Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 37: Issues with Team Allocation

Yin Fuchuan explained, “Even if commoners kill zombies now, the attribute panel won’t appear, and they cannot become contenders.”

Xun Yi realized that this was probably not a new phenomenon. The categorization of human beings had already been determined since the night when the Supernal Magic Cube announced the end of the trial period.

Contenders and commoners.

There was no doubt that contenders would become stronger and go further in doomsday, eventually becoming one of the people to end the Supernal Magic Cube game, while commoners without abilities would only become victims of the Doomsday Gaming Field.

Supernal Magic Cube had given humans the opportunity to choose. It only depended on whether humans could grab it.

Xun Yi sensed that Chu Hongyi’s attitude toward contenders and commoners was totally different. He tended to win over contenders while treating commoners with contempt and servitude.

Xun Yi said no more. He wanted to kill the toad and enter the monster cave to see what he could find too.

“How many people do you have now? Is it enough to kill this monster?”

Chu Hongyi smiled. “We have almost enough. Apart from you guys, we have also invited some other contenders to join forces to kill this monster. Including you, there are a total of 38 people.”

Xun Yi nodded. “When will we take action?”

Chu Hongyi sized Xun Yi up. “We’ll do it today. We have tested it several times and figured out the monster's habits. As long as everyone does this together, we can definitely kill this monster.”

Chu Hongyi deliberately avoided mentioning the vortex, obviously meaning to keep the treasure to himself.

Chu Hongyi said, “Let’s head back now. Once the plan is finalized, we’ll work together to kill this monster.”

Everyone had no objection and left with Chu Hongyi.

Hua Cheng remained next to Xun Yi. Seeing Xun Ye so close to an unfamiliar person, he was a little curious and asked in a low voice, “That person is…”

Xun Yi briefly introduced Yin Fuchuan to Hua Cheng in a low voice.

“I’ve received a lot of help from him in the past two years. I didn't expect to meet him.” Xun Yi looked at the silhouette, a little lost in thought.

Hua Cheng paused and said, “So you knew each other before?”

Xun Yi shook his head. “Not really. We just met once by chance.”

Up in front, Yin Fuchuan stopped and waited for them. “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing. Why are you… here?” Xun Yi’s usual nerves in Yin Fuchuan's presence had been diluted by his indifference and distance. Xun Yi finally asked this question.

Yin Fuchuan glanced at Chu Hongyi who was walking at the front and smiled lightly. “Just like you, I was ‘invited’ by this group of people to deal with the monster.”

Xun Yi caught on. Under such circumstances, there was no way to refuse. He could only cooperate, just like them.

The group of people returned to the two-story building. As soon as they entered the door, they saw many flustered people huddled in the corner by the wall. They looked miserable, dressed in rags, and dared not look anyone in the eyes. They could only peek around, obviously scared out of their wits.

Some people stood inside and outside the door on the first floor. Judging from their demeanor and self-confidence, they should all be contenders. It had only been a few days since the Doomsday Gaming Field started, but there was already such a big gap between commoners and contenders.

“Everyone, come here for a meeting.” Chu Hongyi clapped his hands and called all the contenders outside the door to come in.

It was a varied mix of people with various weapons in their hands.

The oldest one was about forty or fifty years old with a big hammer in his hand. The hammer’s appearance seemed quite unusual, most probably a crystal card weapon.

“We have figured out the monster’s attack and can lure it away. It can attack with its tongue and limbs and has strong jumping ability. To deal with this monster, we can definitely kill it as long as we surround and attack together.”

‘No, not only can it attack with its claws and tongue, but also with poisonous slurry,’ Xun Yi thought silently.

He didn’t mention it because he couldn't explain it.

Chu Hongyi added, “We have 38 contenders now. Two will remain here to watch the survivors. The rest will be divided into three teams, with 12 people in each team attacking from three directions. What do you think?”

While Chu Hongyi took the lead, he attempted democracy and asked for other people’s opinions. After all, not all of the contenders in attendance were his followers. Some contenders like Xun Yi and Yin Fuchuan were recruited along the way.

Chu Hongyi knew that these people might not be loyal to him.

Sure enough, as soon as Chu Hongyi said this, someone immediately raised objections.

“There’s only one monster. Even if all of us attack together, only one person will gain EXP for the final kill. For others who fought so hard even at the cost of their lives, what will they gain in the end?”

Chu Hongyi replied, “Whoever can kill the monster and get that experience depends on individual ability.”

“As for the treasures that may appear after the monster is killed, you may not believe me even if I say we can distribute them equally. It's impossible for each person to get one treasure by coincidence, so I can only say that when the treasure does appear, we can only rely on our abilities, and whoever grabs it will get it. But before that, we must join forces to kill the monster.”

To become a contender, they must have killed zombies in person. Maybe they might be too timid to kill in the past, but once they crossed that threshold, not to mention killing zombies, they might not even feel the psychological burden of killing humans.

Someone laughed and said, “Sounds good to me. It depends on our ability to get what we want.”

“In that case, we should be given the freedom to choose our teammates. The team we join should depend on our own free will, not decided by Boss Chu. Is that too much to ask?”

Hearing that, many people turned their attention to Xun Ye in Yin Fuchuan's arms.

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