Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 3: Officially Entering the Game Field

Xun Yi felt the overwhelming blue light washing over his body like seawater.

Xun Yi's first reaction was to look at the few people in the corridor, paying attention to Aunt Yu Xiao first. She was a little dazed, obviously unable to figure out the deal with the voice in her head.

Next, Xun Keru was looking in one direction with a horrified look on her face. Xun Yi looked over and saw Zhou Qin's whole body twitching. Her eyes rolled back, and black blood spurted from her mouth. Her skin was black and blue, and veins bulged on her face.  Her flesh cracked, and black blood splattered everywhere. The scene was terrifying.

Zhou Qin roared and pounced on Yu Xiao, who was nearest to her.

Xun Yi held Xun Ye in his arms, stepped forward, and kicked Zhou Qin in the chest. Zhou Qin turned into a zombie and became very strong. She simply took a few steps back and soon rushed forward again, roaring.

“Aaahhh!” Xun Keru screamed, turned around, and rushed back into the house. She slammed the door shut and quickly locked the door behind her, not caring about the people left outside.

Xun Yi pulled Aunt Yu Xiao and wanted to rush back to his house but Xun Keru shut the door. Although Aunt Yu Xiao's door wasn’t locked, it was behind Zhou Qin. To get there, they had to kill or lure Zhou Qin away.

Xun Yi had the physique of an ordinary person now. If he fought bare-handedly with Zhou Qin, whose strength had greatly increased, his chances of winning were slim, not to mention with Xun Ye in his arms.

Xun Yi pushed Aunt Yu Xiao away and asked her to stand against the wall. He tossed Xun Ye in his arms to her and said, “Catch.”

Yu Xiao caught Xun Ye with both arms and pressed against the wall, not daring to move.

Xun Yi raised his arms, took off his jacket, and tossed it over Zhou Qin’s head as she rushed over. He turned around, wrapped her head with his jacket, and quickly tied a knot so that she couldn't bite. Then, he kicked her from behind, and she staggered and stumbled forward.

“Let’s go in!” Xun Yi grabbed Yu Xiao, protected Xun Ye, and ran into Yu Xiao's house. He quickly closed the door and locked it.

Zhou Qin rushed over, slammed on the door, and scratched at the door.

Aunt Yu Xiao's face was pale, but she was a refined person. Even though she was afraid, she didn't scream and yell. She just suppressed all the fear in her heart. She was quite calm and didn't lose her sense of control.

Outside the door, Zhou Qin crashed into the door frantically, screaming and scratching at the door panel desperately, and the screeching sound of nails was ear-piercing.

Xun Yi carried Xun Ye to the couch and said, “Sit here and don’t move. Your feet are bleeding. Wait for me to come back, okay?”

“Okay,” Xun Ye gestured an OK sign to him.

A smile finally appeared on Xun Yi's tense face, and he rubbed Xun Ye's head. After crying his heart out, Xun Ye also started laughing, not frightened by the zombie outside at all.

“Aunt Yu, do you have any weapons at home?” Xun Yi walked over to her.

Yu Xiao looked pale. “Do you want to go out and kill her?”

Xun Yi nodded, “We have to kill her or we can’t get out of here.”

If she bit someone in this building, more and more zombies would appear, and they would really be trapped in the house by then.

Yu Xiao turned around and walked to the study. She came out with a saber in her hand. The sheath was dark and looked quite extraordinary.

“Hua Cheng went on a business trip to Japan last year and asked a weaponsmith to customize one for him. He bought it as a gift for his father. He went through several twists and turns before it was mailed back here. I don’t know if you can use it. Take a look.”

When Xun Yi saw this saber, his eyes lit up.

What a stroke of good luck. During his three months in the Land of Peril, he always used a saber. It wasn’t that he was good at using a saber, but it was the first weapon he received. In that life-and-death situation, as long as he didn’t want to die, he had to use it regardless of whether he could use it or not. As he fought along the way, he became more and more proficient in using the saber and got used to it.

Xun Yi took it from her. The saber felt heavy in his hand. He pulled the saber out of its sheath, and the blade was shiny. It was an authentic Japanese saber with a blade length of 80 centimeters, and the glint of the blade was quite oppressive.

“Not bad, it's a good saber.” Xun Yi sighed in admiration and walked to the door with the saber in hand.

Yu Xiao clutched at her clothes nervously. “Be careful.”

Xun Yi didn't look back but simply said, “Stay in the house, don't go out.”

Xun Yi grabbed the door handle. The banging and scratching sounds outside the door had stopped. Most likely, Zhou Qin couldn't see anyone or hear any sounds, so she thought they had left and gave up. After all, these beginner zombies were not very smart.

