Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2892: Side story: Never leaving each other (2)

The day we got engaged, I saw Su Chen.

I saw the regret and unwillingness in his eyes, I saw his tightly clenched fists.

At that moment, I felt unparalleled pride.

Because the one holding her was me and I was the one that would spend the rest of her life with her.



But I never thought that I would become ill……

It came so quickly that I didn’t even have time to react.  The doctor told me that there was no medicine and that I could only choose to die comfortably or struggle to the end.

I had very little time, but I didn’t hesitate at all when I decided to put on the play.

Lan Zhi cried as she told me that I should tell her the truth, so that I could spend my last few dying days with her.

The people in history like to say, not living together, but hoping to die together.

But I……wasn’t willing to let her die……

I always thought that I was a dark and powerful person.  The things that I liked and the people that I admired, I would do all I could to keep them by my side.

I even thought that I was the kind of character where if I died, I didn’t want her to love someone else.

When death was around the corner, I realized that……I wasn’t that kind of person.

She was only eighteen, in the spring of her life.  She could meet better people who would make her happy and make medicine for her.

I was just a fleeting shadow in her life, but in my heart……she was an inerasable mark.

I kept this mark, but I wanted to be her shadow.

So contradictory……It was so contradictory that I wanted to become a heartless person.  A young man who had worn white clothes and promised to be with her had turned into another person in the blink of an eye, abandoning everything in the world for her.

Laughable……truly laughable……

I was truly grateful to Lan Zhi for helping me.

I knew that after I died, it would be very difficult for her to perform this play alone.

Some people will say that she became a phoenix, but there would also be people who say that she was shameless for stealing her good friend’s fiance.

But she didn’t seem to care at all……

She said that although I liked you, Qing Chen is also my good friend.

Helping is what friends should do.

I had no way of knowing if she finished the story or fulfilled her promise to me because I could never see it.

The virus spread very quickly and in less than three days, my body became more and more tired.

I was still able to write three days ago, but three days later, my body would break out in sweats and I would have to use a lot of power just to move my hand.

At first it was my feet and then it was my hands.  My body felt very weak and it was constantly filled with pain.

The doctor was right, it really hurt……My mother cried in front of me, hoping that I would accept euthanasia.

In a mother’s eyes, asking her son to accept euthanasia proved that she felt my pain.

But in reality……she didn’t understand……

What hurt the most was……my heart……

When I closed my eyes, the image that appeared was when I said goodbye to her at the airport.

Her faint smile was like a dazzling light that pierced into my world without resistance.


“Do you love photography or me?”


“You didn’t hesitate at all?”

“Not having photography is just losing a hobby to me.  But not having you……”

“What will happen?”


Can I give you the answer now?

Without you, I will die.

So if I didn’t die, I wouldn’t have left you.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 43/100]

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