Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2937: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 45)

Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  She was a bit scared and a bit anxious about this sudden change in atmosphere.

It should be because the empress dowager’s mood had changed too quickly, or because the rain fell too loudly outside that one was afraid.

“Child, come here and let this one see you.”  The empress dowager waved her hand at her with a kind look in her eyes.

Concubine Rou quickly whispered, “Go.”

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes trembled as she walked towards the empress dowager.

Her right hand was shaking, as if she was expectant and a bit excited.

Luo Qing Chen slowly raised her hand and the empress dowager instantly grabbed it.

She carefully looked at Luo Qing Chen’s face and said, “Looking at you like this, you do have some similarities to the previous emperor.  How much do you know about your background?”

Luo Qing Chen shook her head, “I’m not clear.  I only know that my mother had me take this jade pendant to find my father, but she never told me who my father was before she died.”

“Then why did you enter the palace?”  The empress dowager’s question was sharp, but Luo Qing Chen knew why this elder was anxious to learn the truth.

Actually the empress dowager was still young, only in her thirties, but her face didn’t look that good.

The previous emperor died two years into his reign.  Other than enjoying endless glory and wealth, there was only loneliness left in her life.

“Reporting to the empress dowager.”  Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and slowly said, “Qing Chen knows that this is rude to say, but my adoptive mother was most likely killed by the empress’ relative.”

The empress dowager wasn’t surprised to hear this.

After a while, she said with a sigh, “This matter might have been planned by the empress from the beginning.”

“Empress dowager……”

“Listen to this one.”  The empress dowager regained her composure and said, “Before the previous emperor took the throne, this one gave birth to a child who is now the emperor who was already in his teens.”

Later, when the emperor took the throne, he named Feng Yu the crown prince.

The crown princess in the past wasn’t the current empress, but rather a woman named Hua Ying.

She could dance and sing, as well as being as beautiful as a rose.  No one could surpass her beauty.

The current empress was named Jia Lan, she was a maid by the crown princess’ side back then.

But this maid wasn’t willing to accept life as a maid and even climbed into the crown prince’s bed when he was drunk.

The next day, she was named a concubine.

Princess Hua Ying thought of her as someone on her side and rewarded her with many things.

But Jia Lan had wanted to climb higher, she wanted to become the crown princess.

A few months later, Hua Ying suddenly fell ill.  It was only a small cold at first, but then it became more and more serious.

Even the imperial doctors couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  They could only say that she was weak and would recover after some time.

But in the end, Hua Ying didn’t get better and passed away a few months later.

The emperor had also become ill and it was for an unknown reason.  He left all his affairs in just a few days and Feng Yu took the throne.  Jia Lan used her eloquence to become the current empress.

Feng Yu didn’t like Jia Lan, but she did manage the harem properly so that the emperor didn’t have to worry about it for many years.

“The late emperor mentioned your birth to this one.”  The empress dowager gave a sigh, “The late emperor was rushed and he didn’t have many children when he took the throne.  The emperor only gave birth to three boys, not a single girl.”

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