Xun Yi opened the door. Zhou Qin, who was wandering past the door, heard the sound and rushed over. Xun Yi's jacket was still wrapped around her head. Xun Yi drew the saber very quickly and raised it. With a puff, black blood splashed three feet high. The head wrapped in the jacket flew high into the air and rolled to the floor.

Yu Xiao was so frightened that she turned her face away and covered her mouth and nose firmly to prevent herself from screaming. However, she heard screams and calls for help coming from outside.

Yu Xiao quickly walked to the window and looked downstairs. She screamed in fright and retreated to the wall, not daring to look any further.

A real scene of cannibalism was ongoing downstairs. When Yu Xiao glanced down, she happened to see a man being torn into several pieces by three ‘people’ and munching away with gusto.

And this wasn’t all. The residential area was in complete chaos. Many people were running around, followed by many ‘people’ covered in blood. There were roars, screams, and cries for help everywhere.

Xun Yi stood in the corridor with the saber in hand. Zhou Qin's headless body lay at his feet, with black blood flowing all over the floor.

He was a little dumbfounded. Just after he killed Zhou Qin, a pale blue transparent light screen panel suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. The panel was divided into two columns. On the left was a half-body photo of himself, and on the right was a list of information.

Name: Xun Yi

Level: 1 (10/100)

Profession: Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Title: Divine Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Basic attributes: Strength (8/9), Agility (9/9), Constitution (8/8)

Secondary attribute: Mental Spirit (10/10)

Skill: Magic Cube Domain (Exclusive)

Magic Energy: 0/100

Xun Yi frowned slightly. He had never encountered this attribute panel in Land of Peril. In other words, this was a unique feature of Planet Earth’s Doomsday Gaming Field activated by the Supernal Magic Cube.

Looking at this data, it did look like the profile interface of an RPG.

Xun Yi was a little confused about the profession, title, and skill that appeared on the panel. Was this categorization a definition and direction of his profession? Just like in online games, a hunter was a hunter, and a healer was a healer. Each profession had its unique skill set.

But why was his skill column grayed out?

And what did the word ‘exclusive’ mean? From the literal meaning, ‘exclusive’ should be unique to an individual. Did that mean that he was the only person with this profession, title, and skill?

On the other hand, magic crystal was easy to understand, which was something that could be found in a zombie’s brain, but Xun Yi had no idea what ‘magic energy’ was.

It was not difficult to verify his guess. Xun Yi only had to ask Xun Ye what his panel looked like. Xun Yi believed that since it was a global Doomsday Gaming Field, everyone should be treated equally. If he could see the attribute panel, others could too.

As for why he wanted to ask Xun Ye and not someone else, it was simply because this was a matter of life and death, and no one would reveal their trump card without reservation.

Xun Yi stabbed Zhou Qin's head with his saber. Another scream came from behind the door of his house. Xun Keru must have been hiding behind the door, peeking through the peephole to see what was going on outside. When Xun Yi chopped off Zhou Qin's head just now, he heard her scream.

Xun Yi glanced at the peephole, squatted down, and reached into Zhou Qin’s brain with his hand. He pulled out a black rhombic crystal, which was the magic crystal.

Supernal Magic Cube seemed very concerned about magic crystals. Xun Yi dug out a lot of magic crystals from the zombies’ heads in the Land of Peril, so his movements were very fluid, turning a blind eye to the black, red, and white brain matter.

At this time, a prompt floated in front of his eyes, “Detected magic crystal. Convert it into magic energy?”

With a thought, Xun Yi answered, “Convert.”

The magic crystal in his hand disappeared, leaving his hand covered in blood.

Another prompt flashed before his eyes, “Magic energy: 10/100.”

Xun Yi pondered. 10 should refer to the amount of magic energy. He wondered what the magic energy was for.

Xun Yi returned to Aunt Yu Xiao's home and saw her bandaging Xun Ye's two little feet.

Xun Yi closed the door and walked into the bathroom. He rinsed his hands and saber with water before putting it back into its sheath.

Xun Yi had a feeling that the magic crystal would play an important role in Doomsday Gaming Field. This could be seen from the opening instructions of Land of Peril and Doomsday Gaming Field.  It had been mentioned many times so it must be very important.

After Aunt Yu Xiao bandaged Xun Ye up, she stood at the bathroom door with Xun Ye in her arms, waiting for Xun Yi to come out.

Xun Yi came out and met Aunt Yu Xiao's panicked eyes. Without waiting for her to ask, he said, “Doomsday is here, and anyone who doesn’t have data virus antibodies will turn into zombies, which are the living dead who cannibalize people outside.”

Aunt Yu Xiao almost lost her balance. “The voice that mentioned Doomsday Gaming Field is referring to… this?”


“Wow, that sounds so cool.” Xun Ye seemed excited.

Xun Yi ruffled his hair with a smile on his face. He took Xun Ye over and held him in his arms.

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