Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 51: Amazing Seeds Bear Fruit

Yin Fuchuan was so shocked that he didn’t pay attention to the team banner below.

He hurriedly checked his withered wood spirit space and the source of his power—the wood spirit tree. Due to the loss of the parent seed of the divine tree, the wood spirit tree gradually withered and lost all vitality.

He had the level, but no wood spirit energy to use. He thought that this would be his end, but he didn't expect that his wood spirit tree would return to life one day.

That was right, the withered wood spirit tree was gradually rejuvenating.

This was almost impossible, but a miracle was happening right before his eyes.

The thing that changed everything was the unowned ‘parent seed’ that Yin Fuchuan had taken from Xun Yi last night.

At this moment, the ‘parent seed’ seemed to sense the dry and withered wood spirit space. Clusters of green energy light spots emerged from the ‘parent seed’, working hard to repair his wood spirit space.

Yin Fuchuan looked at Xun Yi beside him, full of doubts, but could not ask anything at this moment.

Yin Weijiang was still kneeling on the floor. The other three survivors saw his cunning display and followed his example, expressing their loyalty too.

However, Yin Fuchuan didn’t receive the prompt. Clearly, they only did it to survive. If a better choice appeared, they would definitely abandon Yin Fuchuan without hesitation in pursuit of a better future.

“Everyone, please get up. Stop kneeling. You can eat and talk later,” Yin Fuchuan said.

Yin Weijiang was the first to get up and sit on the floor. He took a can and started eating. The other three also chose cans and instant noodles respectively. The remaining three ham sausages and a bag of biscuits were divided equally among the four of them, which were carefully put into the pockets inside their clothes, saving them for later.

Deng Chen sneered. “Buying people with food? I wonder what’s the point of getting the loyalty of these losers. They are a burden wherever they go.”

Yin Weijiang froze, and a little juice from the can spilled on his hand. He quickly licked the mess and continued eating as if he didn't hear anything.

Qi Ningjing kicked her cousin. “Eat your food and stop talking.”

Xun Ye had returned to the bed. He sat cross-legged and sighed, “Alas, some people have the cheek to call others losers when they clearly know that they are a loser. How ridiculous.”

Deng Chen was furious. “Who are you calling a loser?”

Xun Ye picked his ear and said, “You, of course. Are you deaf? You can’t even beat me. What else are you but a loser? Excuse me, I’m 6 years old. How old are you?

Deng Chen's face turned red. He was so ashamed and angry. He refused to admit that he could not beat a child, and he would never admit it!

“If you have the guts, go out and fight now. This room is too small to fight properly!”

“The earth is big enough and you’re standing right on it. What’s stopping you?” Xun Ye retorted.

Lu Di couldn't hold it back and laughed out loud.

Deng Chen almost went mad with rage. He couldn't bear to lose to a child repeatedly.

While he was thinking of his next insult, he saw Xun Ye and the others sitting there with nothing to eat. He suddenly felt very happy and said, “Didn’t you say you have a lot of food? Are you getting too big for your britches and want to go hungry now?”

At the mention of this topic, Xun Ye felt a little uncertain.

His eyes drifted to Xun Yi, asking for his help.

Xun Yi was thinking about how to take out the food from the wood spirit space. When he noticed Xun Ye's gaze, he took his backpack and put his hand inside it, pretending to take something. In fact, he was controlling the wood spirit space and picking something from a tree.

The three seeds given to him by Yin Fuchuan had grown into three big trees. One big tree was covered with bread of different lengths, one with round things like coconuts, and the last one was even more amazing, with golden ‘grapes’ hanging down in bunches.  Each golden fruit was the size of a cherry tomato and was very beautiful.

Xun Yi was really shocked when he first saw it. If he hadn't smelled the bread fragrance in the space, he would never have believed that the thing growing on the tree was bread. Although instantly recognizable at a glance, Xun Yi still couldn't believe the way it appeared.

Xun Yi controlled the space and searched on the bread tree for a while. Finally, he found a smaller loaf of bread, the size of a palm, which was the smallest he could find. Most of the loaves on the tree were several meters long, some as thick as arms or thighs, all hanging from the branches.

If Xun Yi took those, his backpack could hardly fit anything and his secret would be exposed at any minute, so he had to search for small ones.

Because there was no packaging, Xun Yi put his hand in the backpack, and a loaf of bread as big as his palm appeared in his palm. He carefully took it out without touching the backpack to avoid dirtying it.

The bread felt warm to the touch, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, just like freshly baked bread. As soon as he took it out, the rich scent of bread mixed with the sweet scent of milk filled the whole room.

Everyone eating in the room stopped and glanced over incredulously.

