Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2793: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 5)

Lan Ting had investigated the previous host a lot, an ordinary person who graduated from an American high school with honours.

There was nothing special about her at all.  But…..after the careful investigations, she found that there was something special written in her physical education notes.

“Although I am in good physical shape, I’m not suited for strenuous exercise because of a heart transplant.”

Lan Ting called Su Chen that night and asked him to meet up at a nearby bar.

“Long time no see.”  Lan Ting waved at him, looking at him with passionate and longing eyes.

If they went by time, then she had met Su Chen earlier than An Qing Yu.

She even……liked Su Chen earlier.

But there was a wonderful reaction between An Qing Yu and Su Chen, starting a fairy tale that only belonged to them.

She was envious, she was jealous, she hated it, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

Because An Qing Yu was her best friend and Su Chen was the one she loved the most.

Su Chen lit a cigarette and took a deep puff of it, “It has been a long time.”

“I never thought that while I’m still a student, you would become a professor.”  Lan Ting poured a glass of Blue Enchantress for him, “Does that little student know that her professor boyfriend likes to smoke?”

Su Chen’s expression didn’t change at all.  He took another deep puff of the cigarette before looking at her with a dim look in his eyes, “What do you want to say?”

“What?  It’s only been three years, you’ve already forgotten about Qing Yu and found a new love?”  Lan Ting seriously watched Su Chen’s expression as she said this.

Those deep sparkling eyes that were as deep as the stars revealed a painful look.

“Does the silence mean that I’m right?”  Lan Ting kept asking.

“The three words An Qing Yu is engraved in my, Su Chen’s heart.”  He drank the drink that had been placed by his hand and said, “You wouldn’t understand.”

Actually, he was afraid of meeting Lan Ting because the two of them shared the memories of the same person.

As long as he met Lan Ting, he couldn’t help thinking of the girl who had left this world and left his life.

Then it would become hard to breathe……

“Of course I understand.”  Lan Ting lowered her head and took out a stack of documents from a black briefcase that she put in front of him, “You’ll understand after you see this.”

“What is this?”  Su Chen knitted his brows, not planning on opening up these documents.

Lan Ting gave a cold laugh, “Do you think that she has Qing Yu’s heart?  You’re really thinking too much.”

Su Chen’s eyes opened wide and there was a dark glow that appeared in them.

“Take a proper look!  That girl was supposed to use Qing Yu’s heart, but because of compatibility issues, she used the heart of another person named Lin Huan.”

Su Chen raised his right hand and his fingers trembled.

He took the documents and pulled off the white ribbon, seeing the pieces of papers neatly placed inside.

After that day, Su Chen changed his phone number, he left the office right after class and never waited for the previous host.

Finally, the previous host found the right time to stop him.

The gentle light fell on his handsome face and the second button of his shirt was open, perfectly revealing his charming collarbones.

He silently looked at her before slightly narrowing his eyes and softly saying, “Let’s break up.”

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