Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 45: Leaving the Poltergeist Cave

Xun Yi and Xun Ye jointly received 250 stone coins, 200 iron coins, 150 bronze coins, 100 silver coins, 50 gold coins, basic healing potion X 2, basic healing potion formula, profession badge, Icicle Grass X 7, Silky Grass X 7, Golden Lotus x 5, Chestnut Flower x 6, and Twilight Grass x 5.

Xun Yi didn’t take anything else. Among these things, the profession badge was the most important. However, it wasn’t an offensive profession but a support profession, an Alchemist.

Choosing this profession badge meant taking the basic healing potion formula. With the formula, they needed herbs. Everything came hand-in-hand. After careful consideration, Xun Yi decided to take this package.

In that case, he couldn’t take anything more, but Yin Fuchuan still gave him 2 strength attribute stones, 2 agility attribute stones, and 1 constitution attribute stone.

Yin Fuchuan only took his share of EXP coins, 2 basic healing potions, 2 strength attribute stones, 1 agility attribute stone, and the fragmented map. The rest were given to Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng agreed to this allocation. Hua Cheng didn't want the support profession badge. He didn’t want to be a support but offensive. Yin Fuchuan didn't need it either. In the end, Xun Yi had to accept it.

Everyone was satisfied with this allocation, but Xun Yi felt that Yin Fuchuan made a loss.

Yin Fuchuan put in the most effort in this treasure hunt but received the least, and Xun Yi felt sorry for him. But he couldn't say anything in front of Hua Cheng, so he decided to make a few more basic healing potions to compensate him after gathering the necessary materials.

The potion materials they received this time were incomplete, with two ingredients missing. If he couldn’t get any from loot drops, he could still buy some if someone sold them. Now that the universal currency had appeared, it would come in handy one day.

However, when the poltergeist died in the end, the EXP value wasn’t evenly distributed. It should be divided according to how much damage was done to the poltergeist. Without a doubt, Yin Fuchuan received the highest EXP value, and his level soared to level 19 during this trip.

Xun Yi reached level 17 with the help of his final attack on the poltergeist, while Xun Ye and Hua Cheng also reached level 16. Xun Ye got his EXP for practically doing nothing. Although he got the least among the four, the amount was still considerable.

“Are you done dividing the spoils?”

After the three put away their things, Xun Ye, who was left aside, was already awake and sitting on the ground watching them.

“Did you sleep well?” Yin Fuchuan asked with a smile.

Xun Ye wrinkled his nose and said in disgust, “Not at all. It almost killed me.”

Xun Yi walked over and picked up Xun Ye from the floor. His little face was still a little pale. He took a carton of milk from his backpack and handed it to him. He wanted to carry him with a sling, but Xun Ye avoided it.

He was adamant not to let Xun Yi carry him on his back again.

Xun Yi had no choice but to take out the alchemist's badge and hand it to Xun Ye.

“This small stature of yours cannot take the hit, so don’t charge into a fight again. You can become my support. Only smart people can handle this alchemist profession. I think it’s very suitable for you. If you use it now, you can become a great alchemist.”

Xun Yi finished speaking in a coaxing tone and looked expectantly at Xun Ye who was still a little confused.

Xun Yi wanted the alchemist badge not for himself. He felt that Xun Ye was very suitable for this support profession, and he could also avoid the danger of frontal combat.

Yin Fuchuan and Hua Cheng stood aside without a word.

Xun Ye thought for a long time before saying, “Why do I think this is a trap?”

Hua Cheng couldn't help but laugh. “Xun Yi will never harm you, so why would he dig a trap for you?”

Xun Ye shook his head seriously. “No, you don't know him. He has dug too many traps for me so far but he has never succeeded even once.”

Hua Cheng laughed unceremoniously while Yin Fuchuan looked at Xun Yi thoughtfully.

Xun Yi furtively gritted his teeth, turned sideways, and threatened with his moving lips out of Yin Fuchuan’s sight. “Save me some face!”

After threatening, he couldn't help but glance at Yin Fuchuan.

Then, he pretended that nothing was wrong and said with a smile, “I promise it’s not a trap this time.”

Xun Ye looked at Xun Yi suspiciously and then at the distinguished President Yin. He suddenly had an epiphany and said very cooperatively, “Well, it’s too bad that I’m so smart. Since only smart people can become alchemists, this profession has to be mine.”

Xun Ye tried to crush the badge like a crystal card but failed.

“Uh oh?” Xun Ye looked at Xun Yi helplessly. “Everyone can only have one profession, and I’m already a gunner. I’m not destined for this alchemist profession, so you should keep it for yourself.”

Xun Yi, “…”

What an ‘unexpected surprise’.

He did wonder before how many professions each person could have. Since Xun Ye was a seed cultivator and a gunner, could there be a third one? But it didn’t work. Everyone could only have one profession, so why did Xun Ye have two?

