Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 39: Battling the Monster

They were adults, and Yin Fuchuan and Hua Cheng had been exposed to the corporate world for many years. They knew full well that ‘seeing’ was not the literal meaning.

Xun Yi felt that there was nothing to hide, so he said it outright, but after hearing this, Hua Cheng tightened his grip on his weapon and said solemnly, “Did he do something to you after you refused?”

Xun Yi chuckled. “How did you know I refused?”

Hua Cheng looked at him with certainty. “Because you’re not someone who’ll give in easily, especially in this kind of dealings.”

Xun Yi thought, ‘That’s because you don’t know me.’

If the person who wanted to make such a deal with him was Yin Fuchuan, he might even serve himself up on a silver platter. Alas.

With this regret, he couldn’t stop his gaze from straying to President Yin who was silent.

“Not exactly. Although he’s quite influential, he didn’t dominate the entertainment industry. At most, he can hinder my work projects or get the artists he supported to steal my resources, all crude and childish tricks.”

Hua Cheng snorted coldly. “A petty villain indeed.”

Yin Fuchuan remained silent, looking coldly at Chu Hongyi not far away. He stroked the scabbard slowly, lost in thoughts.

Chu Hongyi was gesturing with his sword. When he swung his sword, more than two dozen people charged at the monster, and a dozen people on the right followed suit.

Xun Yi and the other two drew their weapons and rushed to the monster too.

Xun Yi said solemnly, “Don't go too far away from me!”

Yin Fuchuan knew what Xun Yi meant. If Chu Hongyi wanted to sneak up from behind and play some dirty tricks, Xun Yi's protective shield could play a key role. If they were too far away, it might be useless.

Hua Cheng didn't know about the protective shield, but he believed in Xun Yi and would naturally listen to him.

The toad was alert to its surroundings and noticed the people attacking it from three directions. It targeted the group of people in front of it, also the largest group.

With one leap, it arrived in front of Chu Hongyi and his gang. Just when everyone thought that the monster was about to start killing, the toad suddenly changed its direction for some unknown reason and jumped toward the dozen or so people on the right.

The contenders didn’t expect the toad to come after them and were caught off guard. Several people died in one encounter.

The others couldn't escape and could only fight desperately in an attempt to buy some time. As a result, they became the main attacking team, while Chu Hongyi and the others became side assists.

“Master, any explanations?” Xun Yi asked his son as he ran.

“Someone in that group took the lead in attacking the monster so the aggro value was transferred.” With Xun Ye's gaming experience, this answer came easily.

Chu Hongyi's group arrived earlier than Xun Yi and the others. Judging from the distance, Xun Yi’s party was also the furthest away. By the time they arrived, the two groups had already surrounded the toad and were attacking it. Various weapons bombarded the monster.

Xun Yi came closer and slashed at the monster with his saber. The blade sank into the tough skin. He wanted to push in deeper, but it was a bit difficult and he could only pull away. The blood spilled green.

With the Milvus Sword, the wound made by Hua Cheng was deeper than the one made by Xun Yi, making it look quite easy.

Not to mention Yin Fuchuan, his blade submerged by half with one thrust.

The monster was agitated by these attacks. The long tongue darted out again and again, taking a life with each motion. The four claws also ripped apart many people, causing high casualties to the contenders who could only fight in close combat.

Xun Yi discovered that some people's weapons couldn't even break the skin of the monster when struck. It must be because their level was too low and caused too little damage to the monster.

However, several people had better weapon attributes. Even if their level was not high enough, they could still hurt the monster.

This was the first time that a human contender dared to fight a monster head-on like this.

Of course, that didn’t include those who escaped midway out of fear, and more of them died under the monster's tongue and claws. More than 30 people were quickly reduced to two-thirds not long after the fight began.

Yin Fuchuan glanced at Xun Yi and saw that he was attacking the monster’s side where it was less dangerous. He turned around and rushed to face the monster, and Hua Cheng followed closely, obviously wanting to go with him.

The two rushed to the front, and the long tongue that had harvested countless lives greeted them. Yin Fuchuan dodged to the side and the long tongue missed its mark but stabbed straight at Hua Cheng instead.

Yin Fuchuan slashed with his sword, cutting off the long tongue. The monster roared and shook its head from side to side. It dared not attack with its half-remaining tongue again and could only attack with its sharp claws.

Xun Yi also came around to the front and slashed cleanly, actually cutting off a limb emerging from the abdomen.

Yin Fuchuan and Hua Cheng approached the monster one after another, slashing and cutting off another two limbs. Just like this, only one remaining limb could hurt them. The other two limbs were hind legs. The monster had to rely on those to jump and couldn’t use it to attack. Judging from this, the monster had lost its advantage and no longer posed any threat.

Someone went past Xun Yi and wanted to cut off the last limb, but when he got closer, he was suddenly hit by an arrow on his back. His movements stopped and he was swept away to the side by the monster's claws.

When Xun Yi saw the arrow, he exclaimed in shock, “Watch out for the archer!”

After the reminder, he circled the monster and ran in the other direction. Yin Fuchuan and Hua Cheng were prepared for it. Seeing someone being shot by the arrow, they hid behind the monster, using it to block the sneak attack.

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