Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2888: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 100)

In order to make sure there were no loopholes, he had the butler watch Luo Qing Chen the whole time and tell him immediately if anything happened.

When the butler was almost discovered, that was why the cat had run past the window.

When she went to the hospital that day, it was a good thing that it snowed.

The doctor said that the lower the temperature, the less likely that the virus would spread.

Xiao Mei had also been bribed by him and had become an actor in this ‘play’.

Before Luo Qing Chen came, he was using a ventilator to live and most of his organs had failed.

He started bleeding on the inside and outside of his body, he no longer had a single bit of strength.

But Xiao Mei said that when she arrived in Melbourne, it was as if by miracle, he sat up in the bed and was determined to see her.

He felt that it was the last time.

He asked the doctor: How likely is it that I’ll infect her?

The doctor said: If the temperature is very low, there’s a low chance if there isn’t prolonged contact or close contact.

He said: Mom, dad, I want to see her one last time.

But this was not a fantasy story.  There was no way that his body could support meeting her again.

He couldn’t even take a single step.  But he knew that she was in Melbourne…..at his manor.

That night, his breathing stopped.

The date was February 20th.

To play out the following scenes perfectly, he had already assigned everyone their roles.

The person who came back to school wasn’t him, but a person very similar to him who was wearing a mask to disguise themselves.

All of this was carried out by Lan Zhi because the day that Luo Qing Chen came to Melbourne, Mu Li Chuan had already……died.


“In the last few days of his life, other than writing these letters, he took care of the flowers in the villa.”  Lan Zhi wiped away her tears and said, “Qing Chen……The only person that he felt sorry towards until his death was you alone, but he has already done everything that he could……”

Lan Zhi’s crying was very sad.  She wanted to control her emotions, but she found that in the end, she couldn’t control them at all.

And Luo Qing Chen……was already crying so hard that she couldn’t help herself……

The tears soaked her sweater.  It was impossible for time to heal this wound.  The story that was revealed was like salt sprinkled on the wound……it was so painful.

“Lan Zhi.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with tearful eyes and said in a choked voice, “Why……Why did he only write he was sorry?”

“Actually, he had many things to say, but……he could only write this.”

Next was Lan Zhi’s story about what he often said to himself when he was alone.

“He said sorry, but it was easier to forget someone who had changed their heart.  If it was someone who they deeply loved, then she would never forget him her entire life with her silly character.”

“He said he was sorry.  He wanted to see you once more, just a glance was enough.  He could bring the you in his mind with him to hell.  But the Ebola virus made him worried, so how could he go see you?”

“He said he was sorry that he couldn’t take you to the beautiful places in the world.  You had to be well…..you should fall in love with someone else and forget about this heartless person that failed to live well with you.”

“He said he was sorry that he wouldn’t see you one more time.  He was afraid that he would reveal everything and he was afraid of infecting you, so he couldn’t……”

“Lan Zhi, enough……”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t stop trembling and her emotions had reached the limit.

She bit her lips and cried out loud, “It isn’t……him who wronged me……It’s me who wronged him……He understood me so well……but I couldn’t understand him.”

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