Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 31: Seeing the Monster in Person

Xun Ye still acted like a child and said whatever came to his mind. He asked excitedly, “Does President Yin have something similar? I saw that he can conjure things out of thin air too.”

Xun Yi couldn't answer this question, but he was certain that President Yin must have something similar to space equipment. He took the saber out of thin air in full view of everyone.

“President Yin may have something similar, but it's not necessarily this. The wood spirit space is a secret and you cannot tell anyone about it. Do you understand?” Xun Yi warned him seriously.

Xun Ye nodded. “Don’t worry. Don’t flaunt your wealth in public. I know that.”

“So, it’s called the wood spirit space, huh?”

“Xun Yi, don't you think it's strange? The space is in the leaf, but the leaf isn’t the driving force. Instead, the seed is the energy center of the whole space. I can sense that the seed is inextricably linked with the leaf. When the sapling was growing rapidly in the space, a gush of warm energy from the seed flowed into my palm. Moreover, I’m the master of this small space and can use and control it at will. Is your space the same as mine?”

“It's a little different.”

The ‘seed energy center’ didn’t exist in his wood spirit space.

Xun Ye scratched his head and asked softly, “Then can you tell me where such a magical thing came from?”

Xun Yi had no choice but to show him his right palm, knowing that he was very curious.

When he saw the fading green leaves on Xun Yi’s palm, Xun Ye nodded in understanding without further questions but simply said, “I know, this is genetics. I’m indeed your biological child.”

Xun Yi laughed. What did this have to do with genetics? Even so, it couldn’t be done through a fruit, right?

“Since everything started from the ‘seed’, you can try and see if you can absorb the energy inside. I think the source of wood spirit energy should be in that seed.”

Xun Ye nodded. “I think so too. Let me try and see if I can discover anything.”

Xun Yi finally relaxed. With the flashlight from his mobile phone, he started searching through the fresh storage cabinet.

Xun Ye glanced at the black mush and wrinkled his little nose in disgust. “It stinks!”

The smell of rotting meat was really unpleasant.

Xun Yi found another vacuum-packed corn, a bag of packaged roast duck, and a bag of deli elbows inside, as well as several fruits vacuum-packed in a bag, including bananas, apples, and oranges.

Xun Ye watched as Xun Yi found the food from the rotten pile and started drooling.

Such things were readily available during peace, but during doomsday when all food was rotten, they were delicacies.

Without opening the bags, Xun Yi rinsed away the rot on the bags with mineral water.

“What are you doing? Why are you hiding here without going out?” a voice suddenly rang from behind them.

Xun Ye was startled and turned around to see Li Rui standing behind him.

Xun Yi had his back facing him and didn’t turn around at once. With a press of his right hand, he kept all the things in the small space in the leaf before he turned around.

Li Rui glanced behind him. “What are you washing?”

He heard the sound of pouring water when he entered.

Xun Ye immediately became nervous. If others knew that they found something delicious, they might have to share it.

“An apple.” Xun Yi calmly rinsed his hands with the remaining mineral water.

Li Rui sneered coldly. “An apple? Are you sure?”

All the food had rotted in just two days. He saw this with his own eyes. How could there still be apples?

Xun Yi shook off the water in his hand, turned around, and took the apple from the fresh storage. It was obviously freshly washed with water droplets on it.

Xun Yi had examined it time and again. It was just an ordinary apple. It was a complete coincidence that he suddenly entered a strange space just now. To verify it, he not only touched the apple again and again, but also all the newly found apples, bananas, and oranges. He couldn’t enter the space with the giant tree again, so Xun Yi judged that it was a coincidence.

Xun Yi handed the apple to Xun Ye, who took a bite from it.

The crisp sound of biting into an apple was mouthwatering.

Xun Ye took a bite and his mouth was filled with sweet and sour juice. He handed the apple to Xun Yi. “Have a bite too.”

Xun Yi grabbed Xun Ye's hand and took a small bite.

“Why are you here?” Xun Yi asked Li Rui while chewing the bite of the apple.

Li Rui looked at the father and son coldly. “We’re busy killing zombies outside while you guys are hiding in here and eating in secret. I’m amazed at your selfishness.”

Li Rui finished speaking in a huff and turned around to walk back. Before leaving, he took another look at the fresh storage cabinet behind Xun Yi.

Xun Ye was puzzled. “What’s up with him? Aren’t we allowed to eat the food we found?”

“Ignore him.” After Xun Yi said that, he walked around the kitchen again. He put everything he could possibly use into the leaf space before going out.

As he walked past the liquor cabinet at the back of the front hall, he pretended to be searching for mineral water and kept all the intact liquor he could find in the leaf space.

Although liquor couldn’t satisfy one’s hunger, it had many other uses.

Since he could take it away, Xun Yi wouldn’t miss the chance.

