Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 38: Forming Teams to Fight the Monster

Someone said, “What do you mean by bringing a child with you? Are you taking him with you?”

Xun Yi pulled Xun Ye over, took out the sling, and put Xun Ye on his back in full view of everyone. With his actions, he told everyone that he was indeed taking the child with him.

Everyone had different expressions and quickly chose sides without further ado.

It was agreed that they would be divided into three teams. In the end, Chu Hongyi led more than 20 people, probably all his followers. The contenders who joined in later formed a team of their own, more than a dozen of them. Only Xun Yi and Hua Cheng stood together, while Yin Fuchuan stood alone.

Seeing this, Chu Hongyi smiled at Yin Fuchuan and said, “Brother Fuchuan, why don't you join my team?”

Chu Hongyi knew that Yin Fuchuan was a tough guy who could kill a giant zombie all by himself. When they saw the giant zombie on the street, they were so scared that they could only find a place to hide and wait until the giant zombie passed by before they dared to come out.

Not long after they came out, they heard roars and sounds of fighting not far away. When they arrived, the fight was over, the giant zombie was dead, and Yin Fuchuan was the only one left at the scene.

Amid his surprise, Chu Hongyi started to win over Yin Fuchuan. He told him about the monster and invited him to join the ‘treasure hunt’.

At that time, Yin Fuchuan had just killed a giant zombie and received many things. Hearing that a monster appeared nearby, his interest was piqued, and followed to see it. He went with the flow and stayed with Chu Hongyi, waiting to kill the monster together.

Chu Hongyi valued Yin Fuchuan very much and wanted to recruit him as one of his own, so he was naturally very polite and friendly to him.

Yin Fuchuan looked around and said with a smile, “Mr. Xun is alone with a child. He has saved my life before, so I think it’s better to stay with him.”

Xun Yi felt happy and looked at Yin Fuchuan with hope again.

Chu Hongyi glanced at Xun Yi, then looked at the child, and suggested, “Xun Yi, you can leave your child here. With my people on guard, nothing will happen to him. Just come back to pick him up after it's over.”

‘It’s because of your people here that I don't feel comfortable leaving Xun Ye behind.’

Xun Yi thought inwardly, but said aloud, “No need. I raised him and he can't live without me.”

Xun Ye rolled his eyes silently on Xun Yi's back.

‘You travel all over the world filming all day long. Since when can I not live without you?’

Chu Hongyi looked at Xun Yi, pondered for a moment, and said, “I'm just afraid that you’ll be injured because of the heavy burden during the fight. If your child is also injured because of that, I don’t think it’s a good idea. But if you insist on taking him with you, I won't say anything. Why don’t you join my team and follow me instead?”

Xun Yi's attitude was indifferent. “No need, the three of us is enough.”

Chu Hongyi's face darkened. Although he had coveted Xun Yi for a long time, compared with getting a powerful subordinate, gorgeous beauties could take a back seat.

His main target was Yin Fuchuan. He didn’t expect Xun Yi to take Yin Fuchuan on his side so unceremoniously.

Chu Hongyi’s face twitched and looked at Yin Fuchuan. “What do you think, Brother Fuchuan?”

Yin Fuchuan had a smile on his face and an easy-going attitude. “I’ll just go with Mr. Xun. He has few people on his side so his combat power must be weaker. In case the monster escapes in this direction, I should stay.”

There was a chill in Chu Hongyi's eyes, but it didn't show on his face. “In that case, we’ll go with this arrangement. Let’s go.”

"You really don’t know what’s good for you. I want to save your life, but since you don’t care for it, don't blame me for not giving you a chance if you die later!’

They quickly arrived near the area where the monster was. Chu Hongyi took the initiative and said, “I’ll lead my men to attack from the front. Our attack will be stronger with our numbers. Brother Fuchuan will take the left and you guys can take the right. If we work together, we can surely take down this monster.”

Xun Yi didn't expect Chu Hongyi would be so generous and volunteer to take on the most dangerous frontal attack.

Chu Hongyi said coldly, “This matter is of great importance. If one party didn’t give it their all and caused heavy casualties to someone else, I’ll never let him off. No matter what, I’ll chase him down and kill him. Please take note of this.”

After Chu Hongyi’s threat, everyone dispersed.

Xun Yi had been observing the people behind Chu Hongyi, trying to find the archer who attacked him earlier. Unfortunately, he couldn't tell after a long while and vaguely had a guess.

Maybe Chu Hongyi had more men than these.

Xun Yi, Yin Fuchuan, and Hua Cheng walked to the designated spot on the left of the monster. The three parties formed a triangle and surrounded the monster.

Hua Cheng whispered, “The archer is not among them. He should be hiding in ambush.”

Xun Yi wasn’t surprised at Hua Cheng’s discovery at all. He had personally experienced the feeling of being hit by an arrow so he had to keep an eye out for the archer.

Xun Yi reminded him, “This Chu Hongyi is a despicable villain. He’ll never let others take the EXP for killing the monster or share the loot with anyone else. We have to watch out for sneak attacks.”

Yin Fuchuan's focus was a bit skewed. “You knew him from before?”

“He was the boss of Hongyi Media. When I first became famous, he said that he wanted to support me, but the prerequisite was that I have to show up whenever he wanted to see me.”

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