Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 33: A Stroke of Good Luck

Xun Yi took out a pale blue crystal card and handed it to Lu Di.

Lu Di was puzzled. He took it for a look, and a prompt appeared in front of him.

[Double-headed ax, common, attack +1. The double-edged blades are extremely sharp.]

Lu Di's doubts instantly turned into surprise, and he looked at Xun Yi uncertainly. “I-Is this for me?”

“It belongs to you now. Protect Aunt Yu for me,” Xun Yi said.

“Yes, I promise to complete the mission.”

After Lu Di said that, he crushed the weapon crystal card, and an imposing double-headed ax appeared in his hand. The ax was beautiful and elegant. The handle was about 60 centimeters long and could be wielded with one or both hands. The only drawback was the heavy weight, which could be an advantage when adding momentum to the swing too.

Li Rui looked at the exquisite double-headed ax in Lu Di's hand and couldn't help but tighten his grip on his pickaxe.

After a thought, he said, “Hua-ge is about to take risks with you. Isn’t it more suitable for Hua-ge to use this ax?”

Xun Yi glanced at him coldly without replying. He said, “Let’s go.”

Because of Li Rui's remark, Yu Xiao couldn't help but glance at the fire ax in Hua Cheng's hand. Compared with the ax from the crystal card, the fire ax in Hua Cheng's hand looked pathetic and shabby.

Yu Xiao paused and said, “Is Xiao-ye going with you too?”

“Yeah, I’ll bring him with me. I need someone behind me to dig for magic crystals while I kill zombies.”

Xun Yi gave her one of the reasons, but more importantly, he didn't want Xun Ye to leave his sight. He would take him with him no matter where he went.

Hua Cheng gave them a few more instructions before leaving.

Before they jumped down the stairs, they smashed the remaining half of the stairs to make it shorter. It would be safer this way.

When they reached the street, Xun Yi put Xun Ye down. He killed zombies in front, while Xun Ye dug for magic crystals in the back, and occasionally stabbed an ordinary zombie to death.

Xun Yi killed in front, and Hua Cheng killed in the back, sandwiching Xun Ye in the middle so that he could dig magic crystals more conveniently.

“Do you blame me, Hua-ge?” Xun Yi popped a question out of the blue.

Hua Cheng smiled, but he understood the question.

“There’s nothing to blame. That double-headed ax looks impressive, but it doesn't suit me.”

Xun Yi grinned. “I think so too.”

Xun Ye held a dagger in his hand and waved it in the air. “Hua-ge’s good looks and immortal appearance shouldn’t be ruined by an axe.”

Hua Cheng laughed. “Then why don’t you tell me what kind of weapon is suitable for me, Xiao-ye?”

Xun Ye said without thinking, “A sword, of course. A gentleman as gentle as jade describes exactly someone like Hua-ge, a perfect match in both appearance and temperament, so you can only choose a sword.”

Hua Cheng smiled and said, “Thank you for the compliment. What do you think, Xun Yi?”

“A sword suits you better,” Xun Yi said.

“I prefer swords too,” Hua Cheng said with a smile on his face.

The three of them killed along the way, getting closer to the place where the monster was. When zombies with levels attacked, Xun Yi and Hua Cheng would attack together, not giving them a chance to escape. One was for experience, and the other was for looting equipment.

With a stroke of good luck, a crystal card dropped from a level 7 zombie after killing more than a dozen zombies with levels.

Xun Yi killed this level 7 zombie. Hua Cheng had just reached level 7 and still found it difficult to deal with one. Besides, he had no weapons at his disposal, so Xun Yi had to make the kill.

Xun Yi grabbed the crystal card and took one look at it. His expression suddenly became extremely complicated. He glanced at Hua Cheng, and then at the crystal card, and repeated the process again.

Hua Cheng was so amused by his appearance that he burst into laughter. “What makes you look at me like this?”

Xun Ye dropped what he was doing and ran over. He stood on tiptoes and touched the crystal card with his hand. When he saw the information on it, he immediately cursed, “WTF?”

Xun Yi smacked him on the head and handed the crystal card to Hua Cheng. “See for yourself.”

Hua Cheng took the crystal card and a prompt appeared.

[Milvus Sword, rare, attack +5, very sharp, please use it with caution.]

At this time, not only did Xun Yi and his son look odd, but Hua Cheng was no exception.

“The game master has bestowed his power upon us. We really got what we wanted. While luck is still upon us, let’s get more equipment. Gentlemen, come on, let’s get to work to kill monsters and loot equipment,” Xun Ye said excitedly.

However, no matter how they killed after that, nothing else was found, as if all the good luck had been spent on the weapon crystal card just now.

Hua Cheng wielded the Milvus Sword that had a white body and scabbard. With one swing, it looked like a shadow of snow passing through the air. The sword glowed with a tinge of purple, an item of extraordinary quality at a glance.

Xun Yi watched Hua Cheng harvesting zombie heads easily, just like cutting tofu, without any effort at all, completely different from how he wielded the fire ax just now. He couldn’t help but wonder what difference did the attack +5 felt like.

As Xun Yi kept glancing at his sword, Hua Cheng handed the sword to him as if he had read his mind.

“Try it.”

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