Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2773: Asking about love in Jianghu: A medicine man without a heart (Part 45)

In the palace, surrounded by the vermilion tiles.

There was a strong scent of medicine in the air, as well as the sounds of discussion.

Where was she?  Why did she feel that her body had no strength and there was a slight pain in her heart?

“How is the princess?”  The empress in luxurious clothes on the side anxiously asked, “This one feels that her face has been getting better lately.”

Princess Feng Qian was the only daughter of the empress, with an appearance that could even bring shame to the moon.

It was a pity that the heavens gave her this beautiful face, but didn’t give her a healthy body.

She was born with a bad heart, as if a piece of it was missing.  The older she got, the worse her body became.

Until three years ago when she fell into a coma because of heart pain.  The princess who was beloved by all didn’t wake up again.

Actually, although the current emperor was sick, he wasn’t that sick.  The reason why the prime minister declared this to the court was first to reorganize the court, and second to bring the expert from the Medicine King Valley to see his daughter.

“Reporting to the empress.  The princess’ pulse has been strangely normal these past few days, as if she was a healthy person.”  The doctor replied, “This minister believes that the princess should wake up in the next few days.”

“Really?”  The empress revealed a look of joy before bending down to hold Feng Qian’s hand, “Qian Qian, are you about to wake up?  Mother is here, don’t be afraid……”

Luo Qing Chen could clearly hear that people around her were talking, but she couldn’t open her eyes no matter how hard she tried.

The night grew deeper and she fell deep asleep as the sounds of the system rang in her ears.

[Special mission: Host, please accept it.]

Damn!  She really didn’t return to the Chaos Space!  Just what was happening!

[Only a few minutes has passed for the host, but three years have already passed in this world.]

What do I need to do?

[Although the empress is a very powerful person, the emperor is someone with many lovers.]

Many lovers?  Why don’t you say that he has a different girl every day and night…..

[The next body the host will use will wake up soon.  The special mission is to protect the empress.]


At the same time, Feng Chen Yin received a letter from a person who had come seeking aid at the Medicine King Valley before and had now become the chief doctor of the court.

The letter referred to a single herb called Phoenix Bamboo.

The emperor had already promised that if hero Long Yin of the Medicine King Valley could awaken the princess, he would offer the Phoenix Bamboo.

The Phoenix Bamboo atop the snowy peaks, turning to medicine in ten years.  There were still three years before the ten years and he needed the Phoenix Bamboo to continue his research on medicine men.

There was suddenly a strange feeling.  It was as if there was a strange force that kept pushing him towards the court that had nothing to do with the Jianghu.

Fang Rou, Gu Dai Xiang, the imperial doctor.

Should he really go?

Actually, he knew that he had to go because he didn’t want to wait ten years.

But the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes.  Luo Qing Chen woke up before Feng Chen Yin came to the palace.

Now she had a new name.

Feng Qian.

“Qian Qian, you’re finally awake……”  In less than ten seconds of opening her eyes, Luo Qing Chen felt herself entering a warm embrace.

A warmth that came from a mother……

“Is the princess feeling better?”  The imperial doctor on the side asked, “Does your heart still feel uncomfortable?”


She suddenly knew why she became this princess.  One didn’t have a heart and one had a bad heart.

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