Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2920: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 28)

After staying up all night, there was news from the prison the next morning.

Xiang Cao had committed suicide with poison……

Now there was no proof.  The empress still took that step and reached her hand into the prison.

Feng Yu was furious, killing the two guards on duty.  But he wasn’t able to investigate any further.

Concubine Rou became sick in anger.  The emperor urgently summoned the doctors to see her and Song Nan Mo entered the palace.

“Big sister’s body isn’t good, so take care of her and make sure she rests.”  Song Nan Mo looked at her and said, “Don’t investigate the empress any further.  She can even kill people in prison, it means that you will never find anything on her and might even walk into her traps.”

“The empress has arrived.”


Luo Qing Chen looked at Song Nan Mo and helplessly shook her head, “You, oh you, you really have a crow’s mouth.  Whatever you say comes.  The concubine’s condition isn’t good recently and there was the news that Xiang Cao died in prison.  The empress……isn’t here with kind intentions.”

“Relax, I’m here.”  He seriously looked into her eyes.  His right hand gently took her wrist and pulled her behind him.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t forget to mutter in a soft voice, “Sir Song really is cute.  It’s like if he pulls me behind him, I won’t have to bow.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 40%.]

“This servant pays respect to the empress.”

“It’s this late already.”  The empress said with a bright face, “This one heard that sister Concubine Rou was sick, so this one came to see her.  Although she has misunderstood this one, this one still cares about her very much.”

“Wa……”  The girl standing behind her had her eyes firmly on Song Nan Mo.  She was very soft and delicate with a pair of bright eyes.

“This is the empress dowager’s favourite niece, she has been living outside the palace since she was young.  She entered the palace just a few days ago, so she came to see Concubine Rou in the empress dowager’s place.”  The empress said this with a faint smile, “Yin’er, what are you looking at?  You looked so obsessed.”

“No……Nothing……”  Fang Yin shyly lowered her head.  There was a trace of admiration that appeared in her eyes and a blush on her cheeks.

Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her brows as she looked over Fang Yin.

This world’s female supporting character was finally here.

Since she could visit Concubine Rou on behalf of the empress dowager, her status wasn’t low.

Song Nan Mo gave a bow, “My sister is currently ill, so the empress shouldn’t go in or you might catch it as well.”

Song Nan Mo’s words sounded polite, but one could hear the hostility in his voice.

“This one……”

“Empress……”  Before the empress could speak, Fang Yin cut her off, “Since Concubine Rou is sick, we shouldn’t disturb her rest.”

“Yin’er, you.  This one can see your thoughts.”  The empress hesitated a bit.  After all, if Fang Yin fell in love with Song Nan Mo and married him, wouldn’t that raise the Song Family’s status in the harem?

But……based on Song Nan Mo’s eyes, he didn’t seem that interested in this charming little girl.

She had been in the harem for a long time, so she could see through the matters of man and woman with a single glance.

“I didn’t……”  Fang Yin bit her lip before shyly looking at Song Nan Mo to say, “You are Concubine Rou’s little brother, sir Song, right?”

“Yes……”  Song Nan Mo coldly replied, “I have met Miss Fang.”

“No, no……”  Fang Yin quickly waved her hands, “I’ll send the empress back and come see you again.”

“I will go to the imperial study to see the emperor soon, so there’s no need.”  Song Nan Mo decisively refused her without a single trace of hesitation.

The empress quickly said, “Yin’er is considered half a princess in the palace, sir Song……”

“This servant will find the emperor in the imperial study, so Princess Fang does not need to come and find me.”  Song Nan Mo changed his words, but his tone didn’t change at all.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

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