Even if they could find bread now, it should be from before doomsday happened. Although not yet rotten, it wouldn’t be fresh either. They had never eaten such fragrant bread even before doomsday, okay?

Looking at the fragrant bread that seemed freshly baked, they suddenly couldn’t swallow the food in their hands.

Two ham sausages and two biscuits were not enough even for a child, not to mention a hungry adult. The bread in Xun Yi's hand was oval, as big as a palm, and as thick as a finger, which seemed very filling.

Xun Ye widened his eyes in disbelief. He knew very well that there was no such thing in Xun Yi's backpack. Xun Ye was the one who bought all the snacks that Xun Yi brought along. He knew exactly what he bought, so where did this bread come from?

“Hurry up and eat.” Xun Yi handed the bread to Xun Ye first.

Xun Ye took it. The bread was warm to the touch, not as hard as stale bread at all, but more like freshly baked bread.

Xun Ye was just about to break the bread apart and share it with several people when Yin Fuchuan said, “Just go ahead.”

Xun Yi put his hand into his backpack again. The bread he took out this time was larger and thicker than the one Xun Ye had. This was for Yin Fuchuan. Xun Yi was afraid that he wouldn't have enough to eat, so he tried his best to pick a larger one.

Yin Fuchuan started eating without further ado.

Seeing this, Xun Ye quickly took a bite. The bread was crispy, fragrant, and soft, with a strong milky flavor. The bread was very chewy, and every bite was very satisfying.

Absolutely delicious!

Xun Ye had never tasted such delicious bread, unlike anything he had ever eaten before. It was delicate, fragrant, chewy, and more importantly, solid, different from the bread sold in bakeries before doomsday. Even though those looked big, pinching the bread would reduce it to a small ball, very inadequate. But the bread in front of him was different. It was as thick as a big steamed bun, very filling, and very delicious!

Xun Yi took out another two pieces of bread about the same size as Xun Ye's bread. He gave one to Lu Di and kept the other one for himself.

The four of them sat together and ate the bread, while the others were enticed by the fragrance and kept drooling.

Deng Chen's face was very spectacular, turning red and blue rapidly. When he saw Xun Yi taking out another bunch of golden ‘grapes’ from his backpack, his whole face turned black.

T-They actually had fruit!

It was fresh fruit with emerald green branches as if it had just been picked. Every golden ‘grape’ was moist and looked very delicious.

“The golden fruit is rich in nutrients. Xun Ye should eat more.” Yin Fuchuan told Xun Yi the name of this fruit.

Xun Yi picked a relatively small bunch, afraid that Xun Ye wouldn't be able to finish it. Even so, each golden fruit was bigger than normal grapes, and it was conceivable that Xun Ye couldn’t finish them all by himself.

Xun Ye was no longer surprised now. Xun Yi could take out so much delicious bread, let alone fruits.

Xun Ye knew exactly what Xun Yi carried with him. He believed that these things didn’t belong to Xun Yi, but most likely to President Yin. President Yin was very mysterious and owned many good things, so they must be his.

With no place to put the golden fruit, Xun Yi could only carry it in his hand.

Xun Ye picked one and couldn’t stuff it into his mouth in one bite. He could only swallow half of it and eat it in two bites.

The sweet and fragrant juice instantly filled his mouth, absolutely delicious. It certainly lived up to its name. Even the juice was golden yellow, sweet, and refreshing.

Xun Ye ate one in two bites, eating bread and fruit at the same time, enjoying himself.

As he ate, he clicked his tongue at Deng Chen mockingly.

Deng Chen was livid and could only gasp for air.

Xun Yi's backpack contained another loaf of bread as big as two palms. He picked it earlier to let it cool down. The newly picked bread was warm and would raise suspicions if given to others, but it was fine once it cooled down.

Due to Yu Xiao and Hua Cheng's care for him and Xun Ye, Xun Yi couldn't forget them.

He quickly finished the bread in his hand and felt very full. He looked at the golden fruit in his hand and put his hand into his backpack. He took out a plate from the wood spirit space, which he swept into the space when he was in the kitchen.

Even though the plate was clean, Xun Yi was still worried. He asked Xun Ye to take the golden fruits and rinse the plate with some water. Then he put the plate on the quilt and started picking. One by one, he put the golden fruits on the plate until it was full. Half of the golden fruits were left unpicked.

Xun Yi carried half a bunch of golden fruits and a large piece of cold bread and walked to Yu Xiao.

He handed the bread to Yu Xiao and half a bunch of golden fruits to Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng wanted to ask where he got these things, but with so many people watching, he couldn't. He refused and said, “We’re done eating. Leave it for Xun Ye. He likes it.”

“He has a lot more there. This is for you. You can kill zombies only when you’re full. Eat it before it goes bad.”

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