My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 46: Ji-ji’s Mischief

“Everyone in the world knows that the sword can develop consciousness, the consciousness can develop into a spirit, and the spirit can develop into a soul. A sword that nurtured a sword soul is a celestial-grade artifact, a Celestial Sword.”

“However, there are billions of swords in the world, but not even one sword among ten thousand can awaken a consciousness. Most of the unknown swords are not valued by people. If people don’t nurture the sword, how can swords produce a consciousness?”

A young man wearing a plain shirt with scars on his face sat on the ground. The night wind blew on the top of the peak, sending his hair flying.

He held an ordinary long sword in his hand. “This disciple treats the sword with sincerity, willing to listen to all the voices of the swords in the world, and to live as one with all the swords. One day, I’ll be the sword, and the sword will be one with me.”

Jing Yue woke up abruptly from his memories. He opened the window of his dormitory and looked at the cold moonlight. Perhaps it was due to the revelation from today’s lesson, but he suddenly recalled what his second disciple, Yi Wang, said to him ten thousand years ago.

At that time, everyone in Frostcloud Sect knew he was crazy about swords. It was a pity that the swords of the world were still around, but the person was no more…

Next, he thought about the Canglan Sword that was destroyed during the tribulation in his previous life. His sword had already developed a consciousness. He and Canglan Sword had long been connected through divine and spiritual consciousness, Now, the person was still around, but the sword was no more…


Jing Yue sighed softly and melted into the night.

The next morning, when the light of dawn was still faint, Jing Yue had already arrived at the sword pavilion.

At this time, the door of the sword pavilion was actually open. He was taken aback momentarily, and subconsciously explored it with his divine consciousness, but didn’t find anyone in the building.

Jing Yue walked in with confusion. When he walked past the Zhu Sha sword, he could feel the joy emanating from that weapon.

He stretched out his hand and was about to touch the case that contained the sword when someone suddenly said, “That swordsman’s Shimei was killed by enemies of the Liu family, and the other party slaughtered everyone in the manor. He arrived too late.”

“Later, he spent 13 years forging Zhu Sha sword. As the name suggests, the sword killed a total of 178 enemies, not even sparing babies in swaddles. The swordsman’s methods were so cruel that he was regarded as a demon by the righteous Dao. They tried to unite and destroy him, or rather, tried to rob him of the Zhu Sha sword.”

“Unfortunately, the swordsman has disappeared since then, and the sword has flowed into this continent for some reason.”

Qin Yanzhi looked solemn and pious. “This sword is originally a mortal sword but wielded more than a mortal's might. It truly showcased the skill of the swordsmith.”

Seeing his attitude, Jing Yue felt a little shocked, and said, “So that’s how it is.”

Qin Yanzhi glanced at him subtly, then stroked the sword case lightly, and said, “It likes you.”

After saying this, he left the sword pavilion.

It wasn’t until Qin Yanzhi’s silhouette was lost in the morning light that Jing Yue recovered his senses and took out the Zhu Sha sword. The sword's body trembled slightly, conveying joy, which made him smile.

Suddenly, his pupils constricted and his scalp went numb!

Qin Yanzhi was clearly in the sword pavilion just now, so how did he miss him when he scanned the area with his divine consciousness? This was impossible!

Unless… unless Qin Yanzhi’s aura was integrated with the sword Qi. He was the sword, and the sword was him!

It took a long time for Jing Yue to calm his mind. Unexpectedly, after ten thousand years, he was fortunate enough to come across such an amazing sword cultivator. If Yi Wang was still around, he would definitely be close acquaintances with Qin Yanzhi!


Jing Yue shook his head, put down the Zhu Sha sword, and picked up another sword on the second row of the shelf.

Once the method was found, getting to know the sword was only a matter of time.

On this day, Jing Yue got to know another two swords. Plus Zhu Sha, that made a total of three. The pace seemed extremely slow. The goal of recognizing more than 30 thousand swords in a year seemed very far away, but Jing Yue felt closer to the sword, and he could also confirm that the Omnispirit body made it easier for him to communicate with the sword.

In his previous life, he was no different from ordinary people, dismissing the value of unnamed swords. He held the belief that since he possessed a supreme sword technique, he should be matched with a supreme sword. Now that he thought about it, his talent in swordsmanship was truly average. Even if he had ‘lived’ for thousands of years, he was not as thorough as a junior.

He was grateful that he came to Nine Heaven Academy, that he had chosen Sword Dao, and that he met Qin Yanzhi.

Jing Yue was full of anticipation. One year later, how much would he gain when he recognized all the swords in the sword pavilion?

