Chapter 46: Additional Strangers

If they were surrounded by zombies at night, they would really find nowhere to escape.

Of course, anyone else would definitely die tonight, but things were different in Xun Yi’s case. Even if he couldn’t leave, he could stay here all night inside the Magic Cube Domain.

But if he did that, he’d have to face Chu Hongyi and his gang the next morning, so it was better for him to leave.

They had to leave before the zombies arrived but Yin Fuchuan wasn’t out yet. He couldn't leave Yin Fuchuan here alone. What if he exited later and encountered a zombie stampede?

Hua Cheng was very anxious and turned around to go back, but was blocked by an invisible barrier and couldn't move.

Xun Yi was also very anxious and kept looking back at the entrance of the cave, hoping that Yin Fuchuan would come out soon.

“President Yin, come out quickly! We’re about to be surrounded by zombies!” Xun Ye couldn’t care less if he attracted more zombies with his shout. 

Perhaps he heard Xun Ye’s shout, but Yin Fuchuan walked out immediately. The back of Xun Yi's Magic Cube Domain was accessible from the cave entrance. As long as Yin Fuchuan walked out, he would enter the Magic Cube Domain.

“What…” Before the question left his mouth, Yin Fuchuan keenly sensed his surroundings.

The moment Yin Fuchuan walked in, Xun Yi controlled the Magic Cube Domain and slid forward.

He couldn't see anything in the dark at all. Soon after he slid out, he bumped into a zombie with a loud bang. The Magic Cube Domain jerked from the impact, and everyone inside swayed. Even Xun Yi almost fell.

"It's too dark, I can't see!" Xun Yi said anxiously.

Until now, they only had mobile phones with the light function, but even this function was no longer available. Even if there were, the range of illumination wouldn’t be too far leaving no room for Xun Yi to avoid obstacles, and he might not react in time.

As Xun Yi tried to distinguish the movement in front of him and was about to go around, a beam of powerful light broke through the darkness and shone straight ahead. It was impossible to tell how far the light reached, only as brightly lit as the eye could see.

“Use this.” Yin Fuchuan handed a powerful flashlight to Xun Yi.

Xun Yi grabbed it. Yin Fuchuan's warmth remained on the flashlight, which made him feel more down.

Xun Yi pursed his lips and elongated the Magic Cube Domain to make it easier to pass through obstacles.

At this moment, Xun Yi no longer cared if the light attracted zombies and enemies lurking in the dark. His only thought was to get out of there as quickly as possible.

The Magic Cube Domain twisted and turned like a snake wandering on the street, passing by all the lone zombies. Xun Yi increased the sliding speed of the Magic Cube Domain as fast as it could go and zoomed past all the zombies.

Just before reaching the end of the street, they met two survivors who were covered in blood. Judging from their appearance, there was probably not much blood left in their bodies. They ran forward numbly and desperately, their eyes were dull, and their expressions were gloomy, not much better than zombies. Running had become their instinct. If they didn't want to be eaten alive by zombies, they could only run forward as hard as they could.

Even the beam of flashlight failed to bring hope to their gloomy eyes. They seemed to have lost the will to survive, no different from walking zombies.

A roaring horde of zombies chased after them. No one knew how long the two survivors ran for, but they had attracted a considerable number of zombies.

Just when they were about to hit the Magic Cube Domain, the two survivors suddenly slowed down as if they had finally completed some mission. The next moment, they were overwhelmed by the zombies.

Xun Yi made a sharp turn and rushed to the side.

Collapsed buildings on both sides of the street made it difficult to walk even during the day, let alone at night.

But they had no choice. They had been forced to this point. They had to go on no matter how difficult it was. They couldn’t be trapped on the street by zombies. The Magic Cube Domain could slide and go up and down with Xun Yi. Of course, Xun Yi wouldn’t face any problems as the controller, but others in the Magic Cube Domain would suffer.

Xun Yi wasn’t running blindly. The path he chose was an alleyway between buildings during times of peace, apparent even though the buildings on both sides had collapsed.

“Hang on, I’m going to jump!” Xun Yi warned.

Xun Ye, who was initially sitting, hurriedly got up and encountered the soaring domain. He fell before he could stand still. Yin Fuchuan was quick to catch hold of him. He followed and jumped onto a collapsed wall too. When he landed, the Magic Cube Domain had reached another level.

The Magic Cube Domain was like a big snake, slowly climbing over the rugged ruins. During the difficult journey, even Xun Yi fell several times, let alone the three people inside.

Xun Ye was in excruciating pain. This was more exciting than riding a roller coaster, going up one second and down the other. He was so dizzy that his stomach started to churn.

After passing through the ruins, the trail ahead was relatively smooth, and the Magic Cube Domain could finally slide again. The four were exhausted, sweating profusely and panting.

