Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 27: Severe Food Shortage

“Xun Ye, wash your hands and have something to eat,” Xun Yi called out to the hard-working little guy.

Xun Ye walked over and Xun Yi poured him some water to wash his hands. Then, he handed him the bag of snacks so he could find something to eat.

“You finally thought about eating. I’m famished,” Xun Ye said.

From yesterday until now, except the time when Xun Yi fell asleep yesterday afternoon when Xun Ye had something to eat while he chatted with President Yin, he had nothing else. He was so hungry that his stomach was growling.

But he said nothing. Xun Yi had been busy killing zombies, and he couldn't tell Xun Yi that he was hungry to distract him, so Xun Ye simply endured it until now.

Xun Ye sat on the floor, drinking water as he ate some ham and cookies.

Xun Yi ate a little and drank some water. He zipped up his backpack and put it on his back without asking if they were full. At this time, no one had the luxury of having a full stomach, only eating a little to ensure that they didn't starve to death.

Except for Hua Cheng who got a little more because of his injury, which consisted of a can of porridge, two ham sausages, and a piece of chocolate bread, Yu Xiao only had one can, Li Rui only had a bag of biscuits, and Xun Ye ate the ham and biscuits.

Xun Yi only had a few biscuits and a bag of instant noodles. He put away his backpack and held two bags of instant noodles for Lu Di.

The few survivors huddled in the corner kept drooling as they ate. They had eaten nothing since yesterday until now.

They could only drink water to satisfy their hunger but it was no use. They still longed for food when they saw it.

Xun Yi handed the instant noodles to Lu Di. “Have something to eat. I’ll keep watch.”

Lu Di was starving too. He hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday. There was no food in the office building so he could only go hungry while hiding there.

Lu Di simply took the instant noodles and went aside to munch on them without a word.

“There’s water at the back if you want some,” Xun Yi reminded him.

Lu Di went to the back and found two bottles of water, drinking while eating instant noodles.

He quickly finished the first pack, but halfway through the second pack, he noticed several survivors huddled in the corner staring at him while drooling, obviously starving.

Lu Di was still an ordinary person yesterday morning, but he had to face such a cruel world today, and he couldn’t adjust his mindset so quickly. Seeing their eager eyes, he was unable to eat anymore. He handed them the remaining half packet of instant noodles.

One of the survivors snatched it away and stuffed it into his mouth hungrily.

The other survivors began to fight for it, beating the one who wanted to take it all for himself. Even though the survivor received several punches, he still refused to let go. He stuffed the food into his mouth desperately, afraid that someone would snatch it away if he was too slow.

Starving for two days wouldn’t push them to this extent.

However, when the future was dark with a high possibility that no more food could be found, they would only become hungrier and more fearful, wanting to eat every bit of food they could find so they could go less hungry.

Lu Di was silent as they fought.

Xun Yi just glanced at the scene coldly and uncaringly.

“Come and keep watch. I want to take a look at the back.”

Xun Yi wanted to see if he could find anything in the kitchen. They didn't bring many snacks. After sharing their food with several people today, there was not much left.

He had a child with him. He could go a little hungry, but he couldn’t starve Xun Ye, who was still a growing boy.

It was dark in the kitchen at the back so Xun Yi took out his phone for some light.

His phone battery was about to run out. Xun Yi wanted to squeeze out the last bit of value from the phone.

After taking a look around the kitchen, he discovered that all the fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats stored in the fresh storage had turned black and rotten, all covered in mold, no longer edible.

Even the unfinished rice had turned into rotten mush.

Xun Yi wasn’t surprised at all. Since buildings could decay and collapse, how could the fresh produce last? He wondered if Supernal Magic Cube used a time shuttle technique.

However, Xun Yi was happy to find that the processed food didn’t go bad. Maybe it wasn’t that easy to rot.

If only packaged food could be eaten, the food shortage would only worsen as time went by. The food would be finished sooner or later, and starving people would only become more frenzied.

Packaged food?

Xun Yi suddenly thought of something and opened the fresh storage again. A rotten smell hit his face.

He picked up a chopstick from the table next to him and poked around in the black mush inside the fresh storage. Sure enough, he encountered something hard near the bottom of the storage.

Xun Yi quickly used the chopsticks to push the rotten things aside and finally saw a patch of light.

It was a vacuum-packed apple. The bag was intact and the apple inside was not rotten.

Xun Yi held the phone between his teeth and opened the vacuum packaging bag with a knife. He took out the apple that was hard to come by for Xun Ye to eat later.

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