Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 48: What Happened On Maple Hill

(TN: Trigger Warning! Mention and description of attempted s*xual assault in this chapter. Proceed With Caution!)

With a swish, the saber was unsheathed. A black slender blade was placed across Deng Chen's neck. “I dare you to touch my son.”

Xun Yi's eyes were cold with a murderous aura, and Deng Chen couldn't help but tremble. He lost control of the saber in his hand and dropped it to the floor with a clang.

“Deng Chen! What are you doing!” Qi Ningjie yelled angrily, stepping forward and pulling Deng Chen away.

Without even looking, Xun Yi replaced the saber into the sheath with a swish. It was so precise and fast that others couldn’t do it even with their eyes wide open.

During the whole process, Qi Ningjie stood next to them. He was closer to Deng Chen and wanted to stop him, but he was far slower than Xun Yi, whose movement and speed were astonishing.

At this moment, he fully realized that these people around Hua Cheng were skilled players.

“What are you doing using a weapon on a child? How dare you!” Qi Ningjie scolded Deng Chen.

Deng Chen was frightened by Xun Yi's aura. He trembled for a long time and finally stuttered, “H-He’s not a child. H-He’s a monster.”

“Shut up! You’re so weak but you call others monsters instead! Face the wall and don't come near the bed again!” Qi Ningjie pushed Deng Chen to the wall away from the bed, preventing him from approaching again.

Lin Ying started crying. She couldn't control Qi Ningjie, so she complained to his mother.

“Sister, look at Ningjie. He’s just watching as Chenchen is being bullied. Even if he didn’t help, how could he speak up for outsiders?”

When Deng Chen was being bullied, Qi Ningjie's mother, Deng Mei’s eyes turned red at the thought of her dead brother. Deng Chen was her brother's only son so she had to protect him no matter what.

Deng Mei was about to say something when her husband Qi Changjun glared at her. She swallowed her words and comforted her sister-in-law instead. “It’s okay, don’t cry. Chenchen should be fine. If you can't beat him, don’t mess with him.”

In fact, she wanted to say that now was not the time for revenge. After they left, they could find an opportunity to let Deng Chen seek revenge. Now that everyone was in the same room, she couldn’t say that.

But Lin Ying didn't understand her meaning. She just thought that her sister's family no longer cared about them, so she sobbed even more bitterly, and her resentment inevitably piled up.

“I'm sorry for Deng Chen’s ignorance. Don't take it to heart. I’ll keep an eye on him,” Qi Ningjie apologized to Hua Cheng.

In his opinion, with a father like Hua Zhenting, Hua Cheng must be the leader of this team.

Hua Cheng didn’t have a good impression of Deng Chen who spoke without thinking. He made Xun Yi uncomfortable, so Hua Cheng was unhappy. He said coldly, “He should keep his mouth shut if he doesn’t know how to speak.”

“Sorry, I’ll control him,” Qi Ningjie apologized repeatedly.

Yin Fuchuan turned off the flashlight and walked sideways to the end of the bed. He sat down and said to Xun Yi, “Bring Xun Ye for a nap. I’ll keep watch.”

Xun Yi also sat at the end of the bed with Xun Ye lying next to him. He didn't expect that Yin Fuchuan would offer to keep watch. He didn't refuse but leaned against the wall and closed his eyes to rest. He could only have the energy to fight during the day with enough rest.

“I’ll take over in the later half of the night,” Xun Yi said softly.

“Okay,” Yin Fuchuan replied.

In the dark, a black seed the size of a thumb appeared in Yin Fuchuan's hand. It was the seed that Xun Ye had formulated with those level 1 zombies. He held it on his fingertips, rubbed it gently, and fell into contemplation again.

Hua Cheng looked at them for a while and leaned against the wall, ready to spend the night like this.

Li Rui, who finally found a chance to speak, lowered his voice and whispered, “Hua-ge, why were you gone for so long? Where have you been? Did you get anything? I was so worried.”

Xun Yi fell asleep amid Li Rui's low voice. He slept soundly and had a dream.

In the dream, he appeared at the foot of Maple Hill again. He went to Maple Hill with three good friends, who had been friends with him since the first grade of junior high school and were in the same school until high school. The four of them were very close.

They agreed to go to Maple Hill on the weekend with plans to spend the night at the foot of the mountain and hike up the mountain early the next morning.

That night, Xun Yi picked up a luminous object the size of a walnut in the forest at the foot of the mountain. Unexpectedly, the fruit melted into his flesh.

He thought it was amazing. When he returned to the hotel, he saw a somewhat anxious Jiang Lin and wanted to tell his friend about his adventure.

“Lin-zi, I picked up something just now.”

Jiang Lin was excited when he saw Xun Yi. He grabbed Xun Yi's wrist and led him out.

“Come with me, I have something to tell you.”

In the forest at the foot of the mountain, Jiang Lin confessed to Xun Yi and wanted to date him.

Xun Yi, who was only 16 years old, was well protected by his parents. In his growing years, he was the good boy of his parents, and would never do anything secretly without their permission. He restrained himself from even thinking about the relationship between a man and a woman. He didn't dare to think about romance, let alone being confessed to by another boy.

