Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 30: The Space in the Leaf

“Did your skill column have a level before this?” Xun Yi asked.

“No, never, only the name of the skill. I’ve always wondered what this skill is for. I’m surprised to find that it has reached level 1 just now. Xun Yi, do you think it’s because of this?” Xun Ye waved the emerald-green fruit in his hand.

Xun Yi’s Spirit Seed Evolution newly appeared just now. He was almost certain that this skill should be related to the emerald-green fruit that he absorbed. If his example wasn’t proof enough, it should be clear with Xun Ye’s situation.

“What do you think my skill is for? Will it be as powerful as your protective shield?”

Xun Ye was a little excited. “Alas, I’m not knowledgeable enough to understand the meaning of ‘seed evolution’. Xun Yi, do you know? Explain it to me.”

“There's no use regretting it now when you refuse to go to school even though your knowledge is lacking,” Xun Yi pretended to reprimand him.

“You’re my biological father. If I go to kindergarten, do you really think the teacher will teach me how to write the words ‘seed evolution’? Since you have attended school for so many years, can you explain to me what the words mean?”

Xun Yi was speechless. For the sake of his dignity, Xun Yi ruffled Xun Ye's hair in retaliation.

“I can’t argue with you on that. Since you think this thing is useful for you, just take it.”

Xun Ye was curious. “Where did you get it? And what exactly is it?”

Xun Yi couldn't answer him. He just felt that everything that happened was like a dream.

As Xun Ye said this, he picked up the green fruit and bit into it.

“Oh, it’s so hard that I can’t eat it.” Xun Ye fidgeted with it. “It looks a bit like a jujube, but I can’t bite into it.”

Indeed, the walnut-sized fruit was shaped like a date, with smooth and shiny skin that looked like jade. When it was the size of a fist, it looked more like a fruit, but it looked like a seed now.

Xun Ye couldn't bite into it, so he put it on the sink and hit it with a dagger, trying to break it open to see if it was really a seed. Maybe he could find nuts or something inside.

After messing with it for a while, nothing happened.

Xun Ye abruptly smacked his forehead. “I get it now. Most treasures require a drop of blood before we can take ownership of them.”

Xun Ye was quite the daredevil. As he said that, he pulled out his dagger to cut his finger, trying to mimic the Xianxia novels by acknowledging the master with a drop of blood.

“Stop messing around. You used that dagger to kill zombies before. If you cut your finger with it now, you might get infected,” Xun Yi quickly stopped him.

“I’ve cleaned it with liquor several times. It should be disinfected by now.” Xun Ye was eager to give it a try.

“No can do. It's best not to leave any wounds at this time. I’ll take another look in the kitchen.” After Xun Yi finished speaking, he turned around and walked to the kitchen, hoping to find some vacuum-packed fresh food and fruits.

Xun Ye followed behind and quietly pulled out his dagger. He hardened his resolve, gritted his teeth, and pressed the pad of his middle finger on the blade. The stinging pain made him shudder with a grimace, and he hurriedly dripped his blood on the green fruit.

He simply had to give it a try.

The world was already so surreal. What else was impossible?

What if it really was a treasure?

Just by its appearance, this thing was not ordinary, okay?

After dripping several drops of blood on it, the green shimmering light wasn’t obscured by the blood but became brighter instead.

Xun Ye was overjoyed. Did he really guess it right?

Xun Yi walked in front. In the darkness, he felt that the light behind him was getting brighter and brighter, and he couldn't help but turn around. At a glance, he saw the bright green seed in Xun Ye's hand.

Xun Yi was shocked. “This is…”

Xun Ye trembled with excitement and stuttered, “X-Xun Yi, I, I found a treasure. T-There’s a small space, and there’s a sapling inside!”

“Shh!” Xun Yi hastily shushed Xun Ye.

He perked up his ears and listened carefully. Finding no one around, he lowered his voice and asked, “What did you do?”

Xun Ye realized what Xun Yi was doing and replied in a low voice, “I dripped my blood on it, and it really acknowledged me as its master.”

Xun Yi, “…”

Xun Ye whispered excitedly, “I watched as the little sapling inside broke out of the ground, sprouted branches, and grew rapidly. It stopped growing when it was about my height. It has three fruits about the size of a thumb growing on it, also green and glowing, a smaller version of this one.”

Xun Ye was very excited, but Xun Yi couldn't help but consider more.

“Is that space in the leaf on your palm?”

Xun Ye was surprised. “How do you know?”

When a normal person heard that a small space appeared after dripping blood to acknowledge the owner, the first thought should be the seed that he dripped his blood on, but Xun Yi thought of the leaf, which was totally unrelated. That was amazing.

“Because I have a leaf that formed an individual space too.”

Xun Ye, “…”

Xun Yi was absolutely convinced that the green fruit was something amazing now. If every fruit could produce a skill and individual space, Xun Yi no longer dared to imagine how many fruits he could find on the whole tree now.

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