Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 4: Exploring the Rules

Xun Ye had been different since he was a child. Smart and precocious, he started reading at the age of two, could play with mobile phones and computers at the age of three, was able to play online games at the age of four, and fired the nanny at the age of five, the reason being the other party always treated him like a child. At the age of six, he could already reach the heavens.

The interaction between him and Xun Yi didn’t portray them as father and son at all, but more like brothers. He rarely called Xun Yi Dad, usually calling him by his name instead. Of course, there was a reason for this.

When Xun Yi's belly swelled, the whole family was frightened. Thinking it was a tumor, they went to the hospital for a checkup, but the doctor was confused too. He said it didn’t seem like a tumor, but there were vital signs. If Xun Yi was a girl, the doctor could immediately determine that he was pregnant, but being a boy, the doctor was uncertain too.

Xun Yi was his parents’ only child. Seeing that the doctor couldn’t come up with a prognosis, he could only spend a bomb to find the best private hospital in the country. With this ruckus, another month or two passed, and Xun Yi's belly got bigger. Finally, he was diagnosed at one of the best private hospitals in the country that he was pregnant.

For Xun Yi's parents, the news was both a delight and a shock. They were shocked that a boy could conceive, and they were delighted that their family was going to have a baby. Fortunately, this private hospital was very good at keeping things confidential. Xun Yi also performed the surgery in this hospital and successfully delivered the child.

At that time, Xun Yi was only 17 years old and a high school student. Xun Yi's parents always suspected that their son had a boyfriend. Otherwise, how could he be pregnant? However, Xun Yi repeatedly assured them that he was still a pure little virgin without a boyfriend at all.

Seeing that their son didn’t seem to be lying, Xun Yi's parents wondered if this could be a medical miracle instead. In fact, Xun Yi's mother was pregnant with twins back then. Was it possible that the other child went into Xun Yi’s belly, began to develop and grow after many years, and became what it was now?

Such cases were not uncommon in the medical field, but most of the fetuses that did that ended up deformed or stillborn. An example like Xun Yi who gave birth without a hitch was definitely a miracle in the history of medicine.

With this thought in mind, when Xun Yi’s parents announced Xun Ye’s identity to the public, they said he was their second child, Xun Yi’s younger brother, and he was also registered in the household registration as such in order to protect the two children.

As for how Xun Ye got here, who knew if he really was the twin son of Xun Yi’s parents?

This identity was not exposed until the unexpected death of Xun Yi's parents. At a funeral, seniority was very important. As a grandson, Xun Ye’s ritual couldn’t be the same as Xun Yi, who was the son. Only then did the relatives and friends find out that Xun Ye was not Xun Yi's younger brother at all, but his illegitimate son!

As a public figure, when Xun Yi was exposed to having such a big son, countless wife and husband fans passed out from crying, and the number of disengaged fans was frighteningly high. As if that wasn’t enough, the disengaged fans even turned against him. All kinds of conspiracy theories, malicious criticisms, and wild speculations about Xun Yi plummeted his popularity to rock bottom.

Not to mention filming, even some of his product endorsements were boycotted, but of course, many competitors played a hand in this.

In those six months, Xun Yi suffered the loss of his parents and the ruin of his career. If Xun Ye wasn’t there to support him, he might not be able to hang on.

Just when everyone thought that Xun Yi was going to retire from the entertainment circle because of this, and even Xun Yi thought so too, Xun Yi, who had been bombarded by rumors for nearly half a year and trampled on without dignity, suddenly ushered in a turning point in life.

He received and successfully won an endorsement that countless heavyweight celebrities were vying for—the exclusive brand ambassador for a high-end customized men's clothing brand under Yin Consortium in the Hua region.

This news was nothing short of a bombshell at that time. Xun Yi, who was ‘notorious’ for an ‘indiscriminate private life’ and ‘immoral character’ should have quit the entertainment industry long ago. How could the Yin Consortium choose him to endorse this brand?

This luxury brand was very popular abroad and had been recognized by the upper class as a status symbol. The citizens here hoped day and night that this brand would finally enter the shores, but they never thought that the selected country brand ambassador would be Xun Yi, a little star with a very bad reputation.

