Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2851: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 63)

She loved him, but she didn’t know that he also loved her very much.

Moreover, what he was very certain was……he loved her several times more than she loved him.

The feelings of worry, pain, anxiety, and unease were also increased by several times.

“But I want to stay here.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at his wrist and said, “I only feel safe when I’m with Mu Li Chuan.”

“I never intended to let you go.”  He gave a chuckle before pressing a button to flatten out the sofa, “Sleep well.”


“No buts.”

He looked at her slightly pursed lips that made her look a bit aggrieved, but he still wanted her to sleep.

Luo Qing Chen looked into his eyes, but she still still took the water and after a few gulps, she compromised, “Alright!”

Everything had come to fruition.  Although she didn’t see the process, that didn’t mean that there was no process.

What she wanted to do in the future was very simple, she just wanted to be good to Mu Li Chuan.

No, it should be very good to Mu Li Chuan!


When she opened her eyes again, it was late the next day.

She had been carried from the sofa to the bed.  Mu Li Chuan was already gone, but there was a message left for her.

The handwriting was a bit messy, but it was still very beautiful and powerful.

I’m going out for a bit.  You can watch some TV after waking up.

Luo Qing Chen looked at the note for a while before putting on her coat and walking out in her slippers.

Because this was the highest level VIP ward, the corridor of the hospital was very silent.  It was so silent that she could hear her father’s voice.

“This desert matter has almost made the old man of our house lose his soul.”  It was unknown who Father Luo was talking to.  Luo Qing Chen tiptoed over to hear that the voice was coming from the conference room.

From the crack in the door, she not only saw Mu Li Chuan, she also saw Mu Li Chuan’s father.

Before she went abroad, the Luo Family and the Mu Family had always been neighbours.  So she had some impression’s of Father Mu’s majestic face.

“Elder Luo is already old and he only has Qing Chen as a daughter, so it’s normal that he would be worried.”  Father Mu said with a smile, “It’s a good thing that the two of them helped each other and came back safely.”

“Ai.”  Father Luo gave a sigh, “What helping each other.  If it wasn’t for Li Chuan, Qing Chen might have……”

“Aiya, they’re already back, why are you saying all these depressing things?”  Mother Mu cut him off, “This is good.  Father said that Qing Chen’s succession matter can be brought forward.  There’s no need to wait until she’s twenty, so she doesn’t need to suffer alone at school……”

“Auntie, there’s no need to worry.  She doesn’t suffer.”  Because Luo Qing Chen’s name was mentioned, Mu Li Chuan remembered her strong appearance from before.

It was so eye catching, so radiant……

“Yes.”  Mother Luo immediately said, “It’s also thanks to Li Chuan’s care at school.”

“Actually, I didn’t take care of her that much.”  Mu Li Chuan said with a polite smile, “Qing Chen is very smart.  Even though she’s studying at the Royal Academy as a commoner, she takes care of everything very well.”

“It seems like Li Chuan has a very high opinion of our Qing Chen.”  Mother Mu looked at him with a happy look, “Are you two very close?”

Actually, Mother Mu had asked very tactfully.  She thought that Mu Li Chuan would answer her in a tactful manner, but she never expected him to be this direct.

“I like her very much.”  Mu Li Chuan looked up slightly and said in a firm and deep voice, “Please forgive Li Chuan’s abruptness, but I want to marry Qing Chen.”

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