Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2716: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 67)

In a dark bar, there was no one there since it was the afternoon.

In the VIP room, Yan Tong was drinking glass after glass of wine while Yan Ze silently sat there beside her.

Lu Jue Feng wanted him to bring her back, but he knew in his heart that if he really brought her back, with the personality of the old master and with Luo Qing Chen’s current status in the Luo Family, Yan Tong wouldn’t be able to survive.

He liked her that much, how could he just watch her die?

“Why……Tell me why?”  Yan Tong gave a bitter smile.  She poured the red wine in her mouth and silently said, “Why does the young master like her that much?  She is a fake!”

“She isn’t a fake.”  Yan Ze looked down and said with a sigh, “The young miss is the old master’s granddaughter……”

“Impossible!”  Yan Tong’s eyes opened wide and she grabbed Yan Ze’s collar with her right hand, “Didn’t you see the report?  She isn’t mister L’s granddaughter, she is just a fake!”

“She is.”  Although Yan Ze wasn’t willing, he still told Yan Tong the truth.

“There was a problem with the test.  The old master had already tested the young miss and……”  Yan Ze took out his phone to play the recording that Luo Bai Wan had played at school.

Also, the picture that looked very similar to Luo Qing Chen.

He didn’t know how to persuade Yan Tong.  He only knew that if he didn’t tell her the truth, she might do something even more crazy.

Luo Qing Chen had Lu Jue Feng protecting her, so if she had any strange thoughts……

“No!”  Yan Tong shook her head in disbelief, “This can’t possibly be true……It has to be fake……”

“Tong Tong!”  Yan Ze saw that she was about to lose control and grabbed her by the shoulder, “Give up!  You are just torturing yourself like this!”

He couldn’t bear to see Yan Tong like this.  The girl that he liked for so many years, he just wanted her to be well.

“I won’t.”  Yan Tong gritted her teeth and drank the complete bottle of red wine, “I won’t give up, I won’t even if I die.”


“I know that you won’t bring me back.”  Yan Tong coldly looked at Yan Ze, “Since you’re not planning on bringing me back, then you have no right to control what I do.”

As soon as her voice fell, she put on her black coat and left the VIP room.

Yan Ze watched her leave.  He wanted to reach out to grab her, but he felt like he lost all his strength at that moment.

It was at this time that his phone rang.

The caller ID was: Lu Jue Feng.


At the Luo Family’s cafe.

Yan Ze walked in step by step in an exhausted manner.  His head was lowered and he was covered in the scent of alcohol.

“You were drinking?”  Tan Xiao knitted his brows, “Where’s Yan Tong?”

“I couldn’t find her.”  He said in a soft voice as he buried all his worries in his heart.

Mo Ling walked in with dark eyes, “Is it because you didn’t find her or you weren’t willing to bring her back.”

Yan Ze couldn’t suppress the emotions in his heart and he roared with a cold laugh, “You are all monsters without any emotions!  Who did Yan Tong do all of that for?  Don’t you know that if Yan Tong was brought back, it would be the same as killing her?  Are you all that selfish?”

Gu Hong Fei standing on the side who didn’t plan on speaking couldn’t hold herself back when she heard Yan Ze’s words spoken from the moral high ground, “So Qing Chen was framed and ridiculed by others because she deserved it?  Then based on what you said, as long as there’s justification, even murderers don’t need to be punished by the law?”

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