Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 28: Amazing Fruit

As soon as his hand touched the apple, Xun Yi felt a blur before his eyes, and his soul seemed to be pulled away. He instantly left the darkness and appeared in a strange space.

In this space, the sky was full of shining green stars, illuminating the surrounding area.

When Xun Yi took a closer look, he was immediately shocked.

Those were no stars, but… fruits the size of a fingernail, glowing with a green shimmer. The fruits grew on a giant tree, which was so big that Xun Yi couldn’t find the words to describe it.

He stood under the giant tree at the moment, looking up. The canopy shrouded the whole sky. As far as his eye could see, the canopy extended infinitely to the edge. The giant tree glowed softly, and the bright green fruit shone like stars.

This giant tree alone supported the world.

Xun Yi looked at the giant tree in shock, wondering where he was.

While Xun Yi looked around, a wisp of consciousness seemed to come from the giant tree. Xun Yi sensed carefully, and a light murmur seemed to enter his ears. Xun Yi listened carefully and thought he understood the murmurs, which seemed to repeat one sentence.

“The divine tree has returned to life. The divine tree has returned to life. The divine tree has returned to life.”

Xun Yi looked up in a daze at the ‘starry sky’ supported by the ‘canopy’. Suddenly, there was a rustle of branches breaking.

He saw the glowing fruit falling and reflexively raised his hand to catch it. When he returned to his senses, his consciousness had returned to his body again.

He looked down and realized that he was holding an emerald-green branch in his hand. The branch was glowing with fluorescence with three emerald-green fruits on it.

The fruit was the size of an adult man's fist, covered all over with intricate patterns. The emerald-green body glowed with fluorescence, brighter than the gleam of a luminous pearl, almost enough to illuminate the dark night.

If he hadn't seen them falling from the tree, Xun Yi would have found it difficult to believe that such exquisite fruits could grow on trees.

Xun Yi was quite shocked. He had seen this kind of luminous green fruit at the foot of Maple Hill.

Back then, he saw something glowing on the ground. When he picked it up and looked at it, it was a luminous ball that looked like beautiful green jade, but it wasn’t as big as the one in front of him. The other one was only the size of a walnut.

He held it in the palm of his hand, but the next moment, the fruit melted and seeped into the flesh of his palm. Then, a green branch appeared from his palm to his wrist and spread to his arm, the tender leaves green and dewy.

Xun Yi was almost frightened out of his wits. Later, the branch disappeared on its own.

After returning from Maple Hill, Xun Yi went to the hospital for a physical examination but found nothing. The green branches never appeared again, and Xun Yi forgot about it.

But the green fruit appeared again, and there was a tree full of them!

Xun Yi didn't dare to think about how many there were. He could only compare them with the stars in the sky.

Xun Yi touched a green fruit, and history repeated itself. The solid fruit abruptly turned into emerald-green liquid. Like a living thing, it quickly seeped into the palm of his hand. Warm energy spread along his palms to his whole body, washing away all fatigue. Even his five senses became more acute.

The bright green leaves on his palm appeared again, and the emerald green branches extended into his cuffs.

Xun Yi hurriedly rolled up his cuffs. The branches went up along and all over his arm.

There were many more branches this time than when they first appeared.

Xun Yi couldn’t believe it!

Sensing something, he quickly walked to the washroom. The light hit the mirror and also illuminated the person in the mirror.

The green branches and leaves extended from his neckline to cover his neck. The small green buds lingered on the side of his face but didn’t extend beyond that as if they didn’t want to mar Xun Yi's beautiful appearance.

Xun Yi’s fair skin became more translucent with this enhancement.

His pair of black eyes turned green at this moment, exactly the same color as Xun Ye's eyes.

Sure enough, they were related by blood. Xun Yi grimaced.

He looked at the branches and leaves all over his body. Still in disbelief, he picked another fruit and held it in his hand to see if it would happen again. This time, the fruit remained motionless.

His attribute panel popped up automatically at this moment.

Name: Xun Yi

Level: 9 (120/900)

Profession: Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Title: Divine Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Basic attributes: Strength (72/72), Agility (72/72), Constitution (72/72)

Secondary attribute: Mental Spirit (90/90)

Equipment attributes: Squall Boots (speed +1)

Skill: Magic Cube Domain level 2 (exclusive), Spirit Seed Evolution level 2 (exclusive)

Magic Energy: 4437/10000

Wood Spirit Energy: 340/600

Xun Yi was immediately attracted by the new skill in that column, as well as the other energy value below, which the number was constantly rising.

Xun Yi was most surprised about his basic attributes. When he returned just now, the values were strength (36/38), agility (38/40), and constitution (37/38).

In the blink of an eye, the values ​​of his basic attributes increased so much!

And everything was at full value!

A prompt appeared in front of him: [The wood spirit space has been activated. Do you want to plant the branch of the wood spirit divine tree into the wood spirit space?]

Xun Yi suppressed his excitement and said silently: Yes.

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