My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 53: Not For Sale

Seven days later, at the academy’s bazaar.

Suddenly, a message appeared on the collection list—Ku Sheng, wooden sword, spirit-level low-grade artifact, sword consciousness has been awakened, District D Booth 67, tomorrow 5-6 pm.

As soon as the news appeared, it was like throwing a blasting charm into the lake, and the people around the collection list immediately exploded.

Spiritual sword? With sword consciousness? Sold in the market? Was this a joke?!

It wasn’t that no one had ever sold spiritual weapons in the market, but it was mostly done secretly. Moreover, this sword had given birth to a sword consciousness. If such swords were placed in an auction, even Golden Core Zhenren would fight for it, but now it was being sold in a market stall… was it even possible?

Was there someone who wanted to attract more customers by creating a buzz? It was all routines.

The crowd quickly put a brand on it.

Suddenly, someone said weakly, “District D Booth 67, doesn’t it belong to that person from Frostcloud Sect?”

“Which one?”

Someone suddenly reacted, “Light-body charm!”

“It’s him!”

“I heard that Qin-zhenjun killed the old man Tianxiang a few days ago and he was there. Apparently, he volunteered to be the bait to lure old man Tianxiang.”

“Speaking of this, Qin-zhenjun can slay a Heavenly Grotto stalwart, it’s really—hey, where are you going?”

When the cultivator was still talking animatedly, he noticed several people walking away silently, and asked in confusion. Unexpectedly, when he asked, not only did those people move faster, but other cultivators also dispersed.

The cultivator stood awkwardly for a while before slapping his thigh—since the news of the spiritual sword was posted by Jing Yue, it meant that it was likely true. Why the hell was he still spouting nonsense here instead of rushing to collect more spirit stones?

Thus, he lifted his robes and ran back wildly for fear of losing to a group of scheming men and women.

In the blink of an eye, there was no one left in front of the collection list in the lively market.

And among the group of running cultivators, there was a young man named Ran Ping who came from a small sect in Central continent. It was simply located on a hilltop with no more than a hundred disciples, relying on a Golden Core Zhenren to support this nondescript school. It was unknown if it was the patriarch's manifestation, but in the past few decades, two disciples with very good aptitude had joined at once.

One of them was him, water and wood double spiritual root, and the other was his sister, Ran Yu, a single wood spiritual root.

And a wooden spiritual sword with a sword consciousness was entirely tailor-made for his sister, right? He must borrow more spirit stones before the news spread. Even if the whole family went bankrupt, he must get this for his sister!

Soon, he found Ran Yu, and the other party eagerly asked when she heard the news, “Are you sure?”

Ran Ping, “Jing-laozu was the one who sold the light-body charm that could span a few feet a few days ago. At first, no one believed it, but later it turned out to be true. Moreover, as the patriarch of Frostcloud Sect, he must take care of his reputation, right? I don’t think it’s a deception.”

Ran Yu, “No matter what, we will find out tomorrow.”

The two chatted a while longer and then left to raise more spirit stones separately.

Book pavilion.

A cultivator in green robes received a transmission charm. After reading it, a confident smile appeared on his face.


A girl in white murmured, “A spiritual sword with a sword consciousness. Of course it’s mine…”

Within a day, the news that Jing Yue would be selling Ku Sheng spread all over Nine Heaven Academy. All the students, be it from the Starlodge class, Moonshadow class, or Suncycle class, anxiously waited for tomorrow.

Hence, on the next day, when Jing Yue appeared at the north entrance of the market with Ku Sheng on his back and blue phoenix in his arms, the guides who were waiting there rushed into the market as soon as they saw him, yelling, “He’s here! The sword merchant is here!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Ji-ji struggled with excitement, its green beady eyes glinting with a weird light. It knew that its favorite plot was coming. In addition to face-slapping, there was also showing-off!

When Jing Yue walked to booth 67 in the D district, he saw that the inside and outside were packed full of people. Everyone turned to him in unison, their eyes burning and full of desire, and some even showed greedy smiles, as if they were about to swallow him whole.

Blue phoenix swallowed with an audible gulp, covered its mouth with small wings in horror, and ate a mouthful of feathers.

At this moment, it suddenly had the vision of being besieged by a horde of zombies in the city, and couldn't help shrinking its head and digging into Jing Yue's front robes.

