Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 5: The Function of the Skill Column

The room quieted down, and the banging on the door gradually stopped. Xun Yi waited for a while before he peered through the peephole. The zombies in the corridor started wandering back and forth aimlessly again.

Xun Yi looked at them for a while and determined that there were three of them. He couldn't deal with so many at once, so he could only take them down one by one.

Xun Yi grabbed the doorknob and waited until a zombie passed by. He slammed the door open and the zombie rushed in with a roar. Xun Yi closed the door again before the other two zombies could react.

The zombie rushed in without noticing Xun Yi but saw Xun Keru on the floor instead. It roared and charged at her.

Xun Keru screamed and backed away. Before the zombie could catch her, black blood sprayed with a puff, and the zombie's head flew away. The black blood sprayed all over Xun Keru’s body and face.

Sure enough, the screaming sounded again, and Xun Yi looked at her coldly. Xun Keru hurriedly covered her mouth to stifle her voice. She was out of breath from crying and wished she could pass out without going through such a horrible experience anymore.

A prompt flashed in front of Xun Yi, [+10].

Xun Yi moved quickly. He stabbed the zombie’s head, rummaged inside with his hand, dug out the magic crystal, and quickly put it away.

Xun Keru couldn’t stop throwing up from the nauseating sight.

Xun Yi ignored her. He used the same method to deal with the other two zombies and quickly killed all three. Every time he killed one, a ‘+10’ prompt appeared in front of his eyes.

Xun Yi thought about his attribute panel. The next moment, the attribute panel appeared in front of him. On the level column, the number had changed from 10/100 to 40/100, so that should be the experience points. Each zombie would gain 10 EXP. If he killed 6 more, Xun Yi would reach level 2.

Without a doubt, the higher the level, the stronger he would be. Xun Yi felt that he could not stay in the house any longer. These zombies would never remain this weak forever. If this was the same as ‘Surviving the Land of Peril’, evolved zombies and mutated zombies would soon appear. If he didn’t improve his strength quickly, he couldn’t deal with them at all, and it would be a dead end once he bumped into them.

Xun Yi opened the door and went out. Xun Keru stumbled and followed him. Xun Yi knocked on Aunt Yu Xiao's door. Yu Xiao saw Xun Yi through the peephole and opened the door cautiously.

Xun Yi handed the backpack in his hand to Aunt Yu Xiao. “Pack up. We will…”

Before Xun Yi finished speaking, the building suddenly shook as if it was too old to bear the weight, and leaned toward one side.

Xun Yi grabbed the door frame and barely kept his balance. Aunt Yu Xiao and Xun Keru fell to the floor and rolled into the room.

“Xun Ye, grab the couch!” Xun Yi reminded him.

Xun Ye held the couch tightly. The couch slid on the floor and hit the wall on one side, but Xun Ye was nestled in the couch and wasn’t injured.

The building didn't stop moving until it tilted at a 60-degree angle. The walls cracked, and the lamps and furnishings fell with the debris.

Xun Yi slid down the slope to the edge and stepped on the wall with one foot. He glanced outside and his expression changed abruptly.

The brand-new residential building was all rundown now. Several buildings had collapsed, and the walls of the crooked buildings that were still standing were severely weathered. They looked like ancient and dangerous buildings that had weathered the storms for centuries and might collapse at any moment.

“Let’s go, we can’t stay in the building any longer!”

Xun Yi took out the strap from the bag, put it on Xun Ye's body, and fastened Xun Ye firmly on his back. He extended the strap of the backpack and put it on Xun Ye’s back. Xun Ye was sandwiched between Xun Yi and the backpack, giving him an extra layer of protection.

Xun Yi tied Xun Ye's small backpack to his waist. It contained Xun Ye's outdoor clothes and shoes, as well as his snacks. Xun Yi could not lose those.

Xun Yi was very fast and finished doing everything in one minute. He held the saber in one hand and climbed to the door that was tilted at a higher altitude in his hiking boots.

“Follow me. We’ll go down from the other side.”

The building was tilted very severely with the potential to sink further. The stairs and elevators couldn’t be used, and they lived on a high floor, so they couldn’t possibly jump down. The only escape route was to slide down the back of the building.

