Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2784: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 56)

“I……”  Yan Ying stood there in a daze.  There was a bit of panic in her eyes, but there was more of a sad look.

“I don’t understand.”  She took a deep breath and said the words that puzzled her the most.

She didn’t understand, she really didn’t understand.

If Feng Chen Yin was still doting on the dead immortal medicine man, she could still understand.

But now he was with that princess that he had only met briefly, so why was he pampering her like this?

This was completely different from the Feng Chen Yin she knew.

“This isn’t related to you.”  His voice was very ice cold.  He was unwilling to say one more word, let alone explain anything to her.

“Young master, you must be under some kind of witchcraft.  I…..I will definitely find out the truth, I won’t let that princess get……”

Yan Ying felt a tight feeling around her neck as she found it hard to breathe.

Feng Chen Yin had appeared by her with extreme speed and had grabbed her neck with killing intent in his eyes.

“Young……Young……”  Yan Ying said with great difficulty as her face turned red.

“Everyone who wanted to hurt her in this world is dead.”  Feng Chen Yin narrowed his cold eyes and said word for word, “If you really want to die, I can help you.”

“I……No……”  Yan Ying was already speechless.  Feng Chen Yin was very strong, she felt like he would really kill her right away.

It went black and white in front of her, as well as the killing intent in his eyes.

Feng Chen Yin gave a cold snort and released his right hand.

Yan Ying couldn’t stand up and fell to the ground.

She felt like she had been standing on the gates of hell and if she took a step forward, she would meet the king of hell.

Without knowing why, at the moment of life and death, nothing was important other than her life.

“No one can hurt her, no one.”

This was the last thing Feng Chen Yin said to Yan Ying.  From that day forth, he never saw Yan Ying.

Actually, although his focus in the last three years had been to revive her by researching medicine men, he had still done other things.

The people who had destroyed the Luo Family in the past were related to the elders of the Sword Trial Mountain Villa to a certain extent.

He had held the Falling Maple Sword and killed everyone who was involved.

He had met Qi Tian He who was dying at that time.  His hair was white, his eyes were wrinkled, and he had no vitality.

He wanted to charge at Feng Chen Yin when he saw him, but he couldn’t even stand firm.

The two hated each other from the bottom of their hearts.  If Qi Tian Ge had the immortal medicine man, then he would have been able to fully cultivate the Soul Release Sutra and become the strongest person in the world.

And Feng Chen Yin……

If it wasn’t for Qi Tian Ge’s aggressiveness, he wouldn’t have lost Luo Qing Chen, the person he loved most in his life.

In the end, Feng Chen Yin didn’t kill Qi Tian Ge.

Because he felt that for him, living was more painful than death.

A thousand times, ten thousand times……

This was what he deserved.


In the spring of march, under Feng Chen Yin’s care, Luo Qing Chen felt that her body was already much better.

She could sleep soundly at night without the heart palpitations.  She often boasted that he was a divine doctor and she wasn’t scared of any illness in the past.

Every time, Feng Chen Yin would say, “If you get sick once, you won’t have snacks for a month.  You can give it a try.”

Leaving the Jianghu and living in the palace made Luo Qing Chen feel that Feng Chen Yin had become a completely different person.

He had gone from cold and indifferent to domineering and focused.  Moreover, there were little palace maids that kept peeking which really made one feel displeased.

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