Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2891: Side story: Never leaving each other (1)

Mu Li Chuan has only loved Luo Qing Chen alone in this life.  He may be a b*stard, but his heart will never change.  ——Mu Li Chuan.

It is impossible for most people to only be moved be one person, like her.

For him, Su Chen was most likely an amazing time in her life and I was……the gentle moon.

From the day we met in the parking lot, I wanted to be that gentle moon of hers.

It probably wasn’t love at first sight since we were childhood friends, but I had other plans.

When we met again, it was in a bar.  The Muse bar was a business under the Luo Family and it was Mrs Luo’s favourite bar.

Someone provoked the ‘young miss’ in this bar, I was very curious what she would do in this situation.

Would she use her true identity to suppress the other side or use some other method to get her friend out of trouble.

The daughter of the Luo Family who hadn’t become the successor yet and didn’t have much money.  It was impossible for her to pay Gu Zhu to let her release Li Xiu’s brother.

From the first moment of the commotion in the bar, I watched her even more.

Actually, she would have smoothly solved the problem even without my appearance.

But I liked ‘helping in times of need’.  Of course, in her eyes, it would just be the ‘icing on the cake’, but I didn’t care.

At that time, I actually didn’t know if I liked her or not.  I just felt that she was different from other girls.

Or it could be said that she was different from anyone at our school.

She wasn’t as humble as a commoner and she wasn’t prideful as the daughter of the richest man.

Even if she was held back because of her status as the successor, I could tell that she was not someone who would discriminate against rich or commoners.

If she was that kind of person, she wouldn’t have helped Li Xiu’s brother.

If I have to talk about my emotions, it should be because Su Chen kept appearing again and again.

As a man, I understood Su Chen better than her.  I could see the regret, reluctance, and affection in his eyes……

Some people wanted the things that they couldn’t have more and Su Chen fell into this category.

One only cherished things after losing them and Su Chen and I both happened to be that kind of person.  I was the kind where the more I liked something, the more I stayed by its side and would never let myself lose that thing.

Su Chen didn’t see his heart clearly and didn’t think he loved her, but his following performances and increasing care showed that he wanted to get her back.

But I naturally wouldn’t give him that chance.

Before she was recognized as the successor, I used my identity as a protective umbrella to properly protect her.

There were many people in the school that wanted to bully her.  Although she often said that she wasn’t willing to become the center of attention, I had never seen any fear in her eyes.

During the desert trip, they said that I was willing to use my life to save hers.

But only I knew that I was happy to make her like me more.

I was happy to sacrifice myself for her and stay by her side.

So after leaving the desert, I hoped that she would marry me.

I was even grateful to god that our story was like a story between a princess and a knight.  We could be happy together forever.

Right, I didn’t want to be her prince, I wanted to be her knight.  I would protect her, care for her, and be with her at any time.

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