Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 42: The Consequence of Trying to Formulate Seed

It was a very spacious cave with torches inserted at intervals on the uneven stone walls on both sides. The light was just enough to illuminate the whole cave, and the burning flames were real fire. Occasionally, one could hear the crackling sounds and smell the burning wood.

All four of them looked around warily with weapons in hand, and the cave entrance lay behind them.

“I thought I’d definitely see a lot of zombies when we come in, but there’s not even one in sight.” Xun Ye held a dagger and stood at the front valiantly.

Xun Yi finally remembered to ask him about the experience points.

Xun Ye raised his chin proudly. “I should be the most powerful person in the team now. None of you is a match for me.”

Hua Cheng laughed. “Oh, really? How many experience points did you get?”

Xun Ye raised a finger. “10,000.”

The three adults looked at each other in shock. They never expected that the monster would have such a high experience value.

“Indeed, you should be the most powerful one among us.” Yin Fuchuan looked at him with a smile and teased him, “Then do you still need your father to carry you on his back?”

“Of course not. From now on, I don’t want to see that thing again. Xun Yi, throw it away quickly. It’s nothing but my black history.” Xun Ye sighed like an adult.

Xun Yi laughed. “If you want to be independent, prove it to me, or I’ll still have to carry you.”

Xun Ye facepalmed and was exasperated with his father.

“Please, I'm already level 14, I'm really strong.” Xun Ye struggled desperately.

“Yeah, the level sounds really strong, but I don't know how it’ll be in actual combat,” Xun Yi retorted ruthlessly.

Yin Fuchuan spoke up for Xun Ye, “Even without actual combat experience, the accumulated attributes will be very impressive at such a high level. I believe that Xun Ye's strength, agility, and constitution will be very high.”

Xun Ye was finally happy. “President Yin really has good foresight. I’ll prove it to you.”

Xun Yi looked at Yin Fuchuan, hesitant to speak. His son and his crush were suddenly on such good terms. Was it really okay?

Yin Fuchuan smiled at him gently, so handsome that he swooned. Xun Yi blushed and looked away, his heart beating uncontrollably.

Yin Fuchuan was puzzled by Xun Yi's reaction but said no more.

“Are you ready? The treasure hunt is about to begin,” Yin Fuchuan said.

“Ready!” Xun Ye replied loudly.

“Let’s go!”

The four people walked forward side by side. Xun Ye walked between Xun Yi and Yin Fuchuan, and Hua Cheng walked beside Xun Yi.

There are indeed no zombies at the entrance, but there must be zombies and other monsters here, or it wouldn't be called the Poltergeist Cave.

Sure enough, after walking past the entrance, the zombies were crowded together after a turn, wandering aimlessly in the cave and blocking the passage ahead. To continue further, they had to deal with these zombies.

When they appeared, the zombies seemed to smell them. They stopped wandering aimlessly and rushed toward them.

The four of them had no choice but to turn around and run back. On the way here, there was a narrow passage that could only accommodate two people walking side by side. They could make use of that area to jam and kill the zombies. Otherwise, they’d be overwhelmed by the swarm before they could do anything.

Even so, they had to do it in two phases. Yin Fuchuan and Xun Yi would stand on both sides of the narrow passage and kill the zombies that approached. The zombies that slipped through their defenses would be left to Xun Ye and Hua Cheng in the next phase.

While Xun Yi slashed the zombies, he kept an eye on Xun Ye behind him, wanting to see how he was doing.

When Xun Yi looked back, he saw Xun Ye slashing the waist of a zombie with his dagger. The zombie was cut into two, and when the upper body fell, Xun Ye beheaded the zombie cleanly. His movement was effortless without any signs of strain at all.

It seemed that Yin Fuchuan was right. The increase in attributes had given Xun Ye strength and agility far beyond ordinary people. For now, Xun Ye had no other shortcomings except for his short stature.

After seeing Xun Ye killing three zombies easily, Xun Yi relaxed a little.

While Xun Yi was paying attention to Xun Ye, Yin Fuchuan was also secretly observing him. He didn't want Xun Ye to come to any harm because of his encouragement, so he had to keep an eye on him. Seeing that Xun Ye really didn't seem to be bragging, he was relieved.

These zombies were around level 1 of ordinary zombies. Other than the staggering numbers, their combat effectiveness was far inferior to zombies with levels. They were not difficult to kill, but tiring after prolonged duration.

The four of them didn't know how long or how many zombies they had killed. They only knew that every time they killed a zombie, a +20 would flash on the screen. In order not to affect their vision, they blocked the prompts from appearing.

With this EXP comparison, they quickly realized that each zombie here was double the EXP outside. By killing the zombies here, their EXP would increase very quickly, and they would level up quickly.

