Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2887: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 99)

Over the next hour, Lan Zhi cried while telling her the entire story.

After the avalanche and everyone was sent to the hospital, the one who was in a coma the longest was Mu Li Chuan.

Since his fever didn’t break, the doctor recommended that he get a full body examination.  In the end, they found out that he had contracted Ebola.

It was a very rare virus.  Once it was discovered, Mu Li Chuan was immediately sent to an isolation ward.

“When you came, many people in the hospital had already been evacuated.”  Lan Zhi gave a sigh, “The rest were all people hired by young master Li.”


“You’re certain you don’t want to tell Qing Chen?”  Lan Zhi walked into the ward with a mask and looked at the pale faced Mu Lu Chuan, “It’s impossible that she will never know.”

“Possible.”  Mu Li Chaun slightly knitted his brows, “I don’t have much time……Ke, ke……this disease is very contagious and the incubation time is very short……”

“How……How short?”  Lan Zhi took a step back and almost started crying.  She bit her lip hard and asked, “Don’t scare me……”

“The longest is twenty days.  This means that I only have twenty days at most.”  Mu Li Chuan looked up slightly to look at Lan Zhi with a helpless smile, “Actually, I wouldn’t have told you this much, but……can you help me with something?”

“I can……I can……I can……”  Lan Zhi didn’t hesitate as she said ‘I can’ three times in a row.

This was the young man that she loved the most in her life.  He had been well a few days ago, but now he was telling her that he only had twenty days to live.

At that moment, she felt that she could even die if he asked her to……

“I know that it’s very selfish of me to ask for your help like this.”  Mu Li Chuan looked into her eyes still and said, “This will take a long time……”

“I can do it……as long as I can do it……”  Lan Zhi’s legs turned soft as she fell to the ground and started crying, “Can you please not die……”

For a long time, there was only silence in the air.  His eyes turned red as he revealed a very sad smile, “I want to live more than anyone else in the world because she’s still here……”


“Ebola?”  Luo Qing Chen asked in a shaky choked up voice, “What……What is that?”

“Ebola is a highly contagious virus.  Nausea, vomiting, high fever, internal bleeding, external bleeding……Without a vaccination, being infected is being sentenced to death. The doctor told me that if you get this, the sick person will feel like they are melting.  All of their organs will fail and they will die in extreme pain……”

When Lan Zhi said this, the tears in her eyes fell down and she couldn’t control them anymore.

She didn’t personally see Mu Li Chuan’s death, but the words that the doctor had told her had all remained in her mind.

As long as she thought of Mu Li Chuan, she would feel pain.

“Don’t say it……Don’t say it……”  Luo QIng Chen covered her ears as all her emotions collapsed.

“Actually……The parents of the Mu Family had planned on using euthanasia abroad, but……young master Li wasn’t willing.”  Lan Zhi’s voice became hoarse, “He said that there was something he had to do and couldn’t die yet.”

Lan Zhi said that when Luo Qing Chen came to the hospital to see him the first time, he had just been diagnosed and was still quite strong.

But when she came to see him the second time in Melbourne, his body had already reached a breaking point.

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