Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2646: Side story: Your figure is fading away (1)

I wanted to hide from the world, but if I miss the world, it’s because of you.  ——Du Jiu Sheng.

Three Emotions Mountain, the way of immortality.

I vaguely remembered when she kneeled at my feet and called me master for the first time.

Dressed in white with clear and sparkling eyes.

I gave her the Phoenix Dance Sword and she was my only female apprentice.

When she first went to Three Emotions Mountain, she didn’t know anything and learned immortal arts slowly.

She liked watching the cranes flying through the sky, watching the blue sky and white clouds, and watching the beautiful scenery.

Her immortal arts weren’t good, but my other apprentices all pampered her.

They liked drinking peach blossom wine with her and wandering the human world with her.

She was playful by nature and liked many strange things.  She never participated in the yearly sword test.

I didn’t know why this kind of her would be hated by others.

There would always be one or two people from the other master uncle factions that didn’t like her no matter what.

But no one knew her real identity and no one knew who she was.

I didn’t know either, I just knew that I met her in the mortal world.

We have a mortal story that no one knew about.

“Second record · Three Emotions Mountain”

The first time I saw her was in the deserted Cold North Palace.

It was my bedroom.

I didn’t know what love at first sight was and I didn’t even know how it felt to like someone.

I only thought that she really looked good facing the sun.

In my life, out of the women that wanted to approach me, other than to kill me, it was to kill me.

I didn’t have that thought at that time.

Because it was too special.  It was like the willow tree dancing in my heart.

Until the moment I died, I never forgot how she called me that first time.

‘Big brother Jiu Sheng.’

If I was a wanderer outside of time, then her beautiful eyes would let me see the beauty of the world because that would be the only way that I could keep her in my life.

I vaguely remembered that even when I rarely cooked, I strangely cooked for her when she arrived.

It was because when I looked in her eyes that were as clear as water, I couldn’t refuse her.

The things that she didn’t know how to do, I did.

Later I drank with her and told her things that I had never told anyone else before.

It was as if she wasn’t an outsider that I had only known for a day, as if we had known each other for a long time.

I learned from her that she wasn’t a commoner as she said.

She was the Luo Manor’s young miss and the crown prince’s fiancee.

Such a resounding title, it was countless times more powerful than the prince of this cold palace.

Hearing these words, I had an uncomfortable feeling in my heart.  The wine turned sour.

I didn’t sleep that night.  When I met Ya Nu, I found that he was preparing clothes for her and I felt a bit uncomfortable.

As soon as that little girl entered the Cold North Palace, she kept telling me that she liked me with every word.

She would ask when I would marry her.  She would cross her arms and look away when she was angry.

I would narrow my eyes to look at her, feeling that everything was good.

It turned out that accumulating power and contacts wasn’t to make my days of laying low more comfortable.

It was to wait for her appearance.

If god told me in advance that such a woman would appear in my life.

I think that I would have worked even harder and gone beyond expectations.

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