Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2647: Side story: Your figure is fading away (2)

The day Ya Nu gave her those clothes, I took her out to buy some things.  The clothes that she wore, some snacks to eat, and the makeup that she used.

Although I felt that she looked good even without makeup, much better than anyone in this world.

I liked the innocent way she looked in front of me and the way she held my arm when I was next to her.

I knew that I couldn’t resist this kind of warmth and couldn’t resist any of her smiles.

But I never thought that we would encounter an incident on this trip.

A fortune teller, righteously talking about my and her future.

I couldn’t understand what he meant, but I could understand the meaning of the words.

Clearly see the person in front of you or you would lose your most important person.

She seemed to really care about what the fortune teller said and her face turned a bit pale.

And I couldn’t listen anymore.

These Jianghu scammers dared to tell our future, based on what?

I left the money and took her hand to leave.

But there was something strange about what he said.

I couldn’t understand the meaning, but I could investigate.

When I went back to the palace, when she was resting because of her allergy to osmanthus cake, I had someone investigate that fortune teller.

Could it be that he was my enemy so he was confusing me with those lies?

But the response was that the fortune teller had disappeared.

I ordered people to wait for an answer when he appeared the next day.

But after one day, two days, three days, four days……

The fortune teller seemed to have disappeared and I could never find him.

The more it was like this, the more unsettled I felt.  Then she finally met the crown prince.

Ya Nu’s disappearance made all of us worry and when we split up to search, she confronted the crown prince.

I didn’t know how she defeated Yue Leng Qing, I just knew that when the crown prince wanted to hurt her with his sword, my heart skipped a beat and I felt suffocated.

I grabbed the sword without a single word.

Blood fell drop by drop.

Actually, I didn’t feel any pain at all.

I even wanted to see her worrying about me, caring about me.

I could see the anger in the crown prince’s eyes and I could see the pain and shock in her eyes.

After that day, I began focusing on gathering more power for myself.

I guessed that the crown prince would want to deal with me, but I didn’t know what method he would use.

After all, with his status, I would always be passive.  I could only wait for him to make his move and then go against it.

Of course, I never thought that going with it would actually have her.

Would have him.

The crown prince was very smart.  He didn’t want to marry the Chen Country’s princess, but he couldn’t offend the emperor.

Because before taking the throne, anyone could replace him.

Even if he had the empress and the northern faction behind him.

So he killed two birds with one stone.  Since he could eliminate me and make Chen Yao Yao known as a promiscuous woman.

It was a pity that he thought I brought a eunuch with me, but I actually brought her.

In this dangerous situation, she didn’t hesitate to save me, not caring about anything.

It seemed like we were connected because when this danger happened, I didn’t hesitate to save her.

It was fine even if I paid for it with my life.

Because the moment that I met her, all of my time in exile had been overturned and I had unknowingly become free.

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