Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 35: Meeting an Acquaintance

After Xun Ye witnessed everything, his little face tensed up, and his little fists clenched tightly. He gritted his teeth and said, “I want to kill that scumbag.”

Xun Yi seemed to have gotten used to such things. “Many scumbags like that will appear. Can you kill them all?”

“I’ll kill one when I see one. I don’t care if I can kill them all. As long as they appear in front of me, I’ll kill them!” Xun Ye said decisively.

“If you want to kill, you must have the strength to kill. You aren’t strong enough now.” Xun Yi did not stop him, but just told him the facts.

Xun Ye clenched his fists for a long time before he said, “Where can I find bullets? I need bullets.”

Xun Ye had discovered that using a dagger to kill zombies was much slower than using a gun. As long as he had enough bullets, he could hide and get rid of a horde of zombies.

“We probably have to find a military camp for that,” Xun Yi said.

The three people followed the group from a distance. By doing so, they could find out their stronghold and the exact location of the monster.

A short distance later, they saw a small and intact two-story building.

Several people with various weapons in their hands stood in front of the small building with a few survivors. Including those who were just captured, there were almost ten of them.

“Let’s go, and don’t cause any more trouble. If anyone dares to run away, we’ll cut off their legs and throw them to the zombies.”

The leader said coldly and drove the survivors forward. Xun Yi and his gang continued to follow from a distance. They should be heading to the monster. Xun Yi planned to see the monster first and estimate its strength.

Those armed with weapons killed all the zombies they encountered on the way and prevented them from harming the survivors.

From this point of view, it seemed that they were intentionally protecting the survivors, but no one would naively think that these people were trying to protect the survivors from harm. They just didn’t want to lose their bait on the way.

They walked in twists and turns for a long time but encountered very few zombies. Maybe the zombies were afraid of the monster. The further they went, the fewer zombies they encountered. In the end, no zombies could be seen. They probably ran somewhere else.

Hua Cheng looked in one direction and gestured to Xun Yi. Instead of following him, he crawled through the ruins of the building and moved stealthily ahead.

“There’s an archer among these people who often hide in ambush at a distance. Maybe we won’t see him if we go this way, but he’ll discover us first.” Having fallen victim before, Hua Cheng wouldn’t repeat the mistake a second time.

They crawled through the ruins of the building and finally saw the huge creature in front of them. It was exactly as Hua Cheng described.

It squatted there motionless with a pair of protruding red eyes, glancing left and right as if wary of its surroundings. Its back was covered with large bulges that made everyone shudder at the sight.

The ‘spinning air vortex’ that Hua Cheng mentioned was behind the monster where the suspected treasure was located.

Xun Ye saw this big guy and said matter-of-factly, “Isn’t it just a mutated big frog?”

Xun Yi didn't know what it was, so he vaguely said, “Maybe.”

Xun Yi insisted on coming to see it in person because he wanted to test if he could look at the target’s attribute panel.

To verify that ability, he saw the attributes of a zombie with levels. He clearly saw the zombie’s level, so Xun Yi thought that maybe he could see the attribute panel of this monster too.

He was too far away. They had to get closer.

“Don't get too close. The monster's tongue can extend very far,” Hua Cheng reminded him.

Xun Yi nodded and moved closer. He hid behind a broken wall and searched for the right angle. Xun Yi stared at the monster and counted to five silently. An attribute panel appeared in front of him.

Name: Blood-Eyed Toad

Species: Data Monster

Level: 10

HP: 9999

Special Skills: Claw Strike, Tongue Nail, Poisonous Slurry

Description: Guardian of the Poltergeist Cave. Defeat it to unlock Poltergeist Cave.

An overwhelming sense of fatigue swept through Xun Yi, and his brain became confused and fuzzy. Xun Yi was very familiar with this feeling, which only occurred when his mental spirit was exhausted.

Xun Yi quickly checked his mental spirit and found that he had consumed 80% of it. No wonder he felt so tired.

But it was worth it. He could plan his next steps after getting the details of this monster.

He must enter this cave. Any caves, secret realms, or lands of peril would be full of treasures and experience waiting to be looted. To get any EXP outside, they had to kill zombies one by one, but it was different in a cave.

Xun Yi felt a little excited. He required thorough planning to defeat this Blood-Eyed Toad.

As Xun Yi pondered, the motionless toad opened its mouth and extended its long tongue. A survivor who was forced to move forward was pierced through the body. When the long tongue retracted, the survivor was swept into the toad’s mouth.

