Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2794: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 6)

The fact that Su Chen broke up with the previous host quickly spread through the Royal Academy.  People gave face to Su Chen before and didn’t bother the previous host too much.

But once the news of the break up spread, the previous host became targeted by everyone.

She wasn’t afraid of being bullied, of being splashed with water, of people cutting up her school uniform.

She wasn’t afraid of anything, but she wanted to know, why?

Did she do something wrong that Su Chen wanted to break up with her?

Although they had been together for a short time, not even reaching a year, they had never argued before.  She had always silently stayed by his side and looked at him with admiration.

She loved him.  A handsome and talented young man, she loved him without any regret.

This kind of luck should only exist in fairy tales!

But he suddenly broke up with her one day, so how could she accept this?

The previous host……couldn’t accept it.

But Su Chen didn’t give her the answer when she desperately asked for it.  It was Lan Ting who gave it to her.

The school flower found her and looked down at her with her arms crossed.  She told her not to bother Su Chen anymore and leave him alone in a sensible manner.

The previous host was already in the spotlight.  She loved Su Chen that much, how she wished that the relationship between them could be like a fairy tale.

But Lan Ting shattered all of her dreams.

“He doesn’t love you, the person that loved died three……oh, no, four years ago in a car crash.”  Lan Ting looked down on her, “He thought that the heart of the person he loved was in you, but it wasn’t like this.”

Absurd, what an absurd sentence.

The previous host’s head completely turned blank at that moment.  There were many people watching at that moment.  Lan Ting’s voice was very cold and everyone was laughing loudly.

They were laughing at her, mocking her as the little sparrow who wanted to ascend to become a phoenix.

“Scram!  Do you really think that an ugly duckling like you can have such an excellent professor?”

“I thought that professor Su Chen looked familiar, I went to school with him before.  He had a very beautiful girlfriend……her name was An Qing Yu.”

“How could a genius like an ugly duckling?  How self indulgent.”


The harsh words hit the previous host’s ears in waves and she couldn’t control her emotions as she broke out in tears.

There were even a few girls who very much disliked her that threw rocks at all, even calling the boys of the same class to beat her with them.

Seeing that a large rock was about to hit her head, she closed her eyes and silently prayed.

Even at that moment, she hoped that Su Chen would appear in front of her like a saviour.

But Su Chen never appeared.  The one who appeared was Fat Tiger who was on duty with her each day, ate popsicles together, and shared secrets with her.

Lives could be tenacious, not dying even after not drinking and eating for three days.  But there were times where life was fragile that even a single blow to the head could kill someone.

Fat Tiger hugged her and blocked the blow for her.

There was a cracking sound before blood started flowing.

She watched Fat Tiger fall in front of her, or it could be said that she watched her life disappear in front of her.

The rain fell hard that day.  When the ambulance arrived, the girl named ‘Fat Tiger’ was already dead.

It was the first time that the previous host felt so pained in her heart that she couldn’t breathe.

The world became darker and darker and her body became lighter and lighter.  She didn’t have time to think about many things and she didn’t have a chance to reach the age of twenty to become the successor.

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