Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2862: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 74)

A person who in her eyes was a lowly person had become the daughter of the richest man in the country.

How could she accept this kind of change?

The peaceful surroundings suddenly became noisy again.  The people watching became more excited as if they were watching a big reversal in a drama.

“Wa, wa, wa!  It turned out that young master Li knew about Luo Qing Chen’s identity all along!”

“Not only that, young master Li’s words give quite a bit of information.  It turns out that he was childhood friends with Luo Qing Chen all along!”

“No wonder……No wonder he saved her that day!  Wow, do all rich people like to play like this?  Cosplaying as commoners!”

“Ze, ze, ze, Gu Zhu and that whatever Bai Xue have really slapped themselves this time.  Even this gossiper like me is breaking out in cold sweats for them.”

“I feel that they should feel the pinch.  I looked at my phone and the markets just opened.  That Wang Yu that calls himself the ‘campus bully’, I feel that his family is done for.”


Actually, in many cases, although the gossipers’ words were exaggerations, there were also a few truths that were brought out.

Gu Zhu was already unable to speak.  Her face didn’t have a single trace of blood and her eyes were filled with horror.

Even if the dust had settled on this matter, she kept shaking her head and muttering: Impossible……impossible……impossible……

She had prepared for a long time and she was so excited that she couldn’t sleep last night.

For her, she wanted to see Luo Qing Chen in a mess very much.  It was a pity that the truth had been a heavy blow to her and she couldn’t react at all.

She didn’t want to believe even if she died that Luo Qing Chen was a rich young miss.

Moreover, her status as a young miss was much higher than her……

Wang Yu heard the students around him discussing the stock price of the Wang Group.

Suddenly, he charged at Luo Qing Chen and grabbed her leg as he fell to the ground while crying, “Young miss Luo, young miss Luo, you shouldn’t care about a small person like me.  I……I was actually bewitched by Gu Zhu.  She said that if I help her……cause trouble for you, she would sleep with me……”

“Si!”  Everyone around them took a cold breath.

It turned out that Gu Zhu and Wang Yu had this kind of ‘deal’, it really opened one’s eyes!

“You shut up for me!”  Gu Zhu’s sharp voice almost cracked at this moment.  She raised her finger to point at Wang Yu’s noise, “You think you are any good?  The senior who committed suicide by jumping off the building only did it because you forced her to sleep with you, alright?  Also that little junior, she transferred to another school because of your dirty actions, alright?  Do you think that you’re any good?”

“Wow.”  One of the onlookers shouted, “Isn’t this exposing each other?”

Another person said, “It seems that we can call 110!”


Mu Li Chuan looked up slightly before his right hand took Luo Qing Chen’s wrist and he walked in a different direction.

Since everything had settled, it was better for him to take his fiancee away or else others would take advantage of this.

After all, he saw a familiar face in the crowd.

Su Chen.

Although it might be a coincidence that he was here, he felt that there were too many coincidences.

If it wasn’t deliberate, he didn’t believe it.

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