Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2792: Childhood friend: Endless fairy tales (Part 4)

They had been together for less than six months.  The previous host was about to graduate and return home, going to a university in A City where her parents were.

Because of her status as the successor, the previous host had to go to the Royal Academy in A City.

She would study there for two years before officially becoming the successor of the Luo Family.

Over the next two years, she would become a ‘poor’ student and she couldn’t reveal her identity.

Not even to Su Chen……

But she never thought that Su Chen would love her that much.  When she said that she would return home, he immediately asked her which school she was going to attend.

“Eh……Because of my high score and the fact that I’m an international student, I should be attending the Royal Academy.”

Even if she felt bad about lying, she really loved Su Chen.

If he was unhappy, she had even made up her mind to give up the position as the successor!

Then Su Chen said to her——

“Fool, don’t worry.  We will meet again.”

Su Chen was right, they did meet again. Because he had become a professor at the age of 20 in the Royal Academy in A City because he had obtained a double doctorate from Stanford.

In the calculus class, when Su Chen appeared at the podium, the previous host couldn’t help covering her mouth as she cried.

It was great having a person who loved her this much in the world.  He was like a big tree in the sky that protected her from everything.

It was an unforgettable love that had already deeply rooted in her heart.

In the love world in her heart, there was no one in this room other than Su Chen.

In the eyes of the classmates, she had gotten into the Royal Academy with her high scores, so everyone looked down on her.

At the same time, in order to have more in common with Su Chen, she gave up her favourite photography department and entered the mathematics department.

Most of the people in this department were successors of rich families, so her classmates didn’t have low statuses.

But there were two students that had gotten in with their grades.  One was her and the other was a little fat girl.

They all called her Fat Tiger and she accepted it.

When the previous host asked for her name, she said with a smile, “You can just call me Fat Tiger.”

Some people were naturally optimistic and liked to smile.  It was as if just by being by her side, they would be infected by her smile.

But their lives really were tragic!

They were always on duty and they always had to clean up.  The previous host was half angered to death, but she could only grit her teeth and endure it.

After all, she could only see Su Chen every day in the math department.  So she would endure until she was twenty years old and could become dazzling!

It was a pity that everything that passed covered her in a mask of suffering.

At the beginning of the semester, there was a beautiful school flower who ranked high in the school that transferred to the math department.

Her name was Lan Ting.

The Lan Group had a very high status in the business circle.  Although it couldn’t compare to the Luo Family, it was still a very famous family.

Lan Ting was different from her.  She had been spoiled since she was young and she could do whatever she wanted.

But she didn’t come to the math department to make the rich young masters drool, she came for Su Chen.

Yes, she liked Su Chen, she liked him for an entire seven years.

After hearing that he came back from America and became the professor at the Royal Academy, she didn’t wait to transfer from another department to become his student.

But she never would have thought that Su Chen would have a girlfriend already.

How could this be possible?  How could this be possible?  After An Qing Yu died, he had said in front of her grave that he would forever keep her in his life and he would never love anyone else.

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