My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 49: Light-body Talisman

As soon as class ended on the next day, Jing Yue arrived at the market with the fifty light-body charms he worked hard to make last night. Thinking that he could make a fortune in a little while, he was filled with excitement!

As soon as he arrived at the rental stall, he saw Wang Xiaoli already waiting there. When Wang Xiaoli saw him, he immediately said enthusiastically, “Laozu, we meet again!”

Yesterday, Wang Xiaoli didn't know what Jing Yue had registered for, but he thought that the items produced by the patriarch of Frostcloud Sect shouldn’t be too ordinary, so he wanted to see if he could benefit from it. Even if he couldn’t, it would still be helpful if he could serve this Laozu properly.

There were many cultivators from small forces and rogue cultivators in Nine Heaven Academy, usually not as wealthy and lacking resources compared to disciples from larger sects. Normally, apart from going for classes and practicing, they still had to find ways to make a living. Wang Xiaoli was such a student.

Although some people think they were money-minded and refused to associate with them, they were not stealing, robbing, cheating, or harming others, so who could make irresponsible remarks about them?

Jing Yue saw through Wang Xiaoli’s thoughts but paid no heed to it. After all, he wanted to find someone to help him take care of the stall so he had more time to cultivate.

If Wang Xiaoli's character was decent, why shouldn’t he hand the stall to him? On the premise of not violating his own interests, and he also could help others with a small amount of effort, so why not?

Hence he smiled and said, “Wang-shixiong can come along with me today too.”

Wang Xiaoli had been waiting for this. He rubbed his hands excitedly and said, “Yes, okay!”

“Beep! Little minion card! Your little minion, Wang Xiaoli, is online. Please check it carefully.”

Jing Yue pressed blue phoenix's head back into his sleeve, regretting bringing it out.

At the same time, Wang Xiaoli had efficiently taken out a gilded flannel blanket, which looked very grand and high-end. He spread the blanket on the ground, took out a brand new futon from the Qiankun bag, and patted it pretentiously for dust before placing it on the floor.

Wang Xiaoli, “Laozu, please have a seat.”

Jing Yue gave him a thumbs-up in his heart. What a service-oriented talent!

But he said, “The academy expressly stipulates that students are ranked by class. You shouldn't call me Laozu. If Wang-shixiong is too enthusiastic, I’d be shy.”

As he said that, he lowered his head obligingly and smiled bashfully.

Suddenly, Wang Xiaoli was dumbfounded. He thought Jing-laozu’s smile was beautiful, tickling people’s hearts, and pink bubbles suddenly appeared all over his head. But soon, the bubble burst, and he looked as if he swallowed a fly—the Laozu was a man. Why was he dazzled by a man?!

Wang Xiaoli hurriedly turned his head away, thinking that the patriarch of Frostcloud Sect was truly evil.

Blue phoenix, who was suffocated in Jing Yue's arms, tried with great difficulty to poke the chicken head out, and said with pity, “… The tragedy of a straight bloke…”

Jing Yue was accustomed to Ji-ji’s nonsensical babble, and he didn’t know Wang Xiaoli’s thoughts, otherwise, he would drag them out one by one and beat them to death. He placed the light-body talisman neatly on the noble, luxurious and gorgeous flannel blanket. The dark blanket accentuated the bright yellow talisman paper, which was quite eye-catching.

He nodded in satisfaction, just appreciating his masterpiece, when someone said, “How much for the light-body talisman?”

Jing Yue's eyes flashed as he raised his face and smiled brightly. Could it be that there was business right after the opening?

“Fifty spirit stones per piece.”


The cultivator who asked for the price immediately gave an expression of ‘are you mentally retarded or are my ears playing tricks on me’. Before Jing Yue could say any further, he turned around and left.

Jing Yue, “…”

Wang Xiaoli was actually very surprised but resisted asking. Curiosity killed the cat.

This tactful attitude of his left a better impression on Jing Yue. The two waited a while longer. Many people came to ask, but after listening to Jing Yue's introduction and the price, nothing happened, and no business was transacted. Even if someone recognized Jing Yue, they were still skeptical.

Jing Yue, “Why doesn’t anyone believe what I say?”

Wang Xiaoli smiled awkwardly, “Maybe they’d never heard of it before.”

Jing Yue glanced at him. “You don’t believe it too, right?”

Wang Xiaoli was about to explain when Jing Yue sighed again. “It seems that everyone thought I was bragging. Otherwise, why is there no one here even though I’m on the collection list? Looks like I must use my ultimate trick…”

Before he finished speaking, his eyes lit up as a walking spirit mine entered his sight—that Miss Jin who was covered with jewels from head to toe yesterday! Jing Yue immediately became energetic and said loudly, “Come here and take a look! The world’s strongest light-body charm! Ten feet off the ground and ten feet with every step! Limited quantity, first come first served! Don't miss this rare opportunity!”