In the evening, he went back to his dorm, and blue phoenix, which had been gallivanting around outside for two days, also returned. It could be seen staggering around, footsteps wobbly, chirping from time to time, expression enthralled.

If not for its fledgling body, Jing Yue would suspect if it had taken advantage of a pure innocent chicken.

“Which good family did this pretty boy hail from? Burp…”

A strong scent of alcohol made Jing Yue truly wonder if it had taken advantage of a pure innocent chicken?! But soon enough, he found out that what blue phoenix had done was not the boldest, but even bolder than that!

“A-jing! Breaking news!” Meng Shan rushed in like a gust of wind. “The special brew of Wu Dao-zhenren was stolen by a blue-feathered chicken. The chicken got drunk from it and molested the Mountain Leader!”

Jing Yue: ???!!!

Meng Shan glanced at blue phoenix with a complicated expression. “Is… that it?”

Jing Yue said self-righteously, “No!”

Blue phoenix, “Burp…”


Jing Yue, “Ahem, why don’t you tell me what happened? Blue… that blue chicken, how did it molest Qin-zhenjun?”

Meng Shan, “You must have heard of it. Wu Dao-zhenren, who taught us Formation Dao, has a treasured gourd that never left his side. The gourd is engraved with a formation method, which can absorb water vapor from the outside and make a special brew in the pot. Wu Dao-zhenren will enjoy a potful every day. Today, he just took out the gourd when a student requested to see him outside. When he returned, the gourd has fallen on the ground and there was not a drop of wine left in the pot, but he didn’t see anyone around.”

Jing Yue, “How do you know it’s a little blue chicken then?”

Meng Shan glanced at Jing Yue cautiously. “Uh, later, when the Mountain Leader was walking on the road, a little blue chicken flew out from nowhere in a drunken stupor. With a claw, it tore open the Mountain Leader’s clothes at the chest.”

Jing Yue hissed a breath of cold air. After thinking briefly, he said, “It can’t be Ji-ji. It can’t possibly get near to Qin-zhenjun’s body.”

Meng Shan, “That… it shouldn’t be possible to get close, but the Mountain Leader was caught by surprise at that time and didn’t make a move. Umm… I think he recognized the chicken as your beloved pet…”

After all, the patriarch of Frostcloud Sect raised a rare little blue chicken, and everyone in Nine Heaven Academy knew about it.

Jing Yue was speechless for a while. Whenever he imagined the scene for a moment, and then think about Qin Yanzhi's cold stoic face, he felt like combusting on the spot!

Early the next morning, blue phoenix woke up from a beautiful dream. It was just about to fly outside to take a breath of fresh air and sing a happy song when it found itself cuffed with an iron chain.

Blue phoenix, “Cheep-cheep?”

“Hmph, how can a broken chain like this trap this phoenix?”

Blue phoenix raised one claw disdainfully and was just about to break free when Jing-jing suddenly said, “If you dare to break free, I’ll send you back to Frostcloud Sect and let Yi Ye play with you.”

Blue phoenix's eyes widened in horror. The original beady eyes became… still the same beady eyes, and started wailing bitterly, “Jing-jing, why are you doing this to me!”

Jing Yue looked at blue phoenix in silence as scenes from yesterday flashed through his mind. He really didn’t expect that blue phoenix in a drunken stupor was not only bold, but also much stronger. No wonder it could tear Qin Yanzhi’s clothes apart!

Meng Shan suffered several scratches from its claws and left this morning grudgingly. And he? Blue phoenix didn’t scratch him, but he was exhausted in the process of catching it. He was so afraid that using spells to capture it would hurt the bird, that the dormitory was destroyed instead!

After a long while, he asked, “Does the wine made by Wu Dao-zhenren taste good?”

A few scenes flashed in blue phoenix’s mind. It turned its head away guiltily and feigned ignorance. “What do you mean?”

Jing Yue, “… Amnesia, is it? Okay, think about it again.”

He took the mini Canglan sword and walked out. Before leaving the house, he turned around and said, “Don’t let me find out that you’ve unlocked it. Otherwise… you get what I mean.”

Blue phoenix, “…” Ji-ji doesn’t understand!

‘Is my owner going to lock me in the little black room?’, ‘What kind of experience is it to be imprisoned by the owner?’, ‘My owner has blackened!’, ‘Does the whip hurt?’, ‘Is wax play really that fun?’

For a long while, the heartbroken Ji-ji fell into deep contemplation.

Author’s Notes:

Rouge: I’m very tolerant of your beloved pet.

Jing-jing (pretending not to hear): Ji-ji, you’re really bold!

Blue phoenix: Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, burp~

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