard Yin Fuchuan's question, he didn't know how to answer him.

Yin Fuchuan rephrased his question. “Have you ever killed a zombie?”

Yin Weijiang's expression changed as if he thought of something. His expression was painful and even his eyes were red, but he gritted his teeth to prevent himself from crying. He took several deep breaths before he could speak.

When he opened his mouth, his voice was still choked. “I... I killed two beasts. T-They ate my wife and kid. I… I smashed them into pulp.”

Yin Weijiang covered his eyes in pain as he spoke.

Xun Yi suddenly said, “Who is Yin Weiping to you?”

Yin Weijiang immediately put down his hand and said anxiously with red eyes, “H-He’s my younger brother. Have you seen him? Is he still alive?”

Xun Yi thought that their names and features were similar, but he didn't expect that they were actually brothers.

“I’ve seen him. When we left, he was with a group of survivors. Don’t worry, he’s still alive. He’s also a contender and should be fine,” Xun Yi comforted him.

Yin Weijiang became excited. He still had relatives in this world. He was not alone. He had something to look forward to.

Yin Weijiang’s vibe became different, less lifeless, and full of hope.

The death of his wife and child probably had a great impact on him, which made him so decadent. Now that he knew that his brother was still alive, he was energized again.

“Yin Weijiang, come with us,” Yin Fuchuan said. He opened the door and went straight out.

He made his meaning clear. He was not going to take Hua Cheng or Qi Ningjie but a survivor who would only huddle in a corner and tremble.

When Yin Weijiang was about to leave, the other three survivors followed along and said eagerly, “I’ve killed zombies too. I can help you. Please take me with you.”

“Me too, I’ve killed zombies. Take me with you. I'll definitely be useful.”

“I can also fight zombies. Don't leave me behind.”

Yin Fuchuan said without looking back, “I won't protect you. Follow along if you want to feed the zombies.”

The three survivors were so frightened that they immediately stopped and dared not step out again.

“Xun Yi,” Hua Cheng called out to him. “I'll wait for you to go to the military zone together. Be careful.”

Xun Yi nodded. “Take care of your own safety and protect Aunt Yu.”

Yin Fuchuan jumped down first. Lu Di lifted Xun Ye and handed him to Yin Fuchuan below. The other three quickly jumped down.

Yin Weijiang had eaten something and regained some strength.

The group left the ruins of the building. Xun Yi reached into his backpack, picked out another piece of bread, and left it inside. After it cooled, he took it out and handed it to Yin Weijiang.

“Eat this. You can only have the strength to kill zombies when you’re full. You can become a strong contender, so don’t waste it.”

Yin Weijiang waved his hand hurriedly, “It’s okay, I'm not hungry anymore.”

“You may not be hungry, but you’re not full either. We have eaten our fill and cannot let you starve. Take it.” Xun Yi stuffed the bread into his hand and warned him, “Eat it now. Don’t let it go bad.”

Yin Weijiang was very grateful to them. During the past few days since doomsday started, he had seen the good and bad of people. Too few people were like them, who were obviously powerful, but didn’t bully others, giving sufficient help to the weak instead.

Yin Weijiang ate the bread in his hand. The bread was so delicious that he was reluctant to eat it, but he had to finish it.

After eating a piece of bread, Yin Weijiang finally felt full and comfortable all over.

Yin Weijiang picked up a steel bar from the ruins of the building and held it in his hand. He was no longer down. He wanted to live well. He wanted to find his brother. He must work hard to kill zombies to improve his strength.

A crystal card appeared at Yin Fuchuan's fingertips and handed it to Yin Weijiang. “Use this.”

It was a basic weapon crystal card, Saber, the same as the one in Qi Ningjie's hand, mass-produced at a glance. Yin Fuchuan killed a giant zombie single-handedly and received a lot of things.

Without hesitation, Yin Weijiang threw the steel bar and held a saber, looking very imposing.

“Uncle, can you kill zombies?” Xun Ye looked up at him.

When Yin Weijiang saw Xun Ye, he thought of his own child. The pain was still there. He forced a smile and said, “What’s there to learn? Just aim at its head. If I can’t kill it with one blow, just do it a few more times. I can kill one eventually.”

“Are not you afraid?”

If not for fear, he would have killed zombies to improve his strength and live a better life.

“Of course, why not? Before this, I didn’t want to live anymore, and I didn’t want to become one of those man-eating monsters. Now, I don’t want to die anymore. If I want to survive to see Weiping again, I can only kill those monsters. No matter how scared I am, I will kill them.”

Yin Weijiang expressed his plan without hesitation, which was also Xun Ye's purpose.

Yin Fuchuan and Xun Yi walked in front, and Xun Ye walked between Yin Weijiang and Lu Di. Four adults and one child walked toward the Poltergeist Cave.

“Is Xun Ye a seed formulator?” Yin Fuchuan glanced behind him. They were a little far away from the three people behind him, so they probably couldn't hear the conversation.

“No, he’s a seed cultivator,” Xun Yi said. He thought for a moment and added, “Me too.”

Yin Fuchuan chuckled. “It seems that people like us can only be classified as seed cultivators in front of this unknown force. I guess she can't classify it into smaller categories.”

Sure enough, Yin Fuchuan knew quite a lot.