When they came to the front hall, Lu Di and Hua Cheng were guarding the window. Yu Xiao was squatting on the ground digging for magic crystals, just like when she followed Xun Yi, while Li Rui helped open the zombie's head. When he saw Xun Yi and Xun Ye coming out, he just glanced at them coldly.

Hua Cheng turned around and asked, “Did you find anything?”

“There, Xun Ye is eating it,” Xun Yi pursed his lips.

Xun Ye ran over obediently and handed the half-eaten apple to Hua Cheng.

“Hua-ge, I left half for you. Xun Yi found this in a pile of rotten stuff. It was packed in a bag, so it’s still good.”

Hua Cheng glanced at it and smiled. “It’s rare to find a fresh apple. Go ahead and finish it.”

Xun Ye held the apple up obstinately. “I didn’t finish it because I wanted to leave some for you. You lost a lot of blood. You need to eat some apple to recover.”

“Hua-ge, just take it. He only gave me one bite because he wanted to give it to you to replenish your blood.” Xun Yi stood aside with the saber in hand.

Yu Xiao laughed and persuaded, “Since the little one is so kind, don’t say no.”

Xun Ye urged, “If you don't eat it quickly, it’ll turn bad soon.”

Hua Cheng bent down, took Xun Ye's hand, and took a big bite of the half-eaten apple. “Okay, I’ve taken a bite. The rest is yours. Finish it quickly.”

No matter how nutritionally deficient Hua Cheng was, he could hardly fight with a kid over food.

The few survivors huddled behind the door watched helplessly as the half-eaten apple was being pushed around. They wanted to rush forward and grab it, but they didn't dare. They could only smell the faint apple fragrance and drool.

They thought maybe they could eat the core later.

Xun Ye stopped insisting and ate the remaining apple down to the core, only spitting out a few black seeds in the end, which disappointed the survivors.

Xun Ye looked at the seeds for a while, reluctant to throw them away, and put them in his pocket instead. He thought maybe he could plant an apple tree once they settled down so he’d have apples to eat in the future.

They could no longer stay on the first floor. The zombies had discovered them, squeezing in one after another, and they couldn't kill them all. After digging out all the magic crystals, Xun Yi led them around to the back of the shop and up to the second floor.

It was getting dark and it was even more dangerous outside. They could only hide on the second floor for the night.

The survivors also followed them to the second floor tremblingly.

Only one room on the second floor was intact, and several people gathered in that room.

It was a bedroom with a bed inside, and the bedding was still intact. Xun Yi closed the door and window, blocking the door with a table before letting Xun Ye and Yu Xiao sleep on the bed.

The others would either lie on the floor or sleep against a wall for the night.

Yu Xiao knew that Xun Yi needed a lot of magic crystals, so she handed Xun Yi more than a dozen magic crystals she dug out earlier.

“Here, I collected these just now. Thank you for finding the healing potion for Hua Cheng.”

The black diamond-shaped magic crystals had been rinsed clean with water.

Xun Yi and Hua Cheng sat side by side on the floor. He didn’t expect that Yu Xiao would suddenly give him magic crystals.

He looked at Li Rui on the other side of the room. Sure enough, the latter looked unhappy.

“Auntie, magic crystals are very important in doomsday. Didn't you hear that voice mentioning magic crystals many times? How can you just give them away like this?” Li Rui was still quite polite to Yu Xiao.

Hua Cheng noticed the inappropriateness of his mother’s actions too. “Mom, several people worked together to get these magic crystals. How can you decide to give them away on your own?”

Yu Xiao was taken aback before she recalled. Lu Di and Hua Cheng killed the zombies, while she followed them to dig for magic crystals, and Li Rui also helped to crack open the zombie's head. Only Xun Yi didn’t do anything. It was indeed inappropriate to give all the magic crystals to Xun Yi.

Yu Xiao was a little embarrassed. “Then… let's split them up equally.”

As Yu Xiao spoke, she divided the 18 magic crystals into four parts. Hua Cheng, Li Rui, and Yu Xiao each had 4, while the remaining 6 were given to Lu Di because he killed the most zombies. Hua Cheng only joined in later, so he should get more.

Seeing no objections, Yu Xiao went ahead.

After that, Lu Di, Hua Cheng, and Yu Xiao gave their portion of magic crystals to Xun Yi, who declined them.

He didn’t do anything, so he wouldn’t feel at ease to accept these magic crystals. He told them to keep it. They might need it in the future.

Li Rui was furious. Their behavior seemed to exclude him deliberately. How could he not be angry?

Not long after it got dark, silence seemed to fall on the whole world. It was so quiet that it sent chills up their spines. It was dark everywhere, and the phones with lights were out of battery. Only a faint ray of moonlight came through the windows.

Hua Cheng leaned against the wall and softly asked Xun Yi beside him, “What do you plan to do next?”

In the darkness, Xun Yi sneered. “I'm a little curious about that monster. I want to take a look tomorrow.”

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