Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 47: Xun Ye Protects His Dad

Fortunately, these people were not heinous villains who killed without blinking an eye. They just wanted to find a place to stay overnight. If they had bad intentions, it was not impossible to kill everyone here.

After hearing this, Hua Cheng also broke into a cold sweat and scolded, “When we left this morning, we told you not to let anyone in. Why didn't you listen? If there’s danger and we’re not here, what will you do?”

Yu Xiao was at a loss for words. The situation just now didn’t allow them to do so.

A young man next to the bed with a square and righteous face stood up and spoke, “Guys, we just want to find a place to spend the night. I mean no harm. I’m a veteran and have been in the army for several years, so I won’t kill innocent people indiscriminately. They are my family members. We’re going around just trying to find a place to settle down.”

The young man held a saber that was wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, a typical crystal card weapon. Hua Cheng had two of these saber weapon crystal cards and recognized them at a glance.

Hua Cheng was a little surprised by the young man's identity. “Are you a veteran? Where?”

“Yes, my station is right in this city.”

Hua Cheng's wariness was reduced a little. “Coincidentally, my father also works in the military district in Yi City. We are a military family too.”

The young man grinned broadly and said, “What a coincidence. My name is Qi Ningjie. I wonder who your father is? Maybe I know him.”

Hua Cheng smiled and said, “My father's name is Hua Zhenting. I’m Hua Cheng, and this is my mother.”

Qi Ningjie was stunned for a moment before he smiled with more sincerity. He tossed his saber on the bed and walked forward with his hands outstretched, wanting to give Hua Cheng a warm handshake.

“Nice to meet you. I didn't expect to meet you here.” Qi Ningjie was very enthusiastic.

Hua Cheng shook hands with him politely. The atmosphere between the two instantly changed from wary to friendly.

“Where are you heading next? Have you chosen a place?” Qi Ningjie asked.

Hua Cheng glanced at Xun Yi and didn't hide it. “We plan to take a look at the military base. The entire Yi City has fallen. The military will definitely make arrangements. If there’s a shelter in Qing City, it’ll probably be in the military base.”

“Hey, that's great. Can we go with you? We don't have any plans. We just want to find a place to settle down. If we can find shelter in the military base, we’re in the right direction,” Qi Ningjie said cheerfully.

“Of course. We can keep a lookout for each other on the way too.” Hua Cheng agreed.

Qi Ningjie introduced the people he brought to Hua Cheng. Qi Ningjie's father, mother, sister, aunt, and cousin were all the relatives he could find.

Qi Ningjie bringing this large family here intact proved that he was quite strong. Otherwise, how could he protect his family?

While Hua Cheng and Qi Ningjie were chatting enthusiastically, Qi Ningjing stared at Xun Yi for a while. As if she was finally certain, she said in surprise, “A-Are you the superstar, Xun Yi?”

More than a dozen people were crammed into the small room, making it very crowded. Xun Yi stood against the wall with his arms around Xun Ye, trying not to crowd Yin Fuchuan. He didn’t expect anyone to notice him.

Hua Cheng looked over and saw that it was Qi Ningjie's sister, Qi Ningjing. He smiled and said, “Yes, he’s Xun Yi.”

“Aaahhh!” Qi Ningjing screamed excitedly. She quickly realized her inappropriate action and covered her mouth, but stared at Xun Yi with starry eyes that made Xun Yi's spine tingle.

“Xunxun, I'm your hardcore fan!” Qi Ningjing jumped on the spot excitedly, wanting to rush over and hug Xun Yi tightly.

Xun Yi had long been accustomed to that affectionate address and nodded politely. “Hello.”

Hua Cheng laughed. He knew that Xunxun was the nickname given by Xun Yi's fan group.

Yin Fuchuan glanced at the girl and then at Xun Yi who was standing diagonally behind him. He turned around and blocked Xun Yi at a perfect angle.

“Let Xun Ye sleep on the bed. It's been a tiring day.”

Yin Fuchuan's deep voice was so charming that Xun Yi couldn't help but blush again. He lowered his eyes and didn't dare to look at him. He agreed in a low voice and walked to the bed with Xun Ye.

Qi Ningjie's mother and aunt were sitting on the bed, but they hurriedly moved aside to leave a place for the child to sleep.

Qi Ningjie's cousin Deng Chen suddenly said, “Are you really Xun Yi?”

Xun Yi looked up at him. His perfect and beautiful appearance, even without makeup because of the apocalypse, was still top-notch.

Deng Zhan clapped his hands and shouted, “It’s true. You look better than your pictures. Hey, do you have a sister named Xun Ya? We live in the same residential area.”