“Excuse me, please let me out!”

Wang Xiaoli squeezed out of the crowd with difficulty and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Jing Yue, “A-jing, you’re finally here! I’m almost suffocated to death!”

Jing Yue couldn't help but twitched the corners of his mouth and hugged Ji-ji in his arms tightly.

At this moment, a tall and thin cultivator walked over and said, “Jing-shidi, I’m Wang Xing from the Suncycle class, a disciple recommended by the Qianyu faction.”

Jing Yue, “Mm.”

Wang Xing, “…”

What did ‘mm’ mean? It was a hint that not only was he from a great background, but also had a great talent. He wanted to create some impression, so the reaction should be more enthusiastic, right?

Although Wang Xing had a lot of grievances, he couldn't do anything to Jing Yue, so he had to withdraw in embarrassment.

Seeing Wang Xing’s defeat, those who wanted to make connections toed the line. Everyone stepped aside and formed a pathway, and Jing Yue walked to the stall unhurriedly and laid down Ku Sheng on his back.

Everyone's eyes shifted from him to Ku Sheng, and at a glance, they could see that Ku Sheng was indeed a spirit-level sword. Some people rubbed their hands in excitement, and just as they were about to ask for a price, they heard Jing Yue say, “No hurry.”

He lowered his eyes, and whispered softly, “Ku Sheng, get up.”

Following his command, the cyan wooden sword rose up, circled Jing Yue, and stopped obediently in the air.

Before a sword formed a sword consciousness, cultivators could only rely on spells and techniques to control them. Once the consciousness was born, it could understand human speech and move on command.

Therefore, even though Jing Yue's command was simple, everyone could confirm that Ku Sheng did have sword consciousness.

The crowd was agitated for a moment.

“How much?”

“I offer 100,000 spirit stones!”



“Jin Baozhu, are you crazy?”

“You are the crazy one. Step aside if you don’t have money!”

The cultivators were noisy and excited, and they were about to come to blows when Jing Yue finally said, “Ku Sheng is not for sale.”

“Not for sale? What do you mean? Are you putting it up for secret bidding?”

“As expected! A sword with sword consciousness, even if it’s only a low-level spiritual weapon, its power is not inferior to a premium-grade item, so how can it be sold in a market stall randomly?”

Jing Yue, “No, I want to find someone who is destined for Ku Sheng and gift Ku Sheng to that person.”

The whole audience was silent, all with an expression of, ‘Are you kidding me? Am I hearing voices?’

After a long while, someone asked cautiously, “Who is the destined one? How do you determine it?”

The man spoke very softly as if he would pierce the illusion that ‘Ku Sheng wasn’t worth any money’ if he spoke a little louder.

Jing Yue, “Whether destined or otherwise, Ku Sheng will make the choice. Anyone interested can give it a try. However, Ku Sheng is a sword with wood attributes and will naturally be drawn to a spiritual root of the wood element.”

He intended to remain in the bazaar for the next few days. Jing Yue had thought about it. Nine Heaven Academy gathered a group of talented cultivators at Foundation Establishment stage. Perhaps one of them would be Ku Sheng’s future master. If not, he could only try to find one when he went out for practice in the future.

“May I try?”

Jing Yue saw that it was Wang Xing from before.

“I’m fire and wood double spiritual root and might be compatible with Ku Sheng.”

After that, Wang Xing pretended to blink playfully and beckoned to Ku Sheng, “Xiao Sheng, come to big brother.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Even blue phoenix couldn’t help saying, “What a r*tard!”

Jing Yue, “Ji-ji, no swearing.”

Ji-ji hurriedly covered its mouth and rubbed its head against Jing Yue coyly.

At the sight of Wang Xing's pretentious behavior, even bystanders couldn’t bear to look directly at it, not to mention Ku Sheng who was the target. It actually fell on the flannel blanket from mid-air, moved slightly, and then went still.

Wang Xing looked at Jing Yue in confusion. “What does Xiao Sheng mean?”

Jing Yue, “It said it’d rather die.”


A burst of laughter erupted from the crowd. Wang Xiang was so embarrassed that he covered his face and fled.

Another person said, “Can I try too?”

Unfortunately, Ku Sheng did not respond in the end.

Uh, at least they were better than Wang Xing, right? The other cultivators comforted themselves.

