Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 49: I Lost a Parent Seed

At the mention of his ‘friends’, Xun Yi became more depressed.

“You're still young. You need to be careful when making friends. It's better not to have friends like that,” the man said.

Xun Yi nodded obediently. Even if the man didn't say anything, he wouldn't dare to have such a friend again.

To lighten Xun Yi’s mood, the man chatted with him. When Xun Yi finally stopped shaking and started smiling again, the man stood up to leave.

Xun Yi hurriedly asked, “Sir, may I know your name?”

The man stared at Xun Yi for a moment as if deciding whether to tell Xun Yi his name.

The man knelt again and picked up a branch from the ground. He pushed aside the thick maple leaves and wrote ‘Yin Fuchuan’ on the moist soil.

Xun Yi etched the words deeply into his heart.

“Okay, I have to go.” After the man said this, he paused and looked in the direction of the hotel at the foot of the mountain. “Are you staying in that hotel?”

“Yeah,” Xun Yi said in a low voice.

“You should find another one, or I can send you to buy a ticket home, but you have to stay with me for a while. I need to find something very important here.”

The man said, turned around, and walked back to where he came. Xun Yi followed him, and they walked side by side.

Xun Yi knew that the man must have asked him to switch to a hotel to avoid Jiang Lin and others. Xun Yi only felt that the man's unintentional suggestion was very thoughtful.

“Did you lose something?” Xun Yi was only as tall as the man's chest. When he looked up at him, it was like an adult with a child.


“Is it very important?”

“Very important.”

The man walked forward slowly without even lowering his head. He looked at the maple forest on the roadside as he walked, unlike he was looking for anything at all.

Xun Yi smiled and said, “You don't look like you’re looking for something at all.”

The man raised his eyebrows and smiled. “What do you think I should be doing then?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be looking at the ground?”

“No, the thing I lost is rather special. It might not be on the ground but hanging on a tree instead.”

Xun Yi was amused by the man's remark. How could a missing item end up on a tree?

“Did you throw it on a tree?” Xun Yi was curious.

“Of course not. I’d be crazy to throw away something so important.” The man was surprised.

“How could it end up on a tree then?” Xun Yi was extremely puzzled.

“ wants to stay there on its own?” The man was a little hesitant and uncertain.

Xun Yi was not sure whether the man really lost something or was just teasing him. “Are you really not going to look for it carefully?”

“No, I'll know if it's there. I can sense it.”

That night, they wandered through the entire maple forest but couldn't find what the man was looking for. Finally, the man decided to give up. The man took Xun Yi back to the hotel, picked up his luggage, and drove him to the station. He watched as Xun Yi took the overnight bus back to Qing City. Xun Yi had already changed his clothes. There was no reason to take the man's windbreaker without returning it. His upbringing didn’t allow him to do so. Before leaving, he returned the clothes to the man, thanked him repeatedly, and left.

Xun Yi woke up from his dream and saw Yin Fuchuan still sitting by the bed.

Xun Yi rubbed his face. He didn't expect that he would sleep so soundly.

It was the same as last time in the storage room. It seemed that as long as he was around Yin Fuchuan, he could sleep very peacefully. It was as if he’d subconsciously classified Yin Fuchuan as someone safe and trustworthy. In front of him, all defenses didn’t exist.

“How long have I been sleeping?” His voice was still a little hoarse from sleep.

Yin Fuchuan wore a watch with night vision on his wrist. He glanced at it and said, “More than three hours.”

With the help of darkness, Xun Yi stared blankly at the man in front of him. Compared with before, he had become distant and unfamiliar.

In the darkness, Yin Fuchuan seemed to feel his gaze and turned to look over.

Xun Yi looked away at this moment. “I'm done sleeping. You should take a nap too.”

“Okay.” Yin Fuchuan stood up and looked around. People were lying everywhere in the small room with no vacant spots at all.

Xun Yi stood up and said, “Come here, you can sleep against the wall.”

Yin Fuchuan nodded and changed positions with Xun Yi. The two felt each other's lingering warmth on the quilt.

Xun Yi was silent for a while, “Back then…”

Yin Fuchuan, who had closed his eyes while leaning against the wall, opened his eyes again and looked at Xun Yi, who lowered his head.

“What were you looking for on Maple Hill back then?”

Xun Yi looked at him. In the darkness, they couldn't see each other's expressions and could only distinguish something through their voices.

Xun Yi wasn’t sure if Yin Fuchuan still remembered that a young boy was almost assaulted by a male classmate who was his close friend at the foot of Maple Hill. Because of the man's presence, Xun Yi could recall such bad memories over and over again without fear. All he felt was the endless longing for the man.