For a while, the pressure from the entertainment circle fell on Yin Consortium like a hundred thousand mountains.

Yin Consortium was headquartered in the US and was involved in a wide range of fields, and its financial resources were among the top three in the world.

The Yin family members were very mysterious and never appeared in the public eye. The only member of the Yin family known to the upper class was Yin Fuchuan, the current president of the Hua regional consortium.

How could a world-class leader like Yin Consortium be affected by public opinion? They could completely ignore it, but for some unknown reason, the consortium still gave an answer.

“We only choose the most suitable person. We can build up their reputation, status, and identity.”

With this answer, those who wanted to make use of public opinion to achieve their goals stopped thinking about it.

In front of a world-class consortium, what was the fame, status, and identity of a starlet? Would the menswear brand under the Yin Consortium need to rely on the fame of a starlet? What a joke.

People who vaguely sensed the direction of the trend began to contact Xun Yi's company, hoping to take advantage of Xun Yi's success and make a lot of money. Good film offers and endorsements flew to Xun Yi in swarms.

After that, Xun Yi accepted two other heavyweight endorsements from Yin Consortium—a global jewelry endorsement and a luxury leather bag endorsement.

Xun Yi became famous all over the world. Even if he didn’t deliberately knock on the door of overseas markets, many people there knew Xun Yi because of the endorsement by Yin Consortium.

Countless people were jealous of his success, and everyone wondered if there was any relationship between Xun Yi and Yin Consortium.

In fact, even Xun Yi wondered if he had anything to do with the Yin Consortium. Otherwise, such good offers would always land in the pockets of international superstars, so why him?

Xun Yi always felt that he had no interaction with the world's largest conglomerates. It wasn't until he met the mysterious president of the Hua consortium at a cocktail party that he suddenly realized something. Did he really manage to… hug a big thigh?

But this ‘big thigh’ didn’t seem to remember him.

Because the Yin Consortium was involved, commercial blockbusters and various endorsements poured in one after another, and Xun Yi wasn’t picky. As long as the schedule fit, he would take any job. He had to make money to support his son, so he wasn’t allowed to be picky.

Xun Yi's eyes fell on the food on the dining table. Everything was untouched, and it was cold now.

“I just finished cooking and haven't eaten yet. I wanted to ask Xiao Ye if he had eaten, but I bumped into Xiao Ye rushing out. You saw what happened next, and that's it,” Aunt Yu Xiao explained.

“Aunt Yu’s food is delicious. I've been eating here for the past three months.” Xun Ye looked at the table eagerly, obviously hungry.

Aunt Yu Xiao hurriedly said, “You must be hungry. I’ll heat the food for you. Let’s have a bite.”

Xun Yi didn't thank her but kept his gratitude in his heart. He had to prove it with actions instead of talking about it.

A popping sound came from the kitchen. Aunt Yu Xiao tried the light the stove but there was no spark. “This is strange. It was still okay when I was cooking just now.”

Xun Yi stood outside the kitchen, thoughtful. “Try the microwave.”

Aunt Yu Xiao came out and tried to switch on the microwave but found that there was no power. She tried the power switch and found that there was indeed a power outage.

There was water but no electricity.

Xun Yi took out his mobile phone for a glance. Sure enough, there was no signal. All communication equipment had turned into lumps of metal.

“There's no need to heat it. Just make do with this. Doomsday has approached us. There’s no guarantee that we can have another proper meal again. Now that we still have a chance, let’s grab the time to have our fill.”

Xun Yi felt that things were getting more and more unusual. For the time being, he still didn't know the rules of the game on Earth's Doomsday Gaming Field, so he could only slowly figure it out.

When the three of them finished eating all the food, Xun Yi stood up and said, “Aunt Yu, stay here and don't go out. I'll go back and pack some things.”

Yu Xiao nodded. She was much calmer now. Since the world had turned out like this and she couldn’t change anything, she could only accept it.

“Don’t open the door for anyone except me. The world is different now. Everyone wants to live, and will do whatever it takes to survive,” Xun Yi warned.

Yu Xiao recalled the scene downstairs. “I understand.”

