Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 40: The Last Laugh

Seeing that the monster was nothing more to fear, Chu Hongyi shouted. “Let’s end this quickly!”

The contenders who were not in the loop continued to attack the monster when they were stabbed in the back. Furthermore, the archer hiding in the dark reaped lives continuously, killing all the contenders who had been ‘invited’ on the spot.

“Chu Hongyi! How dare you…”

Someone yelled angrily but couldn’t complete his sentence.

“Chu Hongyi, you despicable villain, how dare you take advantage of us!”

Chu Hongyi smiled and said, “I gave you a chance but you chose not to follow me. In this case, how could I let you leave alive? Thank you for severely injuring this monster for me.”

The contenders who realized what happened stopped attacking the monster and started fighting with Chu Hongyi's people instead. The monster that got a chance to breathe wanted to escape and leaped high into the sky, landing dozens of meters away in an instant.

Chu Hongyi's expression changed. He chased after it while shouting, “Stop it, don't let it escape!”

Xun Yi and his gang were dumbfounded. They wanted to use the monster to block the sneak attacks, but the monster ran away midway, leaving them fully exposed to the archer’s shots.

In desperation, they could only chase after the seriously injured monster. Several arrows came right at their heels. Maybe one would eventually hit them.

“Let’s go!”

Xun Yi deliberately chose a path without obstacles with Yin Fuchuan and Hua Cheng following behind him.

The pale blue Magic Cube Domain was activated and shrouded the three of them. Xun Yi followed his previous example and slid over the ground in the Magic Cube Domain after the monster in front.

When Chu Hongyi yelled his command to stop the monster, several people rushed out from a nearby distance and blocked the monster's escape. Chu Hongyi felt more confident and stepped up his pace to chase after it.

The monster’s escape route was prevented, and it was already frightened by the fight just now. Seeing some people in front, it turned around and jumped to the other side.

A pale blue cube slid past Chu Hongyi and the others, chasing the monster. Chu Hongyi's pupils constricted in disbelief as he ran.

Victory was just within his grasp but an interceptor appeared!

“Stop them! Stop them!!!” Chu Hongyi roared furiously.

However, the pale blue cube just passed by Chu Hongyi and others and was about to catch up with the monster when it was frightened by the people who suddenly jumped out and turned in a different direction to run. As a result, it collided with the pale blue cube that was chasing after it.

The Magic Cube Domain shook violently, and Xun Yi’s magic energy plummeted sharply. The Magic Cube Domain was stable and did not fall over, but the monster was knocked back and rolled over twice before it stopped.

Chu Hongyi and the others rushed to the monster but Xun Yi didn’t approach it. He was waiting for the poisonous slurry. If he guessed correctly, the monster's slurry attack would only be used as a last resort.

Sure enough, the toad that was cornered shook its body, and the bulges on its back became larger. When those people rushed over, white poisonous slurry spurted out from each bulge.

The unsuspecting group of people was sprayed all over their bodies and faces by the white poisonous slurry. They howled and covered their faces from the powerful corrosive effect. Their skin quickly festered.

Several streaks of white poisonous slurry landed on the Magic Cube Domain, causing ripples. Xun Yi’s magic energy dropped sharply, but the people inside were unharmed.

Chu Hongyi, who was among the crowd, was panic-stricken and did not dare to rush forward. Instead, he grabbed a person as a shield and backed away wretchedly. The person he grabbed felt as if a bucket of sulfuric acid had been poured on him and screamed in misery. His clothes were corroded and peeled off, leaving only a charred skull on his face. All the skin and flesh on his chest disappeared, and the black ribs protruded horribly. He fell to the ground after being dragged halfway, and Chu Hongyi had no choice but to give up on him. He turned around and ran away.

After the monster sprayed poisonous slurry for a while, it finally ran dry. The frightened Chu Hongyi once again grabbed a person next to him and pushed the guy forward. He hid behind the man and wanted to rush forward to kill the monster. No matter what, he couldn’t give up the large amount of EXP he could get from killing this monster.

“Xun Ye!”

Xun Yi deactivated the Magic Cube Domain. Xun Ye stood on the ground with a gun aimed at the toad’s head. The head was so big and flat that Xun Ye refused to believe he couldn't hit it.

Since Xun Yi couldn't get close and he couldn't let Chu Hongyi get the EXP, he had no choice but to take the risk and let Xun Ye try.

That was the EXP of a level 10 boss. They had to fight for it no matter what!


With a gunshot, the last bullet was finally used up.

The red-eyed monster swayed, and a green liquid sprayed from its head.

[You killed the Blood-eyed Toad Guardian of the Poltergeist Cave and gained 10,000 experience points.]

“I did it! I did it!” Xun Ye shouted excitedly.

Other people didn’t know if it was because he shot the monster or got a reward, but Xun Ye knew that he got the final kill and received the ultimate EXP reward.

“NO!!!” Chu Hongyi screamed in distress and his eyes turned red. He rushed forward, slashing wildly with his sword, hoping to gain experience points for killing this monster.

As he kept slashing, the toad's body continued swelling like a balloon. It got bigger and bigger and looked like it might explode at any time.

Xun Yi immediately launched the Magic Cube Domain without thinking. No matter if it was dangerous, he had to be prepared in advance.


The toad’s body expanded to the limit and finally exploded. Flesh and blood scattered in all directions. Before falling from the air, they turned into small toads of different sizes. The small ones were not much bigger than normal frogs, and the big ones were dozens of centimeters high. They jumped around and went after living people.

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