“I lost a parent seed. It’s green, luminous, and the size of a walnut.” Yin Fuchuan stared at Xun Yi and spoke slowly.

Xun Yi lowered his head, not knowing whether he felt happy or sad. He was happy that Yin Fuchuan still remembered what happened back then, but sad that Yin Fuchuan kept his distance from him now. Even the easygoing mood between them was gone.

“I found something similar to your description.”

Xun Yi had his guesses in this regard when Yin Fuchuan covered up for Xun Ye in the Poltergeist Cave.

Yin Fuchuan was a seed cultivator just like him and Xun Ye so he should also have the same parent seed that Xun Ye had. When he picked up such a seed on Maple Hill back then, Yin Fuchuan happened to appear there and said that he was looking for something important. Xun Yi immediately guessed that the thing he picked up back then must be the one Yin Fuchuan lost.

Even if Xun Yi knew that the thing he picked up belonged to Yin Fuchuan, he couldn’t return it because it had merged into his flesh with no way of getting it back.

It was different now. There was a small sapling with eight ‘parent seeds’ growing in his wood spirit space, no different from the one Yin Fuchuan lost. He could give one back to him.

Xun Yi controlled his space and picked one from the sapling. The leaves in his palm flashed in the darkness, and a bright green glow appeared in his palm.

“Let me give it back to you.” Xun Yi handed over the glowing seed in his hand.

Yin Fuchuan reached out to cover the glow emitted by the seed and held Xun Yi's hand.

Xun Yi's heart skipped a beat as warmth radiated from the palm holding his hand.

Was that his temperature?

It was very warm.

Xun Yi was a little distracted. When he returned to his senses, he hurriedly retracted his hand, his heart beating like a drum. The seed had vanished from Yin Fuchuan's palm.

“It’s not the one I lost.” Yin Fuchuan's voice was a little low with indescribable emotions.

Xun Yi's heart pounded rapidly and said in a panic, “What? But it looks the same.”

Whether the size, color, or shape, they looked no different.

Yin Fuchuan chuckled as if he heard something amusing.

The laughter was low, and Xun Yi blushed in blank confusion. Could it be any more embarrassing than being caught red-handed?

Yin Fuchuan suddenly leaned close. Xun Yi was so surprised that he held his breath and froze in place, not daring to move.

This was the first time Yin Fuchuan was so close to him, so much so that they could feel each other's breathing.

Yin Fuchuan whispered into Xun Yi’s ear, “This is the Xun Yi I used to remember from back then.”

Xun Yi was startled. He only thought that Yin Fuchuan was distant from him, not as easy-going and approachable as before, but he overlooked the fact that he had indeed changed a lot over the years. After being selected by the Supernal Magic Cube and going through three months of life and death struggle, his vibe changed drastically.

The current Xun Yi was completely different from the boy who was so frightened that he shivered like a frightened little white rabbit that could only curl up and cry.

He only thought that the other party had changed, but the other party was probably observing him and felt that he had changed a lot too.

“I’m more familiar with the innocent and harmless teenager back then, rather than the cold killer you are now. I know you have been through a lot and endured more, but that’s no reason to erase your true nature,” Yin Fuchuan whispered.

Xun Yi's nose prickled, tears welled up in his eyes, and his breathing stuttered. Forcing himself not to cry, he boldly rubbed the corner of Yin Fuchuan's clothes with trembling hands, still as helpless and hesitant as that night.

He had Xun Ye to raise. No matter what hardship he encountered, he must face it head-on. Especially when his parents passed away, his world almost collapsed. No one in the world cared whether he was fat or thin, whether he had eaten, whether he had taken care of himself, thought about him, worried about him, and tolerated him infinitely.

His home was gone. From then on, there was no more warmth from his parents in this world. He could only depend on Xun Ye.

From that day on, he was tense and never dared to relax for one moment. Even if he felt that he was very relaxed, he was just less tensed, never truly relaxed.

He could only truly relax and fall asleep with Yin Fuchuan next to him.

“I miss them very much, so much.”

I missed you too.

Xun Yi said this with a sobbing voice and tremblingly. His fragility had always been hidden under his strong appearance and never shown to others.

Yin Fuchuan raised his hand, touched his hair, and pulled him over. He held him in his arms and patted him gently.

“Everyone will grow up, and as you grow up, you’ll have to bear more burdens. You have to learn to be strong.”

Xun Yi leaned on this broad chest and sobbed silently.

This was the person he thought about day and night. Other than his parents and Xun Ye, he was the only person in his heart.

The one he wanted to rely on.

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