Xun Yi frowned. He did have a cousin named Xun Ya, the daughter of his uncle Xun Youlun and Zhou Qin. The two families were not close so they didn't meet often. Xun Ye, who was still awake, interrupted and said, “Xun Yi is the only child. He has no sister.”

“What about cousin?” Deng Chen quickly changed his words.

Xun Yi wanted to ignore him, but Deng Chen kept staring at him as if he wouldn’t give up if he didn't know the answer.

“I do have a cousin named Xun Ya,” Xun Yi said.

“Do they live in Anya Garden?” Deng Chen asked.

“I don't know where they live.” They had never been invited to their home before.

“That should be it. No wonder she has so many autographed photos of you. She once announced in our community that you were her brother, and she even sold a stack of your signed photos at the community entrance for 100 yuan each, a convenient way to make a quick buck.”

“Many people thought she was a scammer, but after seeing the autographed photos, they didn’t seem fake, and many people bought them. The stack of photos was sold out quickly. Your fans' purchasing power is very strong.”

“Later, Xun Ya got a taste of success and rented a store to sell clothes. She advertised selling the same style as Xun Yi and second-hand clothes worn by Xun Yi for resale. The clothes sold in the store were extremely expensive, but many customers entered the store because of your reputation. Some bought it, but others doubted it.”

“The quality of the clothes was very poor, obviously street goods at a glance. After a bit of ironing and hanging them neatly, each piece sold for thousands. When fans accused her of being a scammer, she’d argue with them, saying that you usually wear this kind of clothes. After you don’t want them anymore, she’d collect and resell them.”

“That’s enough! Is it really necessary to talk about this dubious incident?” Hua Cheng noticed Xun Yi’s scowl so he stopped Deng Chen from chattering away.

Deng Chen carried on as if he didn’t notice anything. “I'm just curious, do you know these things?”

Xun Ye couldn't sleep anymore. He got up and stood on the bed, looking directly at Deng Chen.

“Xun Yi doesn't even know where she lives. Why would Xun Yi know about this nonsense? Xun Yi is very busy at work every day. He doesn’t have time to care if anyone is using his reputation to do anything.”

“What is your intention for bringing this matter to Xun Yi and kicking up a fuss at him? Did she cheat you of your money and you want Xun Yi to compensate you?”

“Oh, money is no different from joss paper now. If you want some, I’m sure we can find some on the zombies. I’ll get you some joss paper tomorrow as compensation, so you can shut up now. I’m sick of listening to you.”

Deng Chen's face turned pale from being retorted by a pint-sized kid.

Deng Chen's mother, Lin Ying, was upset by his words. “Hey, why is a child like you so rude? Keep the joss paper to yourself. Why give it to my son?”

“To stuff his mouth shut.” Xun Ye refused to back off. “Who told him to shoot his mouth off? So rude. Don't you see that Xun Yi didn't want to pay attention to him at all? Why do you keep pestering him and asking questions? Do we know you very well?”

“Okay! Stop it!” Qi Ningjie stopped them.

Deng Chen scowled, snorted coldly, and said to Qi Ningjing, “Cousin, just look at your favorite celebrity. He has no grace or poise at all. He acts like a hotshot superstar, but who knows how dirty he is behind the scenes? Maybe selling autographs and street goods is his way of making money… Ouch!”

Xun Ye was so annoyed that he jumped up from the bed and kicked Deng Chen on the back with one stubby leg. With Xun Ye's current strength of 128, that kick was astonishing.

Deng Chen was totally unguarded toward a child. He was sent flying with that kick and hit his head on the wall across, leaving a big bump on his head.

Lin Ying screamed and jumped off the bed, running to help her son.

“Hey, how could you hit someone all of a sudden? Just look at the bruise on his forehead. I’m telling you, this isn’t over yet! Ningjie, aren’t you going to do anything?”

Qi Ningjie looked at the little kid who struggled to climb onto the bed after kicking someone. He was shocked by his speed and strength. His aunt and cousin couldn't see it, but he could. Even though he was a little kid, his strength was definitely not low.

“Ningjie! Say something!” Lin Ying yelled.

Deng Chen returned to his senses and got up from the floor. He shoved Lin Ying aside and lunged at Xun Ye on the bed.

“How dare you attack me, you little bas…”

Smack! Poof!

Xun Ye jumped up and started smacking Deng Chen’s face right and left.

After slapping him, he jumped up again and kicked Deng Chen in the chest with his feet together. Deng Chen staggered back and bumped into Lin Ying, causing the two of them to fall into a heap.

Xun Ye stood on the bed angrily and pointed his little finger at Deng Chen on the floor. “If you dare to say that word, I’ll beat you until your mother can’t recognize you!”

Deng Chen was mad with fury. He got up from the ground without checking whether his mother was okay. He picked up the saber that fell on the ground and rushed toward Xun Ye.

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