Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 36: Chu Hongyi’s Lame Excuse

As Chu Hongyi said this, he walked up to Xun Yi and laughed loudly. “Xun Yi, long time no see. I didn't expect to meet you here. This must be fate.”

Xun Yi looked at the hand stretched out in front of him coldly but made no move to shake it. He had no hands to spare. He held a saber in one hand and Xun Ye in the other.

He furtively glanced at Yin Fuchuan who stood behind. There was no unnecessary expression on his face as if he didn't recognize them. His enthusiasm suddenly cooled down.

The smile on Chu Hongyi's face faded a bit, and he withdrew his hand. “It's already Doomsday, and you haven't changed at all, still as arrogant as ever.”

“Are you the boss of these people?”

Xun Yi didn't expect to meet the boss of Hongyi Media here. What a small world.

“I just want to make a name for ourselves with my band of brothers in this dangerous world of doomsday.”

Chu Hongyi never took his eyes away from Xun Yi, not hiding the explicit look in his eyes.

Times of peace never prevented him from coveting Xun Yi, let alone now.

“The world is dangerous because there are humans around.” As Xun Yi spoke, his eyes fell on Yin Fuchuan who was walking over.

A cold light flashed in Chu Hongyi's eyes. The accusation in Xun Yi’s words was obvious.

His eyes fell on the child beside him, and surprise flashed in his eyes. “Is this your rumored illegitimate child? He's so beautiful.”

Xun Yi tightened the grip on his saber and a killing intent surged in him. It was not a good thing to be praised by this person for good looks.

“President Yin, why are you here? We have been looking for you.” Xun Ye looked at him with bright eyes.

Hua Cheng stood next to Xun Yi and saw clearly the gaze of the middle-aged man in front of him. Hua Cheng couldn’t help but want to slash with his sword at this unabashed and sleazy gaze.

He took a protective stance next to Xun Yi. After hearing Xun Ye's words, he looked over and saw a man who was as handsome as a Greek god, with a calm and noble demeanor, and a smile on his face. He looked like an easy-going man, but Hua Cheng couldn’t help but feel that hidden under that serene appearance, the man in front of him was sharp and difficult to deal with.

Yin Fuchuan smiled amiably and squatted down. He held his arms wide open and just smiled at the little guy without saying a word.

Xun Ye's eyes lit up. He let go of Xun Yi's hand and jumped into Yin Fuchuan’s arms.

Xun Yi wanted to stop him, but Xun Ye had already rushed over.

What the hell? He was so cold to him. Why was he so nice to Xun Ye?

Yin Fuchuan picked up Xun Ye with a restrained smile on his face. He looked at Xun Yi, and his tone was distant and unfamiliar. “What brings you here? Where are the other survivors?”

Xun Yi stared at him briefly, confused by his attitude. “Oh, the other survivors have left. They injured my friend, so I’m here to see who is gathered here.”

Yin Fuchuan looked at the handsome man next to Xun Yi. He looked down and saw the large area of dried blood on his pants and the hole cut around it. He promptly understood.

He nodded to Hua Cheng as a greeting.

Chu Hongyi looked at Yin Fuchuan and then at Xun Yi. “Do you know each other?”

Yin Fuchuan's tone was cold and understated. “Not really. We just took refuge at the same place.”

Xun Yi lowered his eyes without denying it. His heart twitched in pain.

Sure enough, to Yin Fuchuan, he was just an acquainted stranger.

Chu Hongyi looked at them suspiciously and thought to himself, ‘You even hugged his child. Is this really just taking refuge together?’

“The monster is back!” The person standing on guard in the distance alerted loudly.

Chu Hongyi turned around and ran without hesitation. “Let’s go!”

A group of people left the place quickly, and Xun Yi and Hua Cheng followed suit. Not far away, they saw the Blood-Eyed Toad hopping back to the vortex without noticing them.

Chu Hongyi stopped, turned around, and pointed at the Blood-Eyed Toad. He said, “See, that's the monster we have to deal with. We are short of manpower now and need a lot of contenders. If you join us, you’ll definitely get a share of the rewards.”

Xun Yi said, “Did you send your guys to capture survivors?”

Chu Hongyi said righteously, “I’m saving them. Instead of being eaten by zombies, why not come and work for me? After I kill this monster, I’ll build a shelter. When the time comes, these survivors will enter my shelter. Of course, sacrifices are necessary in the early stages of building a shelter.”

Xun Yi sneered inwardly. This was not sacrifice but massacre. He was sure that no survivor would want to enter his shelter.

Chu Hongyi said matter-of-factly, “Commoners are destined to remain at the bottom rung of Doomsday. The mysterious force that did this has given everyone the same opportunity. If they have plucked up the courage to kill zombies on the first day of doomsday, they can become contenders.”

“But they gave up. They were timid, cowardly, and refused to take the risk. They missed the best chance to become a contender. By the time they realized it and wanted to become a contender, the chance had passed. I’m not the one who caused this but themselves. They chose to become prey.”

Xun Yi couldn't help but look at Yin Fuchuan. He didn't believe Chu Hongyi, but he believed Yin Fuchuan.

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