“How much wood spirit energy do you have now?” Yin Fuchuan asked.

This was the first time that Yin Fuchuan directly asked Xun Yi about his ability. In Xun Yi's opinion, this was a sign of Yin Fuchuan's closeness to him. In this era, the most private and confidential thing was the issue of personal strength, a matter of life and death, which could only be disclosed to someone closest and most trustworthy.

Xun Yi looked at his attribute panel and said, “I have 345 points of wood spirit energy.”

Xun Yi realized that his wood spirit energy had been increasing slowly. Even if he did not absorb it deliberately, the wood spirit energy was still increasing. This should be related to the branch that fell from the wood spirit tree because his wood spirit space was filled with green fluorescence emanating from that branch.

And that was wood spirit energy.

“My wood spirit energy has just awakened. It's still too little to help Xun Ye cultivate this seed. You should do it.” Yin Fuchuan handed the black seed from yesterday to Xun Yi.

“Help Xun Ye cultivate it.”

Xun Yi looked at the seed and shuddered at the thought that it came from a pile of zombies. “W-What will appear from it? It can't be a zombie, right?”

“Indeed, it’s a zombie.”

Hearing that, Xun Yi almost dropped the seed in his hand.

That sounded too scary, okay? Who would cultivate a zombie for no reason?

“Don’t worry. Even if you cultivate it, this zombie will obey the user's orders, different from the zombies outside,” Yin Fuchuan explained.

Xun Yi frowned. Even so, he didn't want to do it.

Yin Fuchuan, “Xun Ye’s wood spirit energy should still be level 1, right?”

Xun Yi, “Yes.”

Yin Fuchuan chuckled. “I’m very surprised. A level 1 seed formulator shouldn’t be able to formulate zombies. Even if the zombies have lost their awareness, they are still living beings of flesh and blood. Under normal circumstances, only those with intermediate formulation ability can try to formulate small, non-intelligent life forms after systematic learning. This is the first time I’ve heard of someone like Xun Ye. Maybe he’s a rare genius. Anyway, let's try and see if you can cultivate it. If yes, it means that he has a correct sense of the composition of zombies, which is enough to prove that he is indeed a genius.”

Xun Yi was confused. He actually didn't quite understand what Yin Fuchuan said, but now was not the time to ask in detail. When he had the opportunity, he would find out more.

“How do I do it?”

Since Yin Fuchuan mentioned that this was a major event to prove whether Xun Ye was a genius, he had to try his best to cultivate it even if he disliked zombies.

“To get a completed evolved seed requires three processes. The first is to formulate the target object and get the ‘component seed’. Xun Ye has completed this step. The seed in your hand is the component seed that makes up the zombie, which is also the key to the final success.”

“After getting the component seed, you need the progeny seed of the divine tree, which is the seed of the wood spirit progeny tree that grows with your wood spirit space. The progeny seed of the divine tree contains the strong power of evolution, which will be used to reassemble a new target object using the evolutionary components within the existing component. During the assembling process, you must pay attention to the evolutionary sequence and avoid any mistakes or failure is certain. There’s also a very small chance that an evolved seed will appear even if you fail, but it’ll no longer be the targeted result, most likely an unknown and dangerous object, so…”

At this point, Yin Fuchuan stopped. He was a little worried that Xun Yi would really evolve something weird and uncontrollable. After all, Xun Yi had not gone through systematic learning. Letting him do this was like letting a baby who had never read a book take a college test paper.

Xun Yi listened very seriously. When Yin Fuchuan stopped, he asked, “What's the last step?”

“The last step is relatively simple, which is to gather enough energy for the completed evolved seed. You just need to let the evolved seed absorb enough wood spirit energy. In the entire process, the second step will consume the most wood spirit energy. If you don’t have enough wood spirit energy, everything may be in vain.”

“Okay, I get it. I’ll do my best,” Xun Yi said seriously.

Yin Fuchuan was a little worried. “It’s okay if you can't do it. Don't force it. You’ll do it naturally once you learn it.”

“I understand.” Xun Yi thought that Yin Fuchuan was comforting him and telling him not to be stressed. He suddenly felt that he should put in the effort and successfully cultivate an evolved seed.

With Yin Fuchuan as a stimulant, he even forgot that he had no idea what an evolutionary sequence was or how to sequence it before he agreed.

As he walked, Xun Yi excitedly put the black component seed into the wood spirit space and picked a progeny seed from the wood spirit tree. Well, this tree grew up with the wood spirit space, so it must be the one Yin Fuchuan was referring to.

In the wood spirit space, the walnut-sized progeny seed of the divine tree and the component seed were suspended in the air. Xun Yi controlled the wood spirit energy and put the two things together but had no idea how to merge them.

He thought that since it was a seed he wanted to cultivate for Xun Ye, no matter whether it was a zombie or something else, it must be beautiful and nothing else but beautiful. Xun Ye was a person super obsessed with beauty who only had eyes for beauty. Yin Fuchuan was a perfect example.

While he was thinking about this, he was suddenly pulled away.

Xun Yi immediately returned to his senses. A blood-eyed toad the size of a dining table and more than one meter high appeared in front of him. Its previous pounce fell short. Yin Fuchuan pulled Xun Yi away, and the blood-eyed toad flicked its long tongue at them.

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