The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 5

Translator: Leila

Editor: Onee

The closer they got to the border, the more sparse the houses became: there was less greenery, and the road became more craggy and rocky. Clarisse had never been outside the royal capital since birth. Hence, the world through the carriage window was simply refreshing.

"Mary, look! I can see the horizon. It really is a straight line!"

"Only a lady of noble birth would be happy to see the horizon."

"But it's just like what I've read in books. Isn't it amazing? To actually see it with your own eyes!"

Mary didn't seem to understand, but Clarisse never seemed to get tired of looking at the scenery outside. Using her knowledge of medicinal herbs, she took note of the trees in the distance.

She’d have to get a closer look to examine them properly. Still, it might be slightly different from the plants that grew in the royal capital because of the climate difference...

'I still don't know what kind of person the margrave is, but if I'm going to have to spend my days alone in his residence, I'll start by investigating the nearby plants using the botany book that I got from the herbalist who frequented the house.'

Clarisse grew up in a home where her parents didn't care for her. read only at sleepy translations When her older sister saw her, she tormented her. Hence, she spent more time alone in her room or in the garden than with her family, as a result, she became very adept at spending time alone.

'Besides... even now, the situation near the border isn’t exactly stable...'

A peace treaty was signed the other day following a victory in a battle with a neighbouring country. The country was safe for the time being. However, the situation was still unpredictable, and Clarisse believed the Margrave when he said that he couldn’t leave due to security concerns.

'Either way, I'm sure that the Margrave is a very busy person... but it's all right, I'm sure I'll be fine...'

When she looked at Mary, she noticed that she was nodding off, i sent to wuxia to take down my translations, yet after shamelessly asking for which novels i'm talking about, they ignored me, so wow tired from the long ride in the carriage. Clarisse draped the lap blanket she’d given Mary earlier over her shoulders.

When Mary woke up, the maid was embarrassed and said, "You're doing this to me again, My Lady!" A smile appeared on Clarisse's lips.

Later that day, they finally arrived at the Margrave's mansion.

The area was already enveloped in darkness, making it hard to see the scenery. However, there were torches burning brightly at the mansion’s gate.

The Fahrenheit family also had a mansion of their own, but Clarisse could tell that the Margrave's mansion was twice as large from a simple glance at the outer gate.

'So... the Margrave is here... the one who will be my husband...'

She squeezed her hands, which she had unconsciously rested on her knees. She overheard Marius utter something to the knight guarding the outer gate.

The gate swung open soon after, and the carriage drove into the grounds. After entering the grounds, the carriage took several minutes to reach the mansion before coming to a halt.

A few moments later, Marius opened the carriage door for them.

"Miss Clarisse, we have arrived."

"Thank you, Mr. Marius."

She stepped out of the carriage with his assistance, looked up at the mansion, and let out a sigh.

'It’s stunning!'

The mansion was even more beautiful than she had imagined. Perhaps tomorrow, in the sun, she would be able to get a better view of the whole place. However, even at night, it looked fantastic, illuminated by the lights seeping out of each window.

"This way, please watch your step."

She looked up at the large front door as Marius led her up the magnificent stone staircase. Without a doubt, the Margrave seemed to be an incredibly wealthy man.

Marius rang the heavy iron doorbell next to the entrance. The door opened from the inside without much delay, and an older man who appeared to be the butler bowed respectfully.

"We've been expecting you, Lady Farenheit."

"Oh, my, thank you."

Clarisse, who did not expect to be welcomed so politely, thanked him with a smile. The butler straightened his posture and met Clarisse's smile with a glint of admiration in his eyes.

"I've been instructed to lead you to the Master first."

"Very well."

Clarisse agreed, despite the fact that meeting with him first meant she couldn't put her luggage away. This surprised the butler and maids, possibly because Clarisse had unexpectedly agreed without a complaint.

'Right, because most normal noblewomen would be angry if they were not given enough time to rest and dress nicely first.'

Marius muttered in his mind.

Now he can't help but look forward to it: wondering how his Lord will react to this unusual young lady. This will be fun, he thought to himself as he trailed behind Clarisse, following the butler.

"This is the master's office, My Lady."

Apparently, her future husband was behind the gorgeous door at the end of a long, long corridor. The butler knocked on the door, and a clear, low voice from within said,

"Come in."

'Wow...I can tell he’s a confident man just from the tone of his voice...!'

Clarisse took a deep breath and stared at the door as it opened.

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