Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 44: Rewards for Killing the Poltergeist

Xun Yi was furious and wanted to fight bare-handed with the poltergeist, but a slash struck the poltergeist on the back of the neck. It turned out that Yin Fuchuan had arrived.

The poltergeist sensed the danger and changed the target of its attack. One claw blocked the saber that attacked the back of its neck, while the other claw grabbed Xun Yi's saber and threw Xun Yi at Yin Fuchuan in one go, using Xun Yi as its attack.

With Yin Fuchuan's speed, he could easily dodge and let Xun Yi fall to the ground or smash into the cave wall behind him, but Yin Fuchuan didn’t. Xun Yi crashed into him solidly, and Yin Fuchuan staggered back. He helped Xun Yi who was unsteady on his feet and charged at the poltergeist again.

With Yin Fuchuan and Hua Cheng fighting the poltergeist, Xun Yi found the opportunity to run to Xun Ye.

Xun Yi didn't dare to do anything much. He carefully turned Xun Ye over and let him lie flat on his back.

Xun Ye's face was pale, blood trickled from his mouth, and his clothes were ripped by that claw. Xun Yi held his breath and his hands trembled nervously. He gently pushed aside the torn fabric to see if he was hurt. If Xun Ye was scratched, he would definitely be infected.

Fortunately, he didn’t see any blood. Xun Ye’s Diamond Armor blocked the attack just now, leaving a few scratches on the surface, but didn’t penetrate.

Xun Yi breathed a sigh of relief and checked Xun Ye's breathing, which was very weak.

“Xun Ye, Xun Ye!”

“Xun Yi, catch!”

Xun Yi heard Yin Fuchuan calling him and quickly looked up. He saw a pale red potion thrown at him.

A basic healing potion!

Xun Yi was overjoyed and hurriedly stood up and grabbed it. A healing potion at this moment was simply a life-saver.

He carefully lifted Xun Ye, pried his jaw open, and poured the potion into his mouth. He wanted to wipe the blood on Xun Ye’s mouth with his sleeve, but his clothes were stained with zombie blood and flesh, too dirty to use.

Xun Ye's weak breathing gradually calmed down but he didn’t wake up.

Xun Yi was anxious about the battlefield next to him but worried about leaving Xun Ye here alone at the same time.

He tried to use the Magic Cube Domain but he would be enclosed in the domain every time he used it. As long as he moved, the Magic Cube Domain would also move with him. At this point, he wanted the Magic Cube Domain to break free from him and protect Xun Ye. He wanted to kill the poltergeist.

Xun Yi tried several times but failed. He was still the center of the Magic Cube Domain. Even if his Magic Cube Domain had been upgraded to level 3, he still couldn’t do whatever he wanted.

The poltergeist was shockingly fast and strong. The poltergeist kicked Hua Cheng and sent him flying far away with at least a few broken ribs. Yin Fuchuan was the only one left to deal with the poltergeist.

Although Yin Fuchuan was strong, he was still at a disadvantage when facing the poltergeist.

When Yin Fuchuan’s attack missed the mark, the poltergeist lunged to the side like a monkey. It stomped on the cave wall with both feet to gain momentum and sprang at Yin Fuchuan's back like lightning!

Xun Yi's brain roared, and the Magic Cube Domain stretched straight forward like a pale blue transparent wall between the poltergeist and Yin Fuchuan.

The poltergeist obviously didn’t expect this thing to appear out of nowhere.


The poltergeist smacked into the pale blue obstacle and the Magic Cube Domain rippled while Xun Yi's magic energy dropped.

While the poltergeist was stunned by the impact, the extended Magic Cube Domain quickly shrank, taking Xun Yi and Xun Ye in the direction of the poltergeist.

Xun Yi didn't give the poltergeist a chance to react. The shape of the Magic Cube Domain changed into a square hammer and whacked the poltergeist hard against the cave wall.

Xun Yi hardened his resolve and used all his strength to push the poltergeist into the cave wall. No matter how hard the poltergeist struggled, it couldn’t climb out.

The poltergeist couldn't be killed just by squeezing it like this. Xun Yi withdrew some of the Magic Cube Domain at the right time and wanted to attack again. However, the poltergeist cunningly used the cave wall to jump on top of the Magic Cube Domain. It clawed at the Magic Cube Domain frantically, trying to kill the people inside, but it couldn’t penetrate the cube’s defense. As long as Xun Yi had enough magic energy, no attack could penetrate this defense.

Xun Yi controlled the Magic Cube Domain, made it narrow, and the poltergeist fell from the top. Yin Fuchuan had been waiting for it and struck the poltergeist in the back with a saber, but the poltergeist twisted its body in the air and clawed at Yin Fuchuan.

The Magic Cube Domain extended again and knocked the poltergeist against the cave wall on the other side.

With a muffled rumble, the whole cave shook, which clearly showed how much strength Xun Yi used.

When the Magic Cube Domain withdrew again, the poltergeist swayed a little, and one of its arms was twisted backward, probably broken.

Seeing that it worked, Xun Yi took advantage before the poltergeist caught its breath to hit it twice more.

The poltergeist finally became angry and ran away from the spot, rushing toward the injured Hua Cheng behind.