Xun Yi refused to believe it, so he took the badge and tried it for himself.

A prompt appeared in front of him. [Alchemist Badge. Players can make various potions. Do you want to use it?]

Did that mean he could have another profession?

In other words, their profession as a ‘seed cultivator’ didn’t occupy a position at all, practically non-existent. That was strange.

Xun Ye felt he had read Xun Yi’s thoughts and abruptly said, “I think you’re well suited to become an alchemist. See, President Yin is so powerful, so he’ll definitely have a powerful offensive profession in the future, and you can become his support then. A cool and dashing offense paired with a support role is a perfect match!”

Xun Yi was so shocked that his heart almost jumped out. His fingers trembled and crushed the badge directly, but he couldn’t care less about it. He immediately looked at Yin Fuchuan's reaction and saw that his expression was calm without much change.

Then, he pretended to be angry and reprimanded Xun Ye, “What nonsense are you talking about? H-How can I be a support?”

Xun Ye flatly pointed at his fingers. “You have crushed the alchemist's badge.”

Only then did Xun Yi react and realize that the badge in his hand had disappeared. He quickly checked his attribute panel and almost lost it when he saw the words ‘alchemist’ behind ‘seed cultivator’.

“Oh no, my profession should be an offensive sabersman. How can I be an alchemist? How can I protect you in the future if I have a support role?” Xun Yi almost went crazy.

But Xun Ye was very calm. “It's okay, we can just follow President Yin and let him protect us.”

Xun Yi looked at Yin Fuchuan but the latter seemed to be thinking about something, neither looking at him nor giving a response.

Xun Yi's fiery heart was completely doused by a bucket of ice water, cooling him down thoroughly.

“Don't talk nonsense. Even if I have a support role, I can protect you.” Xun Yi's voice dropped as his mood hit rock bottom.

Xun Ye knew that Xun Yi was hurt. He looked at President Yin and saw that he was still thinking.

“Let's leave this place. I'm worried about my mom’s safety.”

At this time, Hua Cheng’s smile had vanished from his face. Xun Yi focused all his attention on Yin Fuchuan and didn't notice Hua Cheng's reaction at all.

Xun Yi wanted to leave too. It was too embarrassing to stay here. The space was pretty small, so he didn't believe that Yin Fuchuan couldn't hear that exchange. If he did but didn't express his opinion, the meaning was obvious.

Pretending not to hear was more respectful than rejecting face-to-face. So, Xun Yi didn’t dare to bring it up again. After carefully hiding his feelings for so many years, he no longer had confidence in himself. Besides, he had Xun Ye, which made it seem like a ‘second marriage’ at first glance. How could there be any hope?

Leaving the Poltergeist Cave was easier than entering.

Hua Cheng was the first to exit the cave, followed closely by Xun Yi holding Xun Ye's hand.

After crossing the light curtain, they immediately appeared at the entrance of the Poltergeist Cave. It was completely dark outside. They fought with zombies in the cave and had no idea how much time had passed. They only realized when they saw the dark sky outside that a day had passed.

Hua Cheng became anxious. “Xun Yi, let's go back. I'm afraid my mom…”


There was a sound of something zooming through the air. Xun Yi instantly activated the Magic Cube Domain and protected everyone inside. An arrow shot at the Magic Cube Domain, which created a circle of ripples, and fell to the ground.

With a few more sounds, all the arrows hit the Magic Cube Domain without hurting the people inside at all.

It was dark outside with no moonlight or a trace of light. It was difficult to see what was going on around them. Xun Yi could only rely on his hearing to judge whether there was any danger around him.

While focusing on the sounds, he immediately felt something wrong. He actually heard a lot of shuffling sounds not far away.

He finally recalled that the overlord here, the Blood-Eyed Toad, had been destroyed, so the zombies that had left must have returned. There was no telling how many zombies had gathered right now.

Following a gust of wind, Xun Yi's brows instantly furrowed. He caught a strong smell of blood in the wind. The Magic Cube Domain was indeed a marvel. While inside, his five senses were not restricted in any way, just like standing outside. Even though there was a pale blue barrier surrounding them, he could still clearly smell the scent outside.

“Someone is out there.” Hua Cheng reminded them in a low voice as he listened attentively. “Two people are running in this direction.”

Xun Yi's strong mental spirit made him alert to danger. At this moment, he felt that the situation was very bad.

The sneak attack of arrows, the smell of blood in the wind, and the sound of running footsteps in their direction. It was clear what was going on. Who would run around outside at night on a street full of zombies? That stench of blood was also obviously trying to attract zombies!

Xun Yi snorted coldly. “I just knew Chu Hongyi would never give up. He’s using survivors to attract zombies again!”

This method was old-fashioned but very deadly.

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