Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 29: Xun Ye’s Attribute Panel

The leaf on his right hand lit up. The green branch in his hand, together with the unpicked fruit, disappeared in an instant.

Xun Yi was stunned. He sensed that the leaf in the palm of his hand had formed a space of its own. The space was filled with spots of bright green light. A small sapling on the ground grew at a speed visible to the naked eye, soon reaching the height of an adult. Several fruits grew on it, each one the size of a walnut, bright green just like the one he picked up at the foot of Maple Hill back then.

The branches of the divine tree that had just been moved into the space burrowed upright into the soil. The spots of bright green light came from the branches. The green spots kept surging toward the small sapling on the side as if providing energy to the small sapling, which grew very fast among the green spots of light.

“Xun Yi.”

Xun Ye was looking for him. Xun Yi was so shocked that he immediately turned off the flashlight of his mobile phone and disappeared into the darkness.

He was afraid that Xun Ye would be frightened when he saw him like this.

“This way,” Xun Yi said.

Xun Ye followed the sound. “There you are.”

Xun Ye suddenly paused and looked behind Xun Yi with eyes wide open.

Only then did Xun Yi realize that there seemed to be a faint fluorescence behind him.

His heart skipped a beat. It was the fruit!

He put the second fruit on the sink.

Xun Ye walked over and reached out in curiosity.

“What is this? A luminous pearl? Isn't this too big?”

“Don’t touch it!”

Xun Yi hastily stopped him, but Xun Ye had already pressed his little hand on the fruit.

Under Xun Ye's small hand, the fruit instantly turned into green liquid and seeped into Xun Ye's palm as if it were a living thing.

The fruit which was about the size of an adult's fist seemed to be stripped of its pulp, leaving only a walnut-sized seed still on the sink.

The ‘seed’ was the same size and appearance as the one Xun Yi picked up back then!

Everything happened so fast that it was too late for Xun Yi to stop it. When Xun Ye quickly retracted his hand, the green liquid had completely seeped into Xun Ye's palm, leaving a glowing shape on his small and tender palm.

“What’s this?” Xun Ye was shocked and looked at Xun Yi, at a loss.

Xun Yi almost stopped breathing. His mind raced, wondering if this fruit would react to anyone, or only to ‘seed cultivators’.

Moreover, Xun Ye's situation seemed different from his. Xun Ye only absorbed the ‘pulp’ of the fruit, leaving the walnut-sized ‘seed’ behind, while Xun Yi absorbed both the ‘pulp’ and ‘seed’.

Xun Yi quickly turned on the flashlight on his mobile phone. He didn't care that Xun Ye would see his appearance. Fortunately, he had resumed his original appearance and didn’t scare Xun Ye.

“Show me the palm of your right hand,” Xun Yi said.

Xun Ye extended his right hand to Xun Yi.

Under the light, Xun Yi immediately saw a green leaf on Xun Ye's small palm.

Not a branch but a leaf!

“What’s this? This leaf is beautiful.”

Xun Ye looked at his palm carefully and didn't stop until the leaf disappeared.

Xun Yi frowned, completely at a loss as to what was going on.

“Eh?” Xun Ye suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

“What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?” Xun Yi asked nervously.

“No, my skill column, Seed Evolution has increased to level 1, and I have something extra… wood spirit energy? What’s that?” Xun Ye was both excited and confused.

Same as his?

At this moment, Xun Yi forgot all about not wasting his mental spirit but immediately looked at Xun Ye's attribute panel.

Name: Xun Ye

Level: 5 (120/500)

Profession: Seed Cultivator (exclusive), Gunner

Title: Child of the Wood Spirit (exclusive)

Basic attributes: Strength (40/40), Agility (40/40), Constitution (40/40)

Secondary attribute: Mastery (50/50)

Equipment attributes: Diamond Armor (Defense +5), Phoenix Sword (Attack +3)

Skill: Seed Evolution level 1 (exclusive)

Wood Spirit Energy: 9/100

After seeing Xun Ye's attribute panel, Xun Yi was shocked to discover that Xun Ye was also an exclusive seed cultivator!

He also had a title, but what did ‘child of the wood spirit’ mean?

There was also the ‘seed evolution’ in his skill category…

Xun Yi realized that he had never seen Xun Ye's attribute panel since he got it. Every time he wanted to know Xun Ye's level, he’d just ask him. He never expected his attribute panel to be like this!

Xun Yi frowned and pondered. So far, he had seen three people whose profession was seed cultivator, all exclusive. Could it be just another selection by the Supernal Magic Cube, just like when the Chosen Ones were selected back then?

Xun Yi couldn't figure it out, so he could only wait and see if he could find someone with the same profession in the future.

Xun Yi was very concerned about Xun Ye's skills. ‘Seed Evolution’ and ‘Spirit Seed Evolution’ were just different by one word. He wondered what effect it would have.

The wood spirit energy should be the key factor that directly affected the evolution level of the seed or spirit seed, but where did this wood spirit energy come from?

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