Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2665: Silly and sweet: The lost granddaughter of the rich man (Part 16)

In front of the full length mirror on the thirty third floor, Lu Jue Feng’s left hand was in his suit pocket while he sipped the coffee in his right hand.  He was silently watching everything that was happening in front of him.

She said that we would meet again.

That person is her, or why would she take the picture?

But if it was, how could a normal high school student have such good skills?


The Lincoln drove for around forty minutes before reaching the Luo Family villa.  There were uniformed security guards on the left and right.

When she got out, they said at the same time, “Welcome home, young miss!”

This feeling was like the raising of the five star flag when she was younger.

Were they ready to fight for the cause?

Ready at all times!

“Young miss, please.”  Chen Nan opened the door and helped her out of the car.

The feeling he gave her changed a bit.  He wasn’t just a bit more polite than when they first met.

It seemed like he was right.  From this moment forward, her status would be higher than anyone else in the Luo Family.

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a slight nod, but her heart was as calm as water.

But you have to show timidity, joy, and excitement!

To be fair, if it wasn’t for her being an actress before, she really didn’t know how to act.

The silly and foolish personality was too different from her personality, so it was very to reveal herself.

“Is it Xiao Qing?”  An old man in a black and white taichi outfit pushed up his reading glasses.  Before he had time to pick up his cane with his right hand, he rushed over to her.

Actually with just a simple look, Luo Qing Chen who had read countless people could see that he was very similar to the previous host.

Because their eyes were all very beautiful……

“Yes, old master.”  Chen Nan came up first and Luo Qing Chen followed him.

Other than the uniformed security guards all around, there were the four young masters standing behind Luo Bai Wan.

Mo Ling, Lu Jue Feng, Tan Xiao, and Yan Ze, along with their own people standing behind them.

Standing behind Lu Jue Feng was Yan Tong.  When Luo Qing Chen looked at Luo Bai Wan, her eyes also fell onto Yan Tong for three seconds.

She could feel Yan Tong’s eyes filling with fear before she shrank behind Lu Jue Feng.

Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh in her heart before coldly turning her eyes away.

“Grandfather.”  Luo Qing Chen stood in front of Luo Bai Wan with a sweet smile on her face.

“It’s good you’re back, it’s good you’re back.”  Luo Bai Wan gave people a very kind feeling, completely different from the image of the world’s richest man that she had.

He seemed like a normal grandfather who looked at his granddaughter with loving eyes.

“Everyone worked hard to find the young miss this time.”  He took Luo Qing Chen’s hand and said, “Everyone present can go to uncle Nan to get a hundred thousand as a reward.”

“Thank you, old master.”  There was another excited response.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart skipped a beat.  Rich people really were rich people, a hundred thousand was the same as ten dollars in their eyes.

“Xiao Qing!  Let grandfather take a good look.”  He gently patted the back of Luo Qing Chen’s hand, “Let’s go in and talk, the wind’s strong outside so you might catch a cold.”

Without knowing why, she felt that Luo Bai Wan was cautious when talking to her.  It was like suddenly picking up a treasure and being afraid to lose it.

“Alright, grandfather.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a quick nod as her eyes sparkled.

This foolish and sweet granddaughter, she asked herself if her performance was good!  She wondered if she would get extra points from the system!

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