Several more people tried after that, even Jin Baozhu, but Ku Sheng only stirred slightly without any other movement after that.

Jin Baozhu was a little disappointed and simply sat aside to watch the excitement.

A cultivator in green robes stepped forward. “Jing-shidi, I’m Luo Chaosheng, water and wood double spiritual root. I’d like to give it a try.”

Blue phoenix, “Jing-jing, I think he can make it!”

Jing Yue, “Why do you think so?”

Blue phoenix, “He’s good-looking!”

Jing Yue, “… Makes sense.”

He had actually heard of Luo Chaosheng's name and knew that this person was one of the most highly-regarded students in the Moonshadow Class. The wood attribute of his spiritual root was far stronger than the water attribute, so much that he could be considered a half-single wood spiritual root.

Therefore, he also had certain expectations for Luo Chaosheng.

Jing Yue made a gesture of invitation. Luo Chaosheng stopped not far from Ku Sheng.  With his eyes half-closed, he released his divine consciousness to connect with Ku Sheng.

Suddenly, Ku Sheng lying on the blanket trembled slightly, and everyone's eyes lit up, but they calmed down after recalling that Jin Baozhu had also caused a similar reaction earlier.

But the next moment, Ku Sheng suddenly flew up. It paused slightly in the air, and then moved towards Luo Chaosheng, prodding and touching him, looking very affectionate.

This scene fell into everyone’s eyes. Amid the shock, they also thought jealously that this must be the one—Ku Sheng had chosen Luo Chaosheng.

Luo Chaosheng was naturally full of joy. He raised his hand to grab Ku Sheng, but before he could touch the sword, Ku Sheng shrank back abruptly, and quickly flew back to Jing Yue, staying close to his side.

Luo Chaosheng called out several times anxiously, but Ku Sheng was just like a temperamental child, changing its mood abruptly, simply ignoring him.

Some people in the crowd felt pity for Luo Chaosheng while others gloated. In the end, Luo Chaosheng sighed and said helplessly, “It seems that I’m not the destined person.”

Jing Yue smiled without responding, only held Ku Sheng and said, “This is it for today. I’ll be back again tomorrow.”

On the way back, blue phoenix grumbled in disappointment, saying that Luo Chaosheng had the face of a protagonist but couldn’t even make a spiritual weapon recognize him as the master. “Ji-ji hates it the most when the plot doesn’t follow the routine!”

Jing Yue, “What is the face of a protagonist?”

Blue phoenix, “Good looking, of course!”

Jing Yue, “But didn’t you always say that the good-looking ones are cannon fodder?”

Blue phoenix said anxiously, “They can't be too good-looking! It should be better than average, a fine and elegant appearance, gives people a sense of closeness and familiarity with the audience! There’s another type with mediocre appearance, but the eyes are very attractive, and the whole body is shining with charm and personality!”

Could charm and personality be shining? Jing Yue couldn’t help feeling that Ji-ji had mastered a very profound knowledge.

When he had just stepped into the small courtyard of the dormitory, he saw Meng Shan rushing out. “A-jing, help!”

Jing Yue was confused. “What’s the matter?”

Meng Shan said pitifully, “You must save me, otherwise, she’s going to kill me!”

“Who? What happened exactly?”

“My sister. She wants to see you in private.”

Jing Yue understood in an instant. “Meng Wan? She wants Ku Sheng?”

Meng Shan nodded with a bitter face. Recently, he spent his days studying the light-body charm without eating or sleeping. If Meng Wan didn’t look for him, he wouldn’t have found out that this Laozu roommate of his had created such a huge commotion again.

“I know that Ku Sheng will only be gifted to the predestined person, but you just need to see her and refuse her clearly. Otherwise, she’d think that I’m not doing this properly and be mad at me.”

It was just a small matter that Jing Yue was not too concerned about, so he asked, “Where is she?”

Meng Shan said in delight, “Flying Petal Gazebo on the Fifth Peak. A-jing, you’re the best! Let me give you a talisman! Rock Transformation Talisman!”

Jing Yue was immediately interested. “Is it the unique talisman of your Meng family?”

He knew that the Meng family was founded in talisman-making, the most famous product being the Rock Transformation Talisman. It was said that the Meng family members with a high level of talisman cultivation could produce this talisman that could turn a radius of ten miles into rock, and the effect could last all day. However, this talisman was not for sale so few people had seen it.