Xun Yi was startled and quickly extended the Magic Cube Domain to Hua Cheng. When he was about to hit him, a door opened and took Hua Cheng into the Magic Cube Domain. The poltergeist hit its head against the Magic Cube Domain again.

Yin Fuchuan caught up from behind. As the poltergeist backed away, a saber hit it in the back. The poltergeist turned around fiercely and continued to fight Yin Fuchuan with only one arm.

Xun Yi took Xun Ye and Hua Cheng away from the battlefield and kept the Magic Cube Domain.

“Look after Xun Ye for me.”

After saying that, Xun Yi held his saber and went to the poltergeist.

The poltergeist was the height of an adult, with a slender body and thin blue-black muscles clinging to the bones. The nails had turned into sharp claws and moved very fast. A pair of blood-red eyes was the mark of the poltergeist.

The poltergeist was extremely bloodthirsty, faster, and more terrifying than the ghoul, the scariest existence in the ranks of evolved zombies, and very difficult to deal with.

Even though Xun Yi and Yin Fuchuan joined forces to deal with the injured poltergeist, the fight ended in a draw. During the fight, Xun Yi blocked the poltergeist’s claw with his saber and was so badly shaken that he could hardly hold on to the saber. He took several steps back before he could stand still. Without stopping, he stomped on the ground and lunged at the poltergeist again.

The poltergeist fought with Yin Fuchuan and knocked him away. Before it could deal with Xun Yi, the basic Squall Boots on Xun Yi's feet sprang into action at top speed and approached closer and faster than the poltergeist expected. A saber pierced through the poltergeist's body.

The poltergeist seemed to feel no pain and clawed Xun Yi. The black saber blade went through its body again. As if Xun Yi and Yin Fuchuan had planned for it, Yin Fuchuan's saber swiped upward from its chest to head, while Xun Yi held the saber with both hands, spun around, and cut it sideways.

Almost at the same time, Xun Yi cut the poltergeist's body in half, while Yin Fuchuan cut open the poltergeist's head from bottom to top.


A golden light flashed, and a large golden treasure chest hit the ground. This treasure chest was much larger than the one from the Blood-Eyed Toad, brilliantly dazzling.

When the light faded, Xun Yi only saw the treasure chest and things like gold and copper coins all over the floor, but no sign of the poltergeist’s body.

With their experience skyrocketing, they finally killed the poltergeist, which was really not easy.

Xun Yi panted and looked at Yin Fuchuan. “Are you okay? Are you injured?”

Yin Fuchuan shook his head. “I’m fine.”

Yin Fuchuan owned the team banner, so he was their team captain and had the right to open the treasure chest.

He opened the treasure chest while Xun Yi squatted on the ground and looked at the coins.

Xun Yi first picked up a gray round coin with a ‘1’ on it.

[Stone EXP coin contains 1 EXP, the smallest value among all experience currency. It can be absorbed and traded, a universal currency on Doomsday Gaming Field.]

Xun Yi was silent. Even currency had appeared. It seemed that Doomsday Gaming Field would become an era.

Xun Yi picked up other black, bronze, silver, and gold experience coins with ‘5’, ’10,’ ‘50’, and ‘100’ on them respectively.

These numbers should refer to the EXP face value.

Sure enough, the prompts appeared again.

[Iron EXP coin contains 5 EXP, can be absorbed and traded, a universal currency on Doomsday Gaming Field.]

[Bronze EXP coin contains 10 EXP, can be absorbed and traded, a universal currency on Doomsday Gaming Field.]

[Silver EXP coin contains 50 EXP, can be absorbed and traded, a universal currency on Doomsday Gaming Field.]

[Gold EXP coin contains 100 EXP, can be absorbed and traded, a universal currency on Doomsday Gaming Field.]

This pile of EXP coins should add up to quite a lot.

After Yin Fuchuan opened the treasure chest, a prompt appeared in front of all four people.

[Reward: 500 stone EXP coins.]

[Reward: 400 iron EXP coins.]

[Reward: 300 bronze EXP coins.]

[Reward: 200 silver EXP coins.]

[Reward: 100 gold EXP coins.]

[Reward: Basic healing potion × 6.]

[Reward: Weapon crystal card × 3.]

[Reward: Strength attribute stone × 6.]

[Reward: Agility attribute stone × 4.]

[Reward: Constitution attribute stone × 2.]

[Reward: Basic healing potion formula × 1.]

[Reward: Profession badge × 1.]

[Reward: Skill crystal card × 2.]

[Reward: Fragmented map × 1.]

[Reward: Icicle Grass × 7.]

[Reward: Silky Grass × 7.]

[Reward: Golden Lotus x 5.]

[Reward: Chestnut Flower x 6.]

[Reward: Twilight Grass x 5.]

All the items in the treasure chest were listed. Even if Yin Fuchuan was the owner of the team banner, he couldn’t stop the Supernal Magic Cube from doing this. However, the list was one matter while allocating them was another. There was no way to prevent the list but he could influence the allocation.

Yin Fuchuan was not a greedy or stingy person. First, he gave Hua Cheng a basic healing potion to recover before proceeding with the allocation.

After a discussion, Yin Fuchuan made the allocation.

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