At this scene, the second survivor not far away screamed and turned to run away. The third survivor further away followed suit.

The Blood-Eyed Toad kicked off the ground with its hind legs and jumped several meters high, landing in front of the second and third survivors.

The long tongue extended again, reeling the two survivors into its mouth. Like a hungry snake, it chased after the running survivors and began taking lives one after another.

As soon as the Blood-Eyed Toad left, the people hiding nearby rushed out. They quickly ran to the vortex and began to examine it.

If Xun Yi didn’t have the ability to see the monster’s attribute panel, he might be curious about the vortex too. But now, he was no longer interested.

That was no treasure at all!

If Xun Yi guessed correctly, the vortex should be the entrance to the Poltergeist Cave, which would only appear after killing the toad.

“Look, is that President Yin?” Xun Ye suddenly exclaimed.

Xun Yi, who was deep in thought, felt his heart skip a beat and looked up. Sure enough, he saw a tall and slender man among the crowd near the vortex, none other than Yin Fuchuan who was separated from them yesterday.

He was actually here! Hanging out with these thugs!

Seeing that the person he cared about was still alive, Xun Yi's tense nerves finally relaxed and he breathed a sigh of relief. At this moment…


With a whistling sound, an arrow shot at Xun Ye.

Xun Yi's pupils constricted. Without even the time to make a sound, he ran to Xun Ye, grabbed him, and fell into the uneven ruins.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three arrows in a row aimed at Xun Yi and Xun Ye.

Xun Yi kept rolling around in the ruins with Xun Ye in his arms. It happened so fast that Hua Cheng didn't even have time to react before he saw the arrows chasing after Xun Yi and Xun Ye.

He looked around and found a broken door panel. He picked it up and ran toward Xun Yi.

Thud! Thud!

Two arrows hit the door panel. Hua Cheng held the door panel with one hand and reached for Xun Yi with the other hand. He had restored the Milvus Sword into a crystal card and kept it in his pocket. “Get up!”

Xun Yi stood up with Hua Cheng’s help, carrying Xun Ye with one arm. He was just about to use the Magic Cube Domain when he noticed the uneven ruins. He knew that even if he used the Magic Cube Domain, he couldn't slide out from here. With broken walls everywhere, there was no way he could escape unless he could fly with the Magic Cube Domain.

When he saw a group of people surrounding them, Xun Yi's eyes flickered as an idea formed in his mind.

Facing these extremely vicious people, it was best to use as few trump cards as possible. Maybe they didn't want to kill him at first, but they might change their minds after seeing his treasure.

Xun Yi glanced back. The people gathered around the vortex noticed the commotion and glanced over too.

“We are surrounded. Let’s fight our way out.” Hua Cheng took out the weapon crystal card as he spoke.

“No, let’s see what they want.”

Even if they wanted to leave, it wouldn’t be that easy. There was a long-range archer outside and a close-combat encirclement inside. It was very unlikely to break out. They might as well stay and see if they could gain something.

Whether it was killing the Blood-Eyed Toad or entering the cave, they needed manpower. He and Hua Cheng couldn’t do it by themselves. It was better to take advantage of the situation and ask Yin Fuchuan why he was here by the way.

The people who gathered around did not get too close, but shouted to them from 30 meters away, “Commoners or contenders?”

Xun Yi sneered. “Is there any difference?”

The other party sneered too. “Big difference. Contenders can stay. We’re short of manpower. Commoners can only end up as bait.”

The boss of this group seemed to be recruiting people to deal with the monster.

Xun Yi took the initiative to put away the saber and expressed his view, “I want to see your boss.”

Hua Cheng glanced at Xun Yi and silently put away the crystal card in his hand.

The spokesperson made a gesture in the air, probably to tell the archer to stop shooting. The people surrounding him opened a gap for Xun Yi to go to the vortex.

As Xun Yi walked, he was wary of the archer hiding in the dark, wondering if he would suddenly shoot more arrows. If he dared to attack again, Xun Yi could only activate the Magic Cube Domain to block it.

He couldn’t run with it, but he could use it as a defensive shield.

Yin Fuchuan saw the two and narrowed his eyes.

They came to this area too?

Chu Hongyi said, “It seems that our team will be getting bigger. We have more confidence in dealing with that monster now, but I wonder how strong the people we found this time are.”

When they approached, Chu Hongyi stared at them carefully and suddenly laughed. “Oh, it’s an old acquaintance too.”

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