“Is everyone okay? Anyone injured?” Xun Yi asked breathlessly.

“Fine, not injured. This is much safer than walking among the ruins. Whether it's high or low, at least it's flat under our feet,” Hua Cheng replied. He also fell a few times, but it was no big deal.

“What about Xun Ye?” Xun Ye asked.

“I’m fine. President Yin has been holding on to me. I didn't fall.” Xun Ye emphasized the words ‘President Yin’ to let Xun Yi know that President Yin wasn’t indifferent toward them. Maybe Xun Yi still stood a chance.

But Xun Yi knew that Yin Fuchuan’s continuous help gave him hope again and again, making him fall harder and unable to extricate himself. However, Yin Fuchuan didn’t seem to share the same intention.

“Thank you,” Xun Yi thanked him with restrain.

Yin Fuchuan paused and said, “I’m the one who should be grateful. You’ve saved me several times.”

Xun Yi pursed his lips and said no more.

Yin Fuchuan's voice sounded so good that Xun Yi could hardly control himself.

He wanted to ask Yin Fuchuan if he still remembered what happened at the foot of Maple Hill seven years ago. If not, why did he suddenly help him two years ago when he was at his most helpless?

Xun Yi wasn’t so arrogant to believe that a large international consortium would choose him against all odds because of his identity. So many people in the entertainment industry were more famous and better than him, including locals, abroad, and even the whole world. Instead of all the superstars and models, they chose him. Xun Yi would never believe that there was no other reason.

Amid various thoughts, Xun Yi avoided zombies one after another and returned to the small building where they left in the morning.

After checking the area and seeing no zombies wandering around, Xun Yi kept the Magic Cube Domain. He walked into the ruins, jumped up, and climbed up the broken stairs. He took Xun Ye, who was lifted by Hua Cheng, and Hua Cheng and Yin Fuchuan climbed up one after another.

Standing in front of the closed door, Yin Fuchuan motioned for them not to move.

He dimmed the flashlight to shine on the door and the ground to see if there were any suspicious signs. He saw no traces of blood or fighting. He took a step back and asked Hua Cheng to knock on the door.

The people in the room got scared by the movements outside and clutched their weapons, waiting to attack if something went wrong.

Hua Cheng knocked on the door lightly and whispered, “Open the door. We are back.”

The tense atmosphere in the room suddenly relaxed. Yu Xiao, who was almost desperate from waiting, was immediately overjoyed. Together with Li Rui, they moved all the furniture blocking the door and opened a gap to let them in.

After Hua Cheng and Xun Yi entered the door, they immediately noticed something was wrong. There were more people in the room.

Yin Fuchuan's flashlight was aimed at the floor. The light in the room was enough to see everyone clearly, and sure enough, there were several new faces.

The people in the room were in two distinct groups. The bed that initially belonged to Yu Xiao and Xun Ye had been occupied by three unfamiliar women, who should have been sleeping earlier. When they heard the noise, they all woke up, and three men sat beside the bed.

They stood up and looked a little wary when the three young men walked in.

In this era, the trust between people was as thin as cicada wings. Even relatives could not be completely trusted.

Hua Cheng looked at Yu Xiao and asked in a low voice, "What's going on? Who are they?"

Yu Xiao had been uneasy all day. After these people arrived, she became even more panicked. Her nerves were highly strung and she didn't dare to relax for a moment, for fear that these people had bad intentions and would harm them.

After all, there were only three of them. The few survivors were no help at all. They could only huddle in the corner and struggle to survive. On the other hand, the other party comprised three men and three women. The oldest was only about 50 years old, and the youngest was about 20 years old. They were old enough to fight, and had weapons in their hands, not easy to deal with at a glance. They had no choice but to be careful.

"They arrived in the afternoon,” Yu Xiao briefly explained the encounter.

This group of people passed by this area in the afternoon. Since it was getting dark, they decided to look for a place to spend the night and leave the next day. A room on the second floor was intact, but the stairs leading up from the back were damaged. There was no place safer than a room on the second floor. Xun Yi and Hua Cheng knew it, and so did others.

They climbed to the second floor and couldn't open the door. They heard movements and knew there must be someone inside.

They were quite civilized and did not break in by force. Instead, they discussed with the people inside that they planned to stay here for one night and leave tomorrow morning.

Lu Di flatly rejected this request. Since the negotiation didn’t work and there was no safe place to live nearby, they threatened them that if they did not open the door, they would break it open.

The argument lasted for a long time. Yu Xiao was afraid that if they really tore down the door and the two parties started fighting, she was of no help with only three people on their side, only relying on Lu Di and Li Rui. The other party had six people, so the chance of winning was very high. To avoid that, they let them in and planned to buy time until Xun Yi and Hua Cheng returned.

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