Xun Yi stood up and walked to the door, obviously not planning to take Xun Ye with him.

“Xun Yi, pack my snacks and bring them with you. That's my ration,” Xun Ye shouted from behind him.

Xun Yi flashed him an okay sign.

He stood at the door, looked out through the peephole, and found no movement outside. He opened the door gently, stepped out, and quickly closed the door.

The corridor was quiet. This high-end residential area only contained two households on each floor. Fewer people meant fewer zombies.

Xun Yi stepped over Zhou Qin's body, walked to the door of his house, and verified the fingerprint lock. The locked door opened with a click. Xun Yi opened the door and wanted to go in, but Xun Keru screamed from inside, pushing against the door desperately to prevent him from entering.

Xun Yi suddenly heard movement at the top of the stairs. He was all too familiar with this hoarse breathing.

He frowned and stabbed the saber through the gap in the door. He took two steps back and kicked the door open. Xun Keru, who was leaning against the door panel, was knocked to the ground. Xun Yi picked up the saber and saw two zombies climbing up the stairs. Seeing this big living person, they roared and rushed toward him.

Xun Yi quickly walked in and slammed the door shut behind him, but a zombie stuck an arm out and got trapped in the crack of the door.

“Aaahhh!” Xun Keru continued to scream, crawling back on the floor where she fell just now.

Xun Yi pressed against the door with all his might and quickly drew his saber. He chopped off the arm, closed the door, and quickly locked it.

Xun Yi was a little out of breath. He glared at the woman on the ground who kept screaming, and said in disgust, “Shut up! If you scream again, I’ll throw you out to feed the zombies!”

Xun Keru was full of tears and covered her mouth tightly, not daring to scream or let herself make another sound. She witnessed it when Xun Yi chopped off Zhou Qin's head with a saber. He even poked a hole through Zhou Qin’s head. Xun Keru was already scared out of her wits and dared not defy him.

Xun Yi returned to his room and changed into a set of outdoor clothes. He packed another set of outdoor clothes into his backpack and put on heavy hiking boots. Only this attire was the most wear-resistant and resilient to beatings. He also put on some straps by the way.

He took his backpack and went to Xun Ye's room. When he opened the door, he was stunned by the sight in front of him.

In the huge room, except for a clean bed, the floor was piled with instant noodles, ham sausage, biscuits of various flavors, potato chips, various canned meats, and canned fruits.

With so much food stored in advance, was it possible that Xun Ye could foretell the future? He bought so much food because he knew Doomsday was coming?

However, Xun Yi couldn’t take everything with him. He only picked the food that was convenient and filling. Among them, instant noodles became the first choice.

Xun Yi also found Xun Ye's outdoor clothes and hiking boots and put them into his small backpack. The remaining space was filled with snacks. Xun Yi also took another big bag of snacks, planning to take it to Aunt Yu Xiao and ask her to bring it along.

After he was done packing, he walked out and found Xun Keru still sitting on the floor.

Xun Yi glanced at her and walked straight to the door. As he passed by her, the stunned Xun Keru suddenly hugged his leg and cried, “Xun Yi, where are you going? Take me with you, okay? I’m your aunt. You can't leave me behind!”

“Shut! Up!” Xun Yi gritted his teeth and growled at her.

Sure enough, the zombies in the corridor heard the sound and knocked on the door again.

“Aaahhh!” Xun Keru screamed again.

With a flash of cold light, Xun Keru's voice stopped abruptly, and the sharp saber tip was pressed against her throat.

“Don't make me repeat myself. If I hear your scream again, I'll kill you!” Xun Yi looked at her with cold eyes.

It wasn't until Xun Keru nodded while crying that Xun Yi withdrew his saber.

He was just about to leave when he paused again. “Those zombies outside can hear voices, smell scents, and even see prey. If you keep yelling like this, you’ll only end up as food for the zombies.”

“I won't scream anymore. Take me away with you. I’ll follow you wherever you go. Don't leave me here alone,” Xun Keru sobbed softly.

“You can follow if you want. If you insist on seeking your own death, I won't save you.”

With that said, Xun Yi walked to the door.

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