Wang Xiaoli, “…”

His shouts were very effective. Sure enough, Jin Baozhu came here, recognized Jing Yue at a glance, and said, “So, the light-body talisman on the collection list yesterday was made by Jing-shidi.”

Jing Yue said, “Jin-shijie doesn’t believe me?”

Jin Baozhu was a little surprised Jing Yue knew her. She smiled and touched the Sumeru ring on her hand but said nothing.

Jing Yue waited for a while before saying helplessly, “Why don’t we make a bet? If I lose, you can take these charms for free. If I win, how about you buy it all? You won’t be at a disadvantage either way.”

Seeing that he was confident, Jin Baozhu became interested. Without asking for the price, she said directly, “Deal.”

Jing Yue smiled and handed her a talisman, and Jin Baozhu activated it.

At first, everyone looked at the scene coldly with their arms crossed, wondering about Jing Yue’s purpose. No one believed that he was really here just to sell talismans. Those who didn’t recognize him thought he was deliberately attracting Jin Baozhu’s attention, trying to hug this golden thigh.

But soon, they saw Jin Baozhu slowly floating up in the air, and only stopped when she rose one foot from the ground.

“How is that possible?”

“This is really a light-body charm? Is it really true that you can get ten feet off the ground and ten feet with every step?”

Everyone was shocked and there were a lot of discussions. Even a cultivator in the distance asked, “Isn't that Jin Baozhu? Flying magic weapons are not allowed in the market. She is so bold!”

As the person using the talisman, Jin Baozhu was even more surprised. The indifferent look in her eyes was replaced with caution, and she took a step carefully.

Ten feet!

It was really ten feet with one step!

This was true!

Before everyone recovered, Jin Baozhu quickly stopped urging the talisman and threw down a large bag of spirit stones. “I want all the talismans. What else do you have?”

Jing Yue said, “I only have 50 light-body talismans today. If you want, come back tomorrow.”

After that, Jing Yue slowly counted 2,500 spirit stones from the bag and threw the rest back to Jin Baozhu. “I’m an honest businessman. 50 spirit stones for one talisman. I won’t take more than that.”

Jin Baozhu, “…”

At this time, no one questioned the price of the light-body charm. An ordinary light-body charm sold for 5 spirit stones, but Jing Yue’s charm was more than ten times more effective! It was already very conscientious of him to sell it at 50 spirit stones!

This kind of talisman might save lives at a critical moment! What was more valuable than a human life?

“I want one!”

“Me too!”

“What time tomorrow? Are you still going to be here?”

The crowd clamored and surrounded Jing Yue. He said, “Depends on my mood. You didn’t believe me just now. I’m a little sad.”

Seeing everyone’s pouts, Jing Yue was amused. “I’m just kidding. As for how many, I’ll try my best. I hope everyone can help me publicize it.”

“Of course!”

“No problem. Count on us!”

But they thought to themselves, only fools would publicize this. The quantity was already so little, so why should they invite more people to compete?

At this moment, an uncanny voice sounded from not far away. “Who dares to use flying magical instruments in the market? Step forward!”

Blue phoenix, “Beep! Cannon fodder card! Cannon Fodder is online today, please check carefully.”

Jing Yue pushed the restless blue phoenix back again, and when he looked up, it was the female cultivator who registered for him yesterday.

“Oh, it’s you…” The female cultivator suddenly remembered Jing Yue's identity, worried that her tone was too harsh, and added a soft ending.

Seeing everyone staring at her, she recalled that she was here to make extra money, so she yelled at the others, “What are you arguing about here? Who just broke the market regulations? A flying magic weapon was used?”

When she was speaking, she kept staring at Jin Baozhu—this was a big money tree. She could give a bigger fine, hehehe!

Jin Baozhu, “I didn’t. I just tried a light-body charm.”

“What a joke…” The female cultivator suddenly stopped. She remembered the description of Jing Yue's goods yesterday. Could it be true?

Without waiting for her next question, a group of people surrounded Jing Yue again, pushing and pulling, everyone fierce and evil, as if they were going to beat people up.

“Go away. Why are you pushing me?”

“You get out. I came here first!”

“Jing-shidi, I’ll buy it for 60 spirit stones. Can you sell it to me first?”

“I’ll offer 70 spirit stones!”


The female cultivator who was squeezed out of the circle blinked blankly. Suddenly, with a violent burst of energy, she rushed into the crowd with lightning speed. “Me, me, me! I want one too!”

In short, the scene was full of chaos.

Jing Yue's clothes were almost torn. For someone adept at squeezing through the crowds, if he was not pulled by Wang Xiaoli this time, he might not be able to get out of the market safely!