“Xun Yi, wait for me. Don't leave me behind!”

Xun Yi had already climbed to the door. He looked back and saw Xun Keru and Aunt Yu Xiao still at the foot of the wall.

Both of them were wearing skirts, and Xun Keru was in high heels, making it difficult to climb up on the smooth floor at a slope.

Aunt Yu Xiao was wearing a long skirt and house slippers. After trying several times, she couldn't climb up. She simply took off her slippers and climbed up barefoot, which made it easier.

“Go and change into pants and shoes. Skirts won’t do,” Xun Yi said to Aunt Yu Xiao.

Aunt Yu Xiao felt a little guilty. She knew that the longer the delay, the greater the danger, and they might end up buried in the building.

“Xun Yi, you should leave with Xun Ye first. I’ll change my clothes and look for you later. Go now.”

By saying this, Yu Xiao had almost given up the hope of survival. Whether she could escape and find Xun Yi or not, she could only leave it to fate.

After saying that, she ran to her dressing room barefooted. Seeing that, Xun Keru took off her high heels and followed Aunt Yu Xiao.

“Give me a pair of pants too. Xun Yi, I’ll be right there. Wait for me.”

While waiting for them, Xun Yi took out Xun Ye's shoes and put them on for him.

As soon as Xun Yi fastened the small backpack again, he heard the familiar hoarse breathing.

He looked up and saw two zombies crawling over from the direction of the stairwell. They couldn't stand up and had to crawl over.

“I think I need a weapon too,” Xun Ye said as he looked at those ugly zombies.

“You can’t wield it properly even if I gave you one,” Xun Yi said. He stepped on the corridor wall, held his saber, and waited for the zombies to approach.

The zombies took more time crawling than running. Before they could get close to Xun Yi, their heads were chopped off one after another.



“Wow, Xun Yi, you have some moves,” Xun Ye joked.

“Practice.” Xun Yi grinned.

“Don't tell me that you disappeared for three months because you practiced in seclusion?”

“Bingo.” Xun Yi went digging for magic crystals as usual.

Xun Ye curled his lips in disgust. “What are you doing? That’s disgusting.”

Xun Yi smiled. “Good stuff, a must-have for Doomsday travel.”

Xun Ye was unhappy. “Xun Yi, I must say that you’re too mean. Why didn’t you take me with you for your retreat? I almost starved myself to death at home.”

Xun Yi thought for a moment and walked to the stairwell. Instead of entering the stairwell, he stood by the wall in position. He wanted to kill a few more zombies to get to level 2.

“Why do I feel that you had a great time when I’m not at home? You must be enjoying yourself with all those snacks in the room.”

A zombie that crawled over upon hearing their voices was beheaded by Xun Yi's saber.


“Uh… an abandoned child is so pitiful. I can only coop myself at home, eating snacks and playing games all night, wasting my life away,” Xun Ye said sadly.

“Isn't that the life you dream of?” Xun Yi swung his blade again and chopped off another head.

“My dream life is to enter a game with a sword, and PK with the monsters in the game.”

“Congratulations, your dream has come true. We are now in a game called 'Planet Earth’s Doomsday Gaming Field'.”

“If I had a choice, I want to enter a Xianxia game. I want to fly on swords, move mountains and fill seas, and kill thousands of demons with one sword. That's the life young hero Xun Ye should have. An apocalyptic game is too disgusting. Everyone is ugly with no spiritual bones,” Xun Ye expressed his contempt.

Xun Yi finally took down his tenth head, and the attribute panel popped up again.

Name: Xun Yi

Level: 2 (0/200)

Profession: Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Title: Divine Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Basic attributes: Strength (13/13), Agility (14/14), Constitution (11/11)

Secondary attribute: Mental Spirit (20/20)

Skill: Magic Cube Domain Level 1 (Exclusive)

Magic Energy: 100/1000

Sure enough, Xun Yi suddenly felt refreshed after reaching level 2. The fatigue of killing zombies disappeared in an instant. His body seemed to be full of strength, his mind was clear, and his vision became clearer.

