The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 4

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Marius was impressed by Clarisse's manners throughout the trip.

She understands her position and never complains.

That's right; not at all.

The trip to the border was excruciatingly long; even a grown man would have complained at least once on the way, and there was no such thing as a good meal or luxurious accommodation.

However, Clarisse always had a smile on her face and never forgot to thank Marius and the coachman. He’s never seen a noblewoman like her before.

She may be a little shy, but even so, when Mary, her maid, is around her, she appears more at ease than usual.

Not that she did anything rude to Marius. She was always polite. She flashes friendly smiles at him, but when she’s with Mary, she occasionally laughs when the maid says something funny.

Her smile at the time was truly beautiful. It was as if she was glowing from within, and she had those mesmerizing violet eyes.

When Marius learned that his master intended to marry a 19-year-old viscount daughter and bring her into his family, he assumed she would find it difficult. Any normal noblewoman would think so, because the mansion was close to the border, where she would be forced to live a difficult life. It had gotten to the point where Marius thought his master had finally lost his mind.

But now, Marius was utterly intoxicated by Clarisse. He decided that he would stand by her and help her if that stubborn man-eating margrave ever made her cry.

"My Lady, today I was able to spend the day without taking any medicine for motion sickness!"

At a humble inn on the second day of their journey, Mary proudly exclaimed this as she helped Clarisse change her dress.

Mary has been by Clarisse's side since she was a child, so when they’re alone, she relaxes her guard and gets cocky. Clarisse can't help but find this side of Mary cute, and she not only forgives but also enjoys their conversations.

"I'm glad to hear that. You must have really hated taking that medicine."

"Only those who have taken it will understand, My Lady. It was a life-threatening experience, to say the least."

Mary sighed as she brushed Clarisse's silky, lustrous hair.

People only admire Matilda's blonde hair, but Mary thinks her master's shining brown hair is much more beautiful.

"My medicines are very effective, but they just don't taste very good, do they?"

"It is indeed the most effective medicine in the world! I'm well aware of that, but when it comes to taste, it's as good as poison."

"Oh, Mary. Don't you know that the better the medicine, the more bitter it tastes?"

"There is a limit to how bitter it can taste."

She folded Clarisse's dusty clothes and tied up her hair with a deft hand. Normally, she would change her clothes first and then brush her hair, but because she was covered in dust, including her hair, Mary decided to remove the dust from her hair first and then prepare a simple loose indoor gown that she could wear without needing to cover up with a shawl.

As Mary was putting away Clarisse's luggage, Clarisse asked.

"Mary, do you mind if I put it on myself?"

"..Well, we are not in the residence anymore. Go ahead."

Clarisse basically wanted to take care of herself, but she knew that when she was in the mansion, it was the role of the master to let the servants do their work. But now that she was alone with Mary at the inn, she didn't need to worry about anyone else.

While Clarisse was putting on a simple but elegant evening dress by herself, a knock came from the hallway. Marius' voice came shortly after, telling her to come to the dining room for dinner whenever she was ready.


'She really doesn't seem like a Viscount girl ...!'

He expected it to take more time than that - noblewomen always take a long time to get ready - but not long after that, Clarisse and Mary came down to the dining room, looking neat and tidy. To his surprise, Clarisse appeared in a simple dress.

Although the inn was simple, it was basically an inn where aristocrats stayed during their travels. Thus, the food was reasonably good. However, since all the nobles gather in the dining room to eat, apparently, there were a number of upper-class young noblewomen who didn't like the idea of nobles of various classes gathering together.

They would have been happier if there had been a better place to stay. Nonetheless, this was a decent place to stay when travelling along the border, where things get worse as they get closer. Even in this situation, there was no hint of dissatisfaction from Clarisse about the inn.

As simple as her dress was, Marius thought that Clarisse was more beautiful than any of the women in the dining room. And she didn't seem to be aware of her beauty at all.

"This way, Miss Clarisse."

Clarisse sat down at the seat Marius led her to and stopped Mary from walking over to the wall.

"I know this is very rude of me, but could you ask the innkeepers to deliver Mary's food to her room later?"

"Yes, of course."

The dining room was now occupied by nobles, and Mary, a maid, was not allowed to eat; they were supposed to be standing by the wall in the hallway.

After Clarisse finishes her meal, Mary will prepare her for bed and then return to the small room she has been assigned and wait for the servants' mealtime, which is set for late in the evening. That would mean she would have to go to bed at midnight.

Clarisse smiled brightly and thanked Marius.

'She is a person who can smile for others, isn't she?'

Marius was impressed by Clarisse's kindness, which was evident in the way she was caring for Mary, who was tired from the long journey. Mary, with eyes full of appreciation, bowed and went to stand by the wall.

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