Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2842: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 54)

Even outside of school, Mu Li Chuan was the idol that everyone loved and there were many girls from the expedition team who called out to him.


“Relax!  It’s just a small matter.  She just seems like someone who goes on few adventures.”

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help giving a cold laugh in her heart.  Who would come to this place for an adventure when they had nothing to do!

After Su Man left, Luo Qing Chen looked at Mu Li Chuan with her cheek in her right palm, “No one else on the expedition team seems to have a fever.”

“They come here often and should be used to the environment here.”  Mu Li Chuan knitted his brows, “But I think that you’ve been burning up for too long.  If it doesn’t get better in two days, I’ll send you back first.”

“But they also have fevers……”  Luo Qing Chen thought about it and said, “Are you planning on going back?”

“The teacher should make the decision for them.”  Mu Li Chuan’s eyes had a faint glow in them.  He patted her head in a pampering manner, “If your fever doesn’t go away, I can’t concentrate.”

Not to mention taking photos, he even tossed and turned at night and couldn’t fall asleep for a long time.

It turned out that caring too much about a person was like this.

Although he was very attached, he felt sweet about being this attached.


Time passed by quickly and two days later, all of the girls in the photography department developed fevers.

This fever was like a virus that spread and every person was ‘infected’.

After discussing it with the teachers, they planned on ending this expedition early.

Although not many good photos were taken, they had to go back early since the students were sick.

But on the day that they planned on going back, the expedition team disappeared.

In this desert where the compass didn’t work properly, they had been brought in by the expedition team.  Now that they had suddenly disappeared, everyone started to panic.

In this no man’s land, once something happens, people will start feeling flustered.

“Qing Chen, will we……Will we die in this place!”  In the middle of the night, Lan Zhi suddenly took her hand.  Her face, which was red because of her fever, looked at her and said, “I’m very scared……”

A plot that only happened on TV was happening in real life, so it was inevitable that she would be afraid.

“Don’t be afraid.  Although we are in the desert, we aren’t that deep in and are only on the edge.”  Luo Qing Chen comforted her, “Not to mention, we have a compass, so we can go back tomorrow.”

“But……I feel very bad.”  Lan Zhi touched her heart and said, “I feel this place hurts a lot while I’m sleeping.”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised before quickly asking, “Does the back of your hand also itch?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”  Lan Zhi desperately nodded, “I almost scratched off my skin yesterday……”

“Come, turn the light on to full.”  Luo Qing Chen took her hand and said, “Let me see.”

The back of Lan Zhi’s hand was red from scratching and there were even a few places that were bleeding.

Luo Qing Chen came very close and when she took a close look, her face turned white.


“What……What is it?”  Lan Zhi saw her pale face and she became even more nervous.

From beginning to end, no matter how nervous she was, Luo Qing Chen had never been nervous.

“This shouldn’t be a fever from the heat.”  Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows and said, “We should have been poisoned.”

Because when she asked the system for special medicine on the second day, although her forehead was still burning up, she actually didn’t have a fever anymore.

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