He studied his attributes and found an improvement in everything. Among them, the fastest and biggest improvement was in the mental spirit aspect, followed by agility, while his physical constitution seemed to be the weakest. Sure enough, a popular celebrity wasn’t a profession that relied on physical strength to make a living.

Since all his attributes had been restored to maximum, he could fight zombies again.

At this time, another prompt suddenly flashed before his eyes. “Once your magic energy reaches 100 points, you can activate the Magic Cube Domain once. The maximum area is 1 square meter, and you can sustain it for 30 minutes. Do you want to activate it now?”

Xun Yi was startled and called up the attribute panel again. Sure enough, the skill bar was lit up, no longer grayed out. A level appeared after the Magic Cube Domain column, and the value of the magic energy had also changed. It was no longer 100 but became 1,000.

So, the role of magic energy was to activate the Magic Cube Domain? Xun Yi was very curious about this exclusive skill and immediately activated the Magic Cube Domain without hesitation.

In an instant, the pale blue square appeared, enveloping Xun Yi and Xun Ye inside. Sloping corridors and walls were no longer under their feet, but a smooth surface as if they were standing on pale blue transparent glass. This feeling was like… when he was first selected by the Supernal Magic Cube!

Xun Yi thought that the Supernal Magic Cube was up to its tricks again, and his face turned pale with fear.

At this moment, a zombie crawled over again, roaring and pouncing. Xun Yi was too horrified to react in time, so he could only raise his saber to block, but before he could do so, his elbow hit the transparent wall first.

At the same time, the zombie crashed into the wall with a loud bang, and a layer of pale blue ripples appeared on the transparent wall.

Xun Yi looked at the zombie in shock. It was stuck to the pale blue transparent wall, desperately scratching on the surface trying to get in, but it couldn't penetrate this layer. Due to the close distance, the zombie's ferocious and distorted head was almost face-to-face with Xun Yi.

“That's so cool. What is it? An invisible lift?”

Xun Ye looked around excitedly. They were standing in a transparent cube. The space was quite tight, with barely enough room to fit one person, and they would hit the walls if they tried to lift their arms.

Xun Yi had calmed down by now. The surrounding environment had not changed. He was still standing at the sloping corridor where he hunted zombies just now. This transparent cube didn’t seem to be created by the Supernal Magic Cube, but… him.

Xun Yi became excited immediately. As one of the chosen ones, he was very familiar with this transparent square.

In the past three months, whenever they left the Land of Peril, they would inevitably appear in a transparent cube. This cube could expand or shrink in size, move at will, fly into the sky, or traverse underground, and the Supernal Magic Cube could manipulate it at will.

Xun Yi didn't know why he suddenly possessed the power of the Supernal Magic Cube, so he quickly clicked on the attribute panel to find out.

After one glance, Xun Yi's expression suddenly became odd.

His magic energy column had become 97/1000. As he stared at it, the number dropped again. 96, 95…

His Magic Cube Domain skill attribute grayed out again.

At this moment, Xun Yi finally realized that the Magic Cube Domain could only be used once when the magic energy reached 100. As soon as the magic energy dropped below 100, the skill bar would turn gray and could not be used anymore.

Seeing that the magic energy had dropped to 93, Xun Yi didn't dare to waste anymore. He raised his saber, braced himself, and withdrew the Magic Cube Domain. The zombie stuck on the transparent wall lost the obstacle and quickly pounced over. Xun Yi's saber was ready and pierced through the zombie's head.

Xun Yi hastily dug out the magic crystal and converted it into magic energy. Sure enough, the gray skill bar lit up again, and he had another chance to activate it.

Name: Xun Yi

Level: 2 (10/200)

Profession: Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Title: Divine Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Basic attributes: Strength (12/13), Agility (13/14), Constitution (10/11)

Secondary attribute: Mental Spirit (20/20)

Skill: Magic Cube Domain Level 1 (Exclusive)

Magic Energy: 103/1000

The values ​​on the attribute panel confirmed Xun Yi's guess.

With this safeguard, Xun Yi could breathe a sigh of relief. Although 1 square meter was too small for him, it was different for Xun Ye. He could play freely inside, and even when they had nowhere to hide, he could take a good nap inside too.

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