Jiang Lin, who was a head taller than Xun Yi, was a little anxious when Xun Yi didn't answer.

“I've liked you for a long time. Please date me. I asked you out this time just to confess to you. We were still too young during junior high and you might not dare to be in a relationship, but now we’re in high school and are both 16 years old. I can't control myself anymore. Go out with me, Xun Yi. I really like you.”

Jiang Lin stepped forward and wanted to hug Xun Yi. The teenaged Xun Yi turned pale with fright, backed away hurriedly, and kept shaking his head. “N-No…”

He couldn't accept it, not only because the other party was a boy, but also because his best buddy of four years suddenly confessed to him, which really scared him.

“Xun Yi, please, go out with me. I’m about to go crazy thinking about you so much every day. I can’t do well in class and I can’t sleep well. My mind is full of you. I really can't bear it anymore. Please!”

As Jiang Lin spoke, he actually knelt on the ground and begged.

Xun Yi was so frightened that he turned around and ran away, and happened to bump into Xu Huairan and Shen Ze. Xu Huairan smiled teasingly and said, “Xun Yi, why don’t you say yes to him? I know that he has been in love with you for three years. He’s so lovesick that he thinks about you even when he has wet dreams and faps off. He’ll really go crazy if you don’t say yes.”

Xu Huairan blocked Xun Yi's path and yelled cheerfully, “Jiang Lin, stop kneeling already. I'll help you pin him down so you can have your way with him. He’s all yours after the deed is done. Come on!”

Whether he was joking or serious, Xu Huairan actually grabbed Xun Yi and prevented him from running away.

Jiang Lin, who was still kneeling on the ground, struggled out of the pain of rejection. Like a deranged demon, he rushed at Xun Yi with bloodshot eyes.

Jiang Lin was tall and strong. With a pounce, he knocked Xun Yi to the ground which was covered in a thick layer of golden leaves. Xun Yi screamed in fright and struggled desperately. Jiang Lin tore off his clothes like a crazed demon.

“Idiot, don't be so rough. You need to be gentle the first time. I'll hold him for you. Hurry up.” Xu Huairan squatted on the ground with a chuckle and held Xun Yi's arms firmly to prevent him from resisting.

Xun Yi screamed and shouted for help. Xu Huairan pinned his arms with his knees and reached out to cover his mouth to prevent him from shouting.

Shen Ze stood aside, stunned at this scene. Then, he clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth so hard that his facial muscles twitched. He couldn’t bear it anymore and yelled, “Are you crazy?! Jiang Lin, let him go!”

Shen Ze thought they were simply fooling around, but the more he watched, the more serious it seemed. He rushed forward to pull Jiang Lin away but received a frenzied punch from Jiang Lin.

“Get lost! Xun Yi is mine! Whether he agrees or not, he’s still mine! I’ll kill anyone who stands in my way! The same goes for you!”

Jiang Lin had just finished shouting when there was a crack like someone swinging a whip. All the leaves on the ground flew up. Amid the fluttering maple leaves, a man wearing a slim-fitting windbreaker slowly approached.

“Two malicious brats.”

The voice was very soft, which sounded heavenly in Xun Yi’s desperate ears.

Crack! Snap!

With two crisp sounds, Jiang Lin and Xu Huairan were smacked by that person.

Jiang Lin was slapped on the back and he rolled off Xun Yi, howling in pain. Xu Huairan was slapped on the face, and his skin tore apart with blood all over his face.

The man stood there with one hand in the pocket of his windbreaker, and the other hand holding an emerald green object that looked like a whip or a vine. He looked at them condescendingly, his eyes as cold as could be.


Jiang Lin and Xu Huairan were frightened and quickly stumbled away.

Shen Ze wanted to stay, but the man just looked at him lightly, and he was forced to leave.

The emerald green object in the man's hand disappeared, and he looked at the boy curled up on the ground, trembling and crying silently.

Ten minutes of staring passed before the man started moving. He unbuttoned his windbreaker, took it off, and covered the young boy whose clothes were ripped.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to beat them up for you?” The man squatted next to Xun Yi and seemed very unfamiliar with comforting others.

Hearing the man's voice, Xun Yi's silent sobs turned into loud wails.

The man was completely at a loss. He didn't understand why the boy became more agitated. He could only sit silently on the side and wait for him to finish crying.

Xun Yi cried for half an hour before sitting up from the ground sobbing. His eyes and nose were red, and he looked at the man who had been silently accompanying him.

With one glance, he could never forget him again.

When the man approached earlier, it was dark and he couldn't see his appearance clearly. He only saw him slapping the others. At such a close distance now, he finally saw what the man looked like.

“You need to stop crying. Your eyes and nose are red like a little rabbit.” The man comforted him awkwardly.

Xun Yi was a little embarrassed for the other party to see him in such a miserable state and crying for so long. He lowered his head and whispered his thanks.

“Where do you live? Why are you here so late?” the man asked softly.

Xun Yi sniffed, feeling depressed. “I stay in Qing City. I’m here for a holiday with… my friends.”

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