Meng Shan said with a bit of embarrassment, “Yes, but my cultivation level is still low. My talisman is only effective for cultivators below Foundation Establishment stage and can only last for two hours.”

Jing Yue said enthusiastically, “No, no, it's already very good. Give it to me quickly!”

Meng Shan, “…”

He hesitated for a moment and added, “A-jing, I know you’re very talented in talisman-making. If you see through the pseudo-pattern of the charm, can you keep the secret too? Although the talisman I’m giving you is only the simplest one, not really a secret, but if the refining method is spread out, I’d definitely be punished.”

Of course Jing Yue agreed.

So a quarter of an hour later, Jing Yue came to Flying Petal Gazebo excitedly.

At this time, the moonlight was dim, and the back of the woman in white clothes in the gazebo was slender, like a dream and fantasy under the night mist, like a fairy from the pond.

“Wow, Jing-jing, I think your white rose has appeared.”

Blue phoenix wouldn’t give up the chance to display its existence. “Although the protagonist has a lot of admirers, the most popular is often one red and one white. The red can be more aggressive or witty, while the white can be a matured blossom or gentle and quiet.”

“Both of them like the protagonist, and the protagonist often have a good impression or ambiguity towards both of them. Therefore, their respective supporters will fight to compete for the official spot next to the protagonist and end up in jeopardy or tragedy.”

Jing Yue, “Excuse me, but I already have the red and the white.”

Blue phoenix’s eyes glinted. “Who is it?”

Jing Yue, “Red is you when being noisy, and white is you when you make mistakes and fall silent, but you have no supporters.”

Blue phoenix, “… You’re so hateful! Ji-ji decided to ignore you for one hour! No, two hours!”

Jing Yue, “Just nice.”

Blue phoenix: qaq

Jing Yue didn't pay any heed to Ji-ji’s threats and walked slowly towards the gazebo.


“Jing-shidi, I can offer a good price for Ku Sheng.” Meng Wan went straight to the point, her voice cold, and her expression was inviolable and awe-inspiring.

Jing Yue, “Meng-shijie, you should know that Ku Sheng is not for sale, only for gifting. I didn’t see you at the market today. Why don’t you give it a try now?”

Meng Wan smiled faintly. She went today but didn’t show her face. Ever since she heard that Jing Yue wanted to find someone who was destined for Ku Sheng, she knew that the other party was wasting time, and the reality proved her right.

“The world is vast. It’s not that easy to find someone destined for Ku Sheng. It’s just a sword and it should be in the hands of those suitable and need it. I’m a wood and ice mutated double spiritual root and can’t be considered unworthy of Ku Sheng.”

Although Meng Wan was a formation cultivator, she also needed a good sword as the eye of the formation, and Ku Sheng was exactly what she was looking for.

Only then did Jing Yue know that Meng Wan had a mutated spiritual root. No wonder everyone said that she had an amazing aptitude, but Jing Yue shook his head and said nothing.

Meng Wan was slightly annoyed, but Jing Yue was the patriarch of Frostcloud Sect.  She really had no other way to impress or threaten the other party, so she said helplessly, “Since you insist, I will try.”

Jing Yue summoned Ku Sheng.

Perhaps it was Meng Wan’s earlier remarks that made Ku Sheng a little unhappy. At first, it stopped in the air and didn’t move, but Meng Wan's divine consciousness felt endearing. After a while, it tentatively approached the other party and circled Meng Wan twice.

Ku Sheng's sense of novelty and joy was transmitted to Jing Yue, and he smiled and watched it move faster and faster around Meng Wan. And Meng Wan's expression also became much gentler, with an imperceptible pride in her eyes.

Suddenly, Ku Sheng stopped an inch between Meng Wan's eyebrows, and the latter couldn't help but step back and frowned slightly.

Jing Yue immediately sensed Ku Sheng's disappointment and grievance, before it flew back to him again.

He sighed slightly and said to Meng Wan, “I’m sorry.”

Meng Wan was taken aback for a moment and her face paled instantly.

Author’s Notes: Mini Theater

Jing-jing points to Rouge: White rose.

Pointing to the cute readers: Red roses.

Ji-ji jumps: What about me? What about Ji-ji?

Jing-jing gives it a side-glance, and Ji-ji suddenly realized: I’m the blue rose!

Jing-jing: …

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