Even blue phoenix that loved to slap faces, sighed, “Posing in front of others is not easily done after all.”

Seeing Wang Xiaoli panting with exhaustion, Jing Yue said, “The talismans for today are all sold out. I’ll give you one tomorrow.”

Wang Xiaoli was flattered and grinned so broadly that his eyes could not be seen. Then, Jing Yue said, “I want you to help me take care of the stall. You can take 10% of the profits every day.”

Wang Xiaoli was taken aback for a moment and subconsciously wanted to refuse. Although he wanted to take advantage, he felt unsure when the profit was too big.

Jing Yue, “You don't have to be embarrassed. This talisman is not difficult to replicate. Although I made fake patterns, sooner or later they’d be deciphered, and I can only refine dozens of them each day. The time to make money is short and the opportunity is rare. But I still have to practice and I don’t want to spend too much energy on business. Since you are at the market every day and your character is pretty good, I’m asking you.”

Wang Xiaoli knew that Jing Yue spoke the truth, but the other party could totally find someone else to do this. Many people would be willing to help the Laozu of Frostcloud Sect without a single spirit stone. The only reason why he sought help from someone he just knew was that he wanted to help him.

Wang Xiaoli was touched and no longer uncertain as he agreed seriously.

When things settled down, Jing Yue handed the stall to Wang Xiaoli, and the days became peaceful again.

Of course, it would be better if other Zhenren didn’t stop him in the middle of the road.

At this moment, he was being pestered by Wu Dao-zhenren, who was asking for a talisman again. “Jing-tongxue, you only gave me three talismans in total, and I used all of them just trying it out. I heard that you can refine dozens of them every day, and everyone went crazy over them in the market, but this old man couldn’t possibly compete with the other students, right? Why don’t you just spare me a few pieces? If it’s 50 spirit stones apiece, you wait…”

Wu Dao-zhenren was just about to dig for money when He Lian-zhenren, the formation instructor, appeared out of nowhere.

“Wu Dao, you stingy miser. The students are buying it for 50 spirit stones. As a teacher, you already got a few talismans for nothing. Now, aren’t you embarrassed to pay this amount of money?” He Lian-zhenren rolled his eyes at him before turning to Jing Yue and said kindly, “Jing-tongxue, I’m willing to pay 100 spirit stones for one talisman, why don’t you…”

“Why is a formation practitioner like you joining in the excitement?” Wu Dao-zhenren choked.

“How can formation and talisman be separated? And I’m talking to Jing-tongxue, not you. How is this any business of yours?”

Wu Dao-zhenren was speechless and said bitterly, “I’ll pay 150!”

He Lian-zhenren, “I’ll offer 200!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Isn’t He Lian-zhenren famous for having a good temper?

Sword Pavilion.

Jing Yue hugged a green wooden sword, the wide blade about three inches long.

He closed his eyes as he tried to communicate with the sword.

—Nothing. He couldn’t feel even a bit of the sword’s emotions, only nothingness. Seven days had passed like this.

Until today, Jing Yue had recognized more than 10,000 swords, from one on the first day, to two on the second day, to five on the third day...more and more. He could now recognize dozens of swords every day, but with this cyan giant sword, he still couldn’t connect and communicate, as if obstructed by something.

When the bell rang, he put the wooden sword back into the sword box, looked at the endless shelves in the sword pavilion, and sighed forlornly.

He pondered over it while walking out of the sword pavilion, but because of his concentration, he almost ran into someone.

At a glance, it turned out to be Qin Yanzhi.

Reflexively, Jing Yue took out a light-body charm from his arms and handed it over, only to see Qin Yanzhi startled, with confusion in his eyes.


Okay, it seemed that he was being presumptuous…

Too many Zhenrens had stopped him for talismans recently, causing him to overreact for a while.

But Jing Yue immediately put on a smile and said quick-wittedly, “Qin-zhenjun, this is a gift.”

Qin Yanzhi slowly took the talisman and glanced at it. “Is this your improved light-body charm?”

He just asked casually and didn’t expect a reply. He continued, “Today, you stay.”

Author’s Notes: Mini Theater

A long time later.

Jing-jing made a heart sign to XXX: This is my heart’s intent.

Rouge: Tonight, you stay.

Outside the window, Ji-ji: Let us paddle our oars, the boat glides through the waves…

Jing-jing: There’s a new cult in the comment section called “Ji & Me CP”. What do you think?

Ji-ji twitched its wings, lowered its chicken head at 40 degrees, and huffed shyly as quiet as a mosquito: Let us paddle our oars, the boat glides through the waves…

Jing-jing: ???

(TN: These are the lyrics to a classic folk song that basically pictures a boat ride and a happy life together.)

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