The corpses of zombies were piled high, and they had to back away continuously. The approaching zombies climbed over the pile of corpses and continued to pounce on the only four people in the cave.

After they took care of all the zombies, they were so tired that their limbs were sore. Although their attributes would be restored as they leveled up, the fatigue was real.

No other zombies appeared. They should have cleared this area.

The four people guarded the mountain of zombie corpses. They took a short break before they started digging for magic crystals.

Magic crystals were good stuff. They had killed so many zombies and with no other danger approaching, they could rest while digging for magic crystals.

After digging out all the magic crystals, there were 500 of them, which was a good harvest.

Everyone’s EXP increased significantly, and their levels improved a lot.

Neither Yin Fuchuan nor Hua Cheng took the magic crystals but gave them to Xun Yi.

Yin Fuchuan knew that magic crystals were of great use to Xun Yi. Although Hua Cheng didn't know it, he could tell from Xun Ye’s insistence on getting every last piece that Xun Yi needed magic crystals very much.

Although the importance of magic crystals wasn’t revealed yet, Xun Yi knew that it’d not be long before the use of magic crystals spread.

Xun Yi accepted the generous gift from Yin Fuchuan and Hua Cheng, but only this time. In the future, whoever killed the zombie would get the magic crystal. He would not accept such a gift again. He didn’t want to owe any favors.

Accepting the magic crystals this time could be regarded as compensation for protecting them outside.

While the three of them discussed the magic crystals, Xun Ye sat alone on the edge and stared at his attribute panel in a daze.

Ever since Xun Yi told him last night to try to absorb the energy from the green seed, Xun Ye began doing it consciously.

He absorbed it for most of the night before going to bed last night. Since he was carried by Xun Yi, he had nothing to do and continued to absorb the energy from the seed. Even when fighting, he would multitask and do two things at once. Now, the 9 points of wood spirit energy that he obtained when he opened the wood spirit space had turned into 10, which proved that Xun Yi's guess was correct.

Indeed, wood spirit energy came from the seed of the green fruit.

Xun Ye was in a daze because when his wood spirit energy reached 10 just now, a prompt flashed.

[Wood spirit energy has reached 10 points. Seed formulation can be carried out once. Sufficient quantity of seed formulation target: Level 1 zombies. Do you want to carry out seed formulation?]

Xun Ye had no idea what ‘seed formulation’ meant. What would happen if he used a pile of zombie corpses as the target for seed formulation?

His restless need to explore the unknown began to stir.

Xun Ye glanced at Xun Yi cautiously and saw that he was talking to Hua Cheng. He moved to the side, planning to try it in secret to see what this seed formulation was all about.

He thought in his mind, ‘Formulate seed.

Green fluorescent spots floated out from Xun Ye's body and went straight to the pile of zombies!

The zombie corpses that were piled up like a hill were surrounded by green fluorescence and began to tremble violently. The zombies kept disappearing one after another as if being sucked into a black hole caused by green fluorescence.

This drastic change happened so suddenly that the three people sitting together and talking jumped up instantly. Xun Yi's first reaction was to pounce on Xun Ye, while Hua Cheng was on guard with a long sword in his hand.

Only Yin Fuchuan remained motionless, looking at the scene in front of him in shock. Under his clothes, a green leaf emerged uncontrollably from his chest.

Almost half of the pile of zombies disappeared, while the remaining zombies were in various states of decay as if they had lost some important elements. The vibration stopped, and all the green fluorescence entered a black seed the size of a thumb, which fell on the corpses with a clatter.

Silence fell.

Xun Ye was frightened out of his wits. He thought that the seed formulation would be carried out quietly, but this big commotion happened instead, simply terrifying.

As soon as Xun Yi saw the green fluorescence, he knew that Xun Ye must have done something to cause such a commotion.

No one spoke, only the sound of breathing, obviously still in fright.

“What’s going on? Why did the zombie corpses vanish into thin air? What are those green light spots?” Hua Cheng was the first to speak. Among the four, he was the only one who didn't know what happened.

Xun Ye and Xun Yi were in the know, while Yin Fuchuan was aware of the reason too, but Xun Ye and Xun Yi didn’t know that Yin Fuchuan knew about it, so they were very nervous.

“Uh, I don’t know.” Xun Ye was obviously frightened and jumped into Xun Yi's arms without daring to raise his head.

Xun Yi just warned him last night that no outsiders should know about the wood spirit space and fruit, but he made this mistake today. How could he not be afraid?

Yin Fuchuan’s emotions fluctuated so much that he took a while to calm down. Then, he walked over to the zombie corpses and picked up a black seed the size of a thumb that fell there.

With a flick of his finger, three green stars appeared on the black seed.

A three-star seed!

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