Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 34: Captive Commoners

Without further ado, Xun Yi took the Milvus Sword and tested the weight in his hand. Then, he used it to cut off a zombie's head, which took no effort at all. As expected of a weapon of rare quality, it was extremely sharp.

Xun Yi returned the Milvus Sword to Hua Cheng. Hua Cheng didn't know any sword techniques, but he was good at fighting.

His mother was a dancer and his father was a soldier, so his fighting skills couldn’t be that bad no matter what. Despite his elegant and scholarly appearance, he couldn’t disregard his father’s expectations for his son.

It was okay not to join the army, but he must know how to fight.

Although he didn’t know any sword techniques, he could still kill zombies. Hua Cheng simply swung the sword around without any guilt.

Xun Yi tried the sharpness of the Milvus Sword. Compared with the saber in his hand, he estimated his saber to be 2 or 3 attack points.

Yin Fuchuan didn't tell him, so he didn't know, but compared with the sword Hua Cheng asked the Japanese master to forge for him, the saber given to him by Yin Fuchuan was sharper, lighter, and easier to wield.

Of course, most importantly, it was a gift from Yin Fuchuan.

Xun Yi felt very close to this saber, and he valued ​​it very much. Even if someone tried to exchange a rare crystal card weapon with him, he might refuse.


The three of them halted in unison. Rapid sounds of footsteps came not far ahead. Xun Yi grabbed Xun Ye and ran to an abandoned building on the street.

Hua Cheng followed, and the three of them hid behind a broken wall.

Sure enough, several people ran in this direction in a panic. They were chased by two people with swords, not zombies.

The few people in front looked back while running, looking very scared. The person in the lead ran very fast but was knocked down by a zombie with levels that suddenly jumped out of the ruins.

“Argh! Help!”

The person who was knocked down struggled hard and shouted loudly. The others were so scared that they stopped running. A man-eating zombie stood in their path in front, while another two people chased them from behind, blocking their way of escape. They knew full well that they had no way out and would definitely die today.

One of the women in the group saw the man who had been knocked down struggling under the zombie and cried loudly, “Please, save him. He’s going to die.”

The two men walked over slowly with swords in their hands and sneers on their faces. “Save him? Why save him when he asked for it? Don't worry, you’ll join him soon enough.”

The woman sat on the ground miserably and cried loudly, cursing them to hell and back.

The two men scowled fiercely. One of them stepped forward, grabbed the woman's hair, and dragged her back over the ground.

The woman screamed and kept struggling, but she was grabbed by her hair and couldn't break free at all. She could only push her feet on the ground and move back to reduce the pain in her head.

“Do you guys want to walk on your own or let me chop off your limbs before feeding you to zombies?” the other guy with the sword spat at them with disdain.

Several people had ashen faces. They were afraid of both death and having their limbs chopped off. Since death was inevitable, they’d rather die a quick death and suffer less.

One of the men turned around and rushed to the side in a frenzy. He crashed his head against the wall, actually trying to commit suicide.

Suicide required courage. A human being’s natural reaction to pain was to shrink back, so the man hit his head until it was bleeding, but he didn’t die, and fell to the ground in a daze instead.

Seeing that his words fell on deaf ears, the man with a sword felt his killing intent raging. He walked over quickly and kicked the man in the chest.

“You want to die? You live like a dog and you dare to seek death in front of me? If you really have the balls, why not kill zombies when doomsday first started? If you became a contender, you wouldn't be a commoner captured by contenders now. Don’t you think it’s too late to put up a fight?”

The man kicked him repeatedly, and no one knew how many ribs were broken. The suicidal man screamed in agony.

Still frustrated, the man swung his big sword and chopped off one of the suicidal man's legs. Blood splashed everywhere, and the suicidal man's screams could be heard across several streets.

And it wasn't over yet. He slashed again and cut off the other leg before heading back to the street. He watched with great interest as a group of zombies attracted by the smell of blood rushed to eat the man who failed to commit suicide.

The others who wanted to escape earlier trembled like jelly, too scared to look at the man who was eaten alive by the zombies.

“Do you still want to run? This is the consequence of disobeying us. The boss asked you to lure the monsters, not to deny you a chance to survive. As long as you run fast enough before the monsters can eat you, that’s your way out. Why do this to yourself? If you want to survive, just run as hard as you can!”

The sword-wielding men kicked them up and drove them back like herding cattle.

The three people hiding behind the wall witnessed this tragic scene. Xun Yi wanted to cover Xun Ye's eyes to prevent him from watching, but he changed his mind at the last minute.

He thought of Yin Fuchuan's remark. In this era, Xun Ye must become stronger and stop relying on other people to protect him. He should also realize that such bloodshed was the rule of survival in doomsday.

It was survival of the fittest, and the law of the jungle. If prey had the strength, they could easily overpower